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Old 15th April 2012
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So Anjum was fucking my wife's virgin ass (bund, which I never fucked earlier) and I was standing in front of him with my Lund in his mouth and fucking him hard. He was thrusting Salhi hard and in turn getting my lund in his mouth, he was kind of gagged and wanted to turn away then I hold his head by thrusting my lund deep and said "gushtee kay bachy (son of whore) mere biwi ko chod raha hai main chodo ga. He then adjusted and fucking my wife's bund very hard and then he ejaculated in Saliha's white bund. Sometime later I also discharged in his mouth.
He recorded all the action and I didnt objected.

Next day, my wife woke up complainig pain in head dizziness and pain in her ass. I asked her to ignore it as it may be some casual thing. Anjum left that day with a promise to come back with his wife.

Days passed and one day I received an email from Anjum that he is coming to Dubai with his wife for shopping.

Old 15th April 2012
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so how u fuckd his wife in ass? Post man

Old 15th April 2012
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nice continue

Old 10th May 2012
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Anjum nay Dubai pohanch kar hamary ghar per stay kia. Uski biwi ki bhi uskay sath thi . Anjum nay mujhe program bataya kay hum kaisy dono biwion ko chod suktay hain. Uskay pas aik harami idea tha. Us nay mujha upni biwi ki nangi photo bi dikhai. Uski biwi ka naam Rubina tha wo aik lambay height ki sexy aurat thi. Uski photo dhekh kar mera lun tun khadra ho gia aur main man gia.

Program kay mutabiq raat ko around 12 main nay aik fake phone call attend ki and told my wife that I have urgent work to go to office and will be back soon. Anjum was staying in the guest room with his wife, who was asleep owing to hectic day and journey. And as 0soon I pretend to left he knocked on my wife's door asking bhabi asprin ho gi.

In the meantime I was watching all action from my hidden cams, back in my annexe. Meri biwi nay nigthiy pehan rakhi thi our us main say uska sexy yoban saaf dikh raha tha. When Saliha came back from kitchen and tried to hand him over the pills Anjum suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her and she fell in Anjum's arms while her nighty got opened. She was taken aback and much offended and asked him what the hell is this. Anjum dheet ban kar bola bhabi itna sexy yoban kuch mujhe bi check karvoaa. My Wife got really offended and angry when Anjum pulled his mobile and told her that he had something to show her and he played selected clips of the night when he fucked my drugged wife. Saliha become pale and asked when it happened. Anjum told that when his husband (I ) was away that night he drugged her and fucked her and filmed her know if she does not cooperate then he will tell her husband (me).

Saliha was quite, Anjum grabbed her hand and took her to our bedroom. She was quite and in shock he hurriedly pulled my wife's bra and make naked juicy mummy and start sucking them like hungry dog. While sucking he also pulled my wife's panty and start fingering her phuddi. Saliha was reluctant but he continued. He pulled his short off and put his erect lund in my wife's hand, which she grabbed after Anjum's threat that if she does not cooperate then there will be dire consequences . That was the time I had my entry planned.

Old 13th May 2012
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When I entered I found Anjum has tied Saliha with our Rot iron bed using her dupatta and had his lund in her mouth. Wo jor jor say meri biwi kay monh ko chod raha tha. I pretended very angry and slapped Anjum and Salhi both. Salhi started weeping and I put two more slaps to Anjum and I pulled another dupatta and tied Anjum with other end of the bed and said let me tell you behn chod meri biwi ko chod raha tha ab main teri biwi ki gaaan teray samnay moroon ga.

I went out straight to their bedroom where his wife Rubina was sleeping. She was a sexy women of excellent height and long legs. I pulled her from bed and said see what your husband was doing. I dragged her out and her nightee got ripped. I pulled her to our bedroom and she was astounded to see that meri biwi or uska nanga hubby was tied to bed. I told her that her husband was fucking my wife and now I want revenge. She wanted to plead but I slapped her and pulled her bra. Her beautiful breast was hanging out. I pulled her breast while meri biwi or Anjum dekh rahay thay and start sucking it. Rubina wanted to escape and I slapped her again and said if she did not obey I will kill her and her husband so she started to cooperate.

I unzipped me and ask Rubina's husband Anjum to suck my dick which he started without hesitating. Anjum, tied, mera lund choos raha tha or main uski biwi kay mummy choos raha tha. Then I bend Anjum's wife like bitch and said to my wife and Anjum " Dekho guhstee kay bachoo aisay chodtay hain" and I inserted my lund in Rubina's choot and start moving in and out. After some time I pulled my lund from Anjum's wife's phuddy and pushed it in Anjum's mouth after fucking his mouth for sometime I pulled it back and pushed in Saliha's mouth.

Then I asked Rubina to lick my Wife's asshole ( she has cute brown asshole) while I myself kissed and lubed Rubina's asshole and started to push my lund in her ass. She was moaning with pain yet I kept her in control and asked my biwi to sit on her mouth. Now main Anjum ki biwi ki gaand mar raha tha or uski biwi meri biwi ki gaand chat rahi thi. To make more fun, I untied Anjum from bed while his hands tied on back and asked him " meri biwi ki phuddi chatoo. Tum kuttay kay bachay uski phuddi marna chahtay they". He silently obeyed. Now I was in heaven. Main Anjum ki biwi Rubina ki bund mar raha tha jab kay Rubina meri biwi ki bund main jaban dal ker chat rahi thi or Anjum mere biwi ki phuddi kisi kuttay ki tarha chat raha tha. Ab to meri biwi nay bhi enjoy karna shroon kar dia and start moaning. After sometime Anjum nay upna erct lund meri biwi kay moon main dall dia, main chup raha ur uski biwi ke bund marta raha jub ke uski biwi mer biwi ki bund chati rahi. Main nay notice kia kay ab sub look enjoy kar rahain hain or cooperate kar rahin hain to main nay Anjum ko untie kar dia. He hurridly bent my wife in front of her Biwi and make start fucking my wife's mouth. Scene was like that: Rubina was now bend on all four and main uske bund mar raha tha. Meri biwi, Saliha, Rubina kay face kay samnay kuttia ki tarha bend thi our Rubina uski bund ur phuddi char rahi thi while Anjum samnay say meri biwi kay moonh ko chod raha tha. Saliha ko chodtay hoya usnay mujhe ankh mari.

Then Anjum nay meri biwi ko seedha lata ker uski legs utha leen ur uski phuddi main lund dal ker chodnay laga. Itna may main nay peecha say aa ker Anjum ki bund mi ungli laga dal ker upnay thok (spit) say lube karnay laga and then I insterted my lund in Anjum's bund while wo meri biwi ko chod raha tha. To make it more pleasurable I asked Rubina to give me rim job (lick my ass) while I fuck her husband. I was in heaven truly. I had fucked Anjum's wife's tigth bund and now I was fucking Anjum's bund and his wife was licking my asshole and massaging my balls. In the meantime Anjum was fucking Saliha like crazy and she was moaning as well...

After this incident humrai biwian bohat frank ho gain thi. Ab to hum aik dosray ki biwi ko kahin bhi kabhi bi chod letay thay. Misal kay toor per. Aik din meri biwi subha uth ker bathroom gain tu Anjum pechay say chala gaya our uskoo wahan chodnay laga. Saliha ki chodnay ki awazon say meri ankh khali. Aur aid dafa dinner table per main nay sab kay samnay Rubina ko upna lund nikal kar pakra dia aur wo usko bread main rakh kar khanay lagi. Main nay upnay lund per jam laga ker Anjum ki biwi to bread ki tarha dia our kaha kay usko kha jaon. Aik din Saliha nay mujhe office phone kia aur mujhe laga kay wo kuch choos rahi hain. Main nay us say poosha to boli kuch nahin Anjum bhai nay mery moon main lund daal dia hain woo choos rahin hoon aur tum say baat ker rahin hoon.

Isi tarha aik rooz main nay dinner table per Anum ki biwi kay moon main pishab (piss) kar dia ur usko sara pishab (piss) apnay husband kay samnay peena para.
I will tell you our further adventures soon.

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Old 18th January 2013
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Old 12th June 2014
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Hi I have lost the account.

Here is what happened next:

Now it was routine Anjum and her wife Rubian now made us their slave. They fuck my wife like slut. one day i reached home from my work and I found that both wife and husband are fucking my wife Saliha. Anjum was fucking my wife in her ass while Rubina was sitting on my wife's mouth and my wife was licking her dirty blackish-pink ass-hole. Rubina was abusing my wife by saying tum gushti aurut meray pati ka lund gand mi liah hoa hai ab tu meri gand bhe chat. I have not washed it in the morning as there were no tissues now tum meri gaand saaf karo. I stunned but said nothing. Anjum keep fucking my wife's ass then Rubina pissed in her mouth then she grabbed me as well and and undressed me, just removed my pant half down and underwear. she started fingering my ass and also playing with my lund. she then lubed my ass with her saliva and wear a dildo with belt she also start fucking me in my ass while her husband was fucking my wife in her gaand. Both were fucking us very hard and kissing each other as well.

After sometime they both changed their positions and Anjum was fucking me in the ass and Rubina was fucking my wife in the ass. Then they gather us both and While Anjum sprayed her sperm all over our faced Rubina urinated on us.

Then they told us that now we have invited few friends tomorow and we will have gang-bang so Saliha be ready else we wil post your pictures on the internet.

Next day. Jab main morning main uttha tu Rubina mera lund choos rahi tha aur uskay hath may Cofee ka cup tha jis main black coffe thi. Wo boli kuch nahi bahi fridge main doddh nahin tha tu may nay soocah kay ajj tumhara lund nachoor kar uska cum doodh ki jaga use karti hoon. Phir woh mera lund joor joor say choosnay lagi yahan tuk kay main explode honay luga bulkay kuck cum uskay moonh main bhi chordh dian. Rubian nay jaldi say coffee cup agay kia or mera cum us may dal lia. us nay meray lund ko achi tarha nachorra or aik aik drop coffee main dal lia. Phis us nay meray samnay baith ker meray lund or cum wali cofeel mazay lay ker pee aur meri ankhon main dekh ker booli "teray lund wali coffee zaida tasty hai ajj kay baad main doodh wali nahi balkay teray lund wali cofee hi piyon gi. Aur boolie "tujah pata hai ajj tere biwi ko kitnay loog chooday gai, sham ko.

Phir sham agai.....

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Old 12th June 2014
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nice to see u put an update......keep updating the story...

Old 15th June 2014
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super Story continue

Old 12th July 2014
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sham ko unho nay Saliha ko tayyar honay ka kaha aur sath main usko khoob sharab bhi pila di.

phir hum dono apin biwion ko la ker aik vila ma aa gai. jahan pir under enter ho kar reception per mask main kuch bouncer type admi tha. unho nay Saliha aur Rubina kay kaparay kanch ker utar diay or unko latex key dress pehnnay ko dia or unkay galay main kutaay wala pat dall kar. unki zangeer kasi aur mard ko dai dai. Aur isi tarha kisi aur ki biwi ko latex kay nangay kaproon main jis main say gaand, choot or mummay ki jaga khali thi, panhan ker mujha or anjum ko day dia.

Ab Saliha ko kuttia ke tarha koi aur mard zangeer pakar kar lega raha tha. Aur Rubina ko koi aur mard. anjum or mujey be latex key underwear pehna dia jis may say hamaray lund bahir niklay howay thay.

scene yeh tha kay humari biwioon ki gaand, choot or mummay nanga kar kay galay mai pata daal ker koi aur mard lega rahay tha. hamari biwioon sameet sab mardoon aur autoon kay moonh per mask thay.

Saliha ko aik mota or kala mard apna lund lehrata howa kutia bana ker lega raha tha. kay pechay say aik or admi nay us ki nangi gaand may ungli dall di. Wo dard say tarphi tu motay nay meri bewi kay monh per thapar mar kar apna chota magar mota or gunda lund meri bewi kay monh be jabardasti dal dia. aur bola kay bara peshab (urine) ah raha hai. isis gashti rand kay monh may karta hoon.

Meri bewi ko jabardasti is ka moot pena para. phir him sab mard baqi aurthoon ko kutia ki tarha hatoono poon per chala ker gaand , choot or mummy chadty hall main lay ain.

aur wahan

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