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Old 26th June 2006
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Dear Aunt
By Azad Ali

I'm the eldest son of the eldest son in a large family. My father is the eldest of nine, 3 males 6 females.
This story is when I was 12, had sex with the youngest sister who was only 16.

Since I was a child, I've always been close to the two youngest of my "aunts". When I was around 6 or 7, they always bathed me and made sure that my dick was "clean" because they would rub it up and down in their hands and then suck it to get the "dirt" out. In the evenings when it would thunder or rain they would make me sleep naked with them in one bed always touching me and making me promise not to tell anyone. I knew that these two sisters had their own friendship between them, and I only found out how close they were when I was walking past their bedroom one night and I heard moaning coming from behind the door. I walked in to see the youngest aunt, Pooja, with her face in between Neelam's legs. At first they did not notice me, and I quietly left and shut the door.

Now I could have gone downstairs and told the rest of the family what was happening, but I thought not to.

The next day pooja and neelam had no idea of what I had seen them and I was not going to tell them because I had a idea. I went to my mum and said that I did not feel good and she said that I could stay of school. Pooja had a day off and was told to stay home with me. Everyone else left for work, college or school leaving me with pooja alone. Pooja at the time was 16 and had a really fuckable body, she was around 5ft 6, and was a 36-24-34 with long flowing black hair that reached her bottom. At first she done more of the taunts she would normally do to me with a nasty smile, "still got a small dick?" , "fucked any bithches lately? Oh you cant cause your dick is limp" and so on. But today I would get my revenge for good, so I waited until she said as she always done "you couldent fuck a dog even if your life depented on it", so I said to her "hey bitch, why don't you get on the floor and open your legs wide for me!" this at first surprised her but then she got mad and slaped me calling me a bastard. I told her to stop hitting me but she wouldent so I slapped her back,this really shocked her and she got scarred when I started to move towards her. I held my dick threw my shalwar and I hold her that today I would fuck a dog, HER.

At this she ran away from me but I was right behind her when she reached her door she tried to shut it but I pushed my way in. At 12 I was 5ft 9 and weighed at least 85kg and I went into the room and locked the door behind me. I told her that I would fuck her and that she might as well make it easy on herself but the bitch tried to resist me and I slapped her again. I got a hold of her and I started to pull her daputa from her. She was crying now and kept saying sorry and begging me to leave her alone, but I told her that it was too late now.

I finished pulling her dapata and pulled up her kamize. I threw her onto the bed where I pinned her down and pulled her shalwaar down so she was only wearing a pair of underwear and a bra, I ripped them of her warm smooth body and saw that she had shaved her pussy. I lay on top of her and pulled myshirt of and pulled my shalwar down. She still tried to resist me but I slapped her again and pulled her legs apart. Then I pushed my throbbing hardon to the oppening of her pussy and pushed it in as hard as I could, this made pooja scream like hell but I covered her mouth with mine and carried of fucking her. Her hole was very tight cause she had never had a dick in her before but I could hear her starting to enjoy it and I let her loosen a bit. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and started to come and so did I. I sent my spunk up her hole and pulled out. Pooja had started crying again calling me bastard until I warned her not to call me bastard and she stopped.

I told her that if she told anyone what had happened I would tell everyone what she was doing to neelam and what she used to do to me. I got changed and left her room. She did not speak to anyone for a few days and she did not tell anyone either. A few days later she came home and told me that she had actually enjoyed it at the end and wanted me to fuck her again. We fucked for a long time before neelam caught us and that's a different story altogether.
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Old 22nd January 2011
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helloupdate this section also

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can u give all the stories as pdf
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