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Old 4th June 2005
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chakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universe
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Encounter with In laws

My name is Viji age 23. I stay in chennai. I am married for last 2 years. I have a 9 months old boy. This incident happened two months ago. We stay in a joint family with my hubby’s elder brother Vinod (30), his wife Vimala (27) his sons 7 and 4 years old, my father in law FIL (a widower) 53 years old. (My hubby Harish is 27 yrs old). Now let me tell my vital stats 36-30-34. wheatish complexion. I am bit demanding woman in sex and I love to show off a bit. ( Low hip saree , low cut blouse etc)

On that day my hubby has gone to the office.Vinod (was on leave as he was having fever) ,Vimala and FIL were there at home. At around 12 o clock I was watching TV serial and my kid started crying and I went to my room with my kid to breast feed him. I didn’t close the door. I sat on the bed (facing the TV in the hall) and I unzipped my nighty in the front and I was not wearing a bra inside as Iam feeding. My 36” left milk jug sprang out and my kid started sucking my nipple in hunger. Then I found Vinod coming to the hall and he sat in a sofa (from which he can see TV and my room). He saw no one there in the hall and he turned back and saw me breast feeding my kid. He rested his eyes on my exposed left boob for a few secs and he turned back to the TV. I did’nt respond and cover myself as something in me was driving me to show him that day . He was turning evry now and then and I could see his tool has swollen in his lungi enormously.

I was bit excited and I thought I woould tease him a bit. I pulled out my right breast also and changed my kid to my right breast . Now Vinod’s eyes were feasting both the boobs. Now he started rubbing his dick through the cloth. I just stared at his eyes and our eyes met , there was lust in both pairs of eyes which both of us understood. Now he stood up and walked up near my room (with his erection it was very funny to watch). He looked for others in the home and slowly entered my room. I was thrilled and I could feel sweat all over my body. He came near me and slowly caressed my kid’s fore head. I was excited I don’t know whether I should cover myself now. I was facing down towads the floor. Now I felt his fingers crawling up my body heading my left boob. I was shivering in fear and excitement and now his fingers landed in the lower part of my breast. He started tracing the curve and when he started squeezing it slowly there came the voice of my FIL “VINOD” we both were shocked and vinod put his face down and slowly went out of the room. I was shocked that I didn’t even bother my exposed boobs. I was seeing his face and slowly I was regaining my senses. I pulled a towel and covered my torso. Now he came near me and asked me to follow to his room in a rough voice. I walked beside him leaving my kid in the cradle. He was emotionless on his face. We climbed upstairs to reach the room and he asked me “ what is your problem ? tell me openly Iam like your father.” I said “ nothing” . He asked me “ Are you not happy with Hari ? What will happen if Hari knows this?” I kept quiet. He came to me and put his hand on my head reassuringly and said “ I will have to talk to hari “ I was afraid and thought I will be killed by my hubby. I was in a doubt now that he is trying to black mail me and I decided to seduce him. I said “ Sorry” and knelt down and held his feet with my hands. By looking upwards I could see his tool lifted inside his undie (he has pulled up his dhoti to knee level). I was sobbing . I slowly lifted my fingers to reach his knees and then slowly up to his crotch.

He pushed me off and I was really worried now. I was trying to seduce him more. I once again came near him and I pulled his dhoti down. He had a huge erection which made me understand that he is teasing me to make me take iniative. He was weakly resisting now (or acting so). I pulled his underwear down and his 9” cock sprung near my face. Now he pulled me to his penis. I was never face fucked before and I was resisting a bit now but he forcibly pulled me and put his cock with precum on my lips. I hesistantly put my mouth . By his strong push his cock touched my throat and he started moving in and out of my mouth and slowly I was taking over that is I was moving front and back. I started enjoying sucking him and I was very much excited by this incestous sex. He was very sticky and I was panting while sucking . He was moaning and he suddenly started shudder with pleasure I knew he was coming and tried to pull off. But he held my head strongly and let out his cum in my mouth. I was breathing hard and had to swallow the sticky cum fully and he was empty he let me go.

I saw his face and found him to be satisfied a lot. His cum was smelly in my mouth and I started leaving the room. When I was coming down I was wiping my mouth and I saw vinod seeing me coming down the steps. He understood and he let out a wicked smile. When I entered my room I fell on the bed and closed my eyes. I saw vinod entering my room. By now I was totally wet down my pussy and it was aching with sexual urge. He now did not hesitate and pulled me out of the bed. I was not resisting. He started sucking my lips and explored my mouth. He pulled out for a moment and said “So you sucked him off dry ! I could taste his cum in your mouth” and buried his mouth into mine. My hands slowly went across his body and I started caressing his ass cheeks. While his lips are still busy his hands travelled down and pulled my nighty Zip down . He put his fingers inside the nighty and held one breast in his palm and weighed it. Slowly he was increasing the pressure on my boob and he started squeezing it hard. Milk was dripping out of it and his palms became wet and he was rubbing it all on my boob. He pulled me out of my nighty and pulled my petticoat string . I was standing in front of him with only my panty on me. He stepped back and saw me fully and there was one more voice now. Vimala was there on the door and she stepped in. Vinod did not stop playing with my boobs. I was surprised at this. She came near me and whispered in my ears “ Iam a lesbian” . I was both taken aback and excited at hearing this. I have heard about lesbianism but never tried it. She started pulling down my panty and removed it off from me leaving me stark naked in front of the couple. Now vinod was gazing at my love triangle which was covered with a mild growth of pubic hair and he ran his fingers in that area. Vimala pushed his hands off and knelt before me and widened the gap between my legs. She put her face on my vagina and smelt it and said “ mmmm you are smelling great” and flicked her tongue intermittantly while moving her face around my genital. I was feeling current in those touches of her soft wet tongue on my vagina.

Slowly she licked inch by inch from feet to navel while vinod was busy sucking my boobs dry of milk. I was moaning slowly and I could see my FIL at the door now. He came near vimala and placed his hands on her shoulder , she turned from kneeling poisition facing him. She stripped him down his hip and started sucking his dick. I was surprised as I found this and vinod turned me and himself to continue sucking and also to see what his wife doing to his father. I was suddenly weak at my legs and I sat on th bed. Vinod undid his lungi and banian and started licking my pussy . In a few minutes came for the first time that day with a loud moaning and I drenched his face with my juices. Now my FIL and vimala came to me and licked my juices pushing vinod aside. I was now with my FIL, vinod and vimala nude around me fondling and caressing me all over my body. Now I said “ Some one please take me” My FIL asked me “ What do you mean by that ? I want to hear it from your mouth” . I slowly whispered “ Fuck me please” . My FIL mounted on me and plunged his shaft deep inside me.

Vinod was busy sucking my left breast while vimala was caressing my right. FIL said “ vimala come here “. Vimala went and gave her boob on his mouth. He was now fucking his younger daughter in law while sucking his elder daughter in law and his son was sucking the boob of his brother’s wife. This feeling made me orgasm and my FIL felt it and he started coming. He pulled out his cock and sprayed his cum on me and vimala. Immediately vinod climbed on me and started doing the same job with his 10” cock (what his father was doing a few secs ago.) Vimala started licking the cum of my FIL on my body. After licking all the cum she started sucking my FIL while sitting on my face poking her wet cunt on my face. I was licking her juicy cunt violently that she was gyrating on my face and drenching my face with her juice. The threesome encounter was so exciting that me and vimala came twice before vinod filled his cum into my vagina and FIL shot his cum into vimala’s mouth.

At that moment I was surprised to find my hubby Harish was standing at the door with his hand rubbing his cock over his pant. I was shocked that he found me screwing around but I was wondering whether he was into the game too. He confirmed it in a minute by coming near Vimala and kneading her big juicy milk jugs. He asked me whether I enjoyed the session with them and he added that he was having affair with his bhabhi for a long time. The entire room was filled with the aroma of sex and the group adventure made it more exciting. Now my hubby was licking his bhabhi’s cunt soaked with his father’s semen and I started sucking his 9” rod while vinod and FIL were kneading either side of my boobs. We all came together after 15 minutes and we are continuing our relationship.

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Old 4th June 2005
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chakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universe
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honeymoon with sister

I am rohit from chandigarh and I am doing my engineering
My family consists of very religious parents and my sister , who is studying medicine in manipal
This incident I had when , my sister had come home from her medical college in manipal , for a one month summer break
Let me describe my sister to you
She was a healthy Punjabi fair gal
With extremely sharp features , especially very beautiful eyes
She even helped me get some gals but with no luck
I had never had any gfs and that is how it was to be I guess

It so happened that our parents had booked tickets for the prilgrimage to all the holy places not expecting that mona would not be here
Five days after mona arrived , the tickets were confirmed
They had postponed it for long and dad wanted to go desperately , though mom did not want to leave the kids alone
However dad reasoned that “the kids are big enough to take care of them , and also we would be back in a month , before mona leaves”
Mom agreed to dad’s wishes
And after 2 days , they left for the prilgrimage
Now me and my sister were left alone at home

We had a lot of fun and we went for late night partying and movies
Few days after our parents had left one night I woke up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty
I went to the kitchen to have water when I came back I saw mona fast asleep on the other side of our bed
I don’t know what happened but her position gave a slight tinge in my pants
She was sleeping on her back
Her kameeze was lifted well above her navel , exposing her stomach completely
Her naala was hanging from her tightened salwaar
Her feet spread wide , her black panty line trying to just peep out from her salwaar
Her hands were under her head , exposing her broad chest which moved up and down with her breath
Her black bra strap was also visible on her shoulder
She just looked divine
I had not given such close attention to my sister’s body
All I knew was that she was beautiful and fair and that many guys hit on her
But this changed it all for me
For the rest of the night I couldn’t sleep
In the days to follow although we went places and had fun I gave mona’s body more close attention and also saw the way others guys saw her with hungry eyes
This made me more exited
When she was not around I managed to get hold of her clothes and saw that her bra size was 38d and panty size was xl
Also she had many fancy lacy bras
I was horny about my sister , I began masturbating thinking about her , I used to smell her soiled panties and her bra , from the laundry in the machine
She sure smelled great
I also began to search for chances to accidently brush against her breasts and stuff

But I wanted to fuck her
I made a paln , I wanted to see her sexual urge too
I slipped some porn magazines in my room such that I would know if they were moved
The next day mona wanted to have some novels from my room
Instead of just giving them to her
I told her I had to rush out so she should fetch herself
I went out to my friends place
When I came back I went to my room I looked for the magazines I was happy to see that they were moved in fact one was missing

One day we returned late night after a late night movie
The movie had many steamy seans and I was feeling very horny
As we were very tired we soon went to sleep
It was after an hour that I could not seep and kept thinking of the hot seans and the sex godess sleeping next to me
I saw mona in light of the moonlight flowing through the windows
She was wearing a red home suit
It was very hight as it was very old
Her body was stuck in it and that made her parts become more prominent
I slowly got the guts and I moved her kameeze up , uncovering her navel
Her sexy navel and her milky white skin in the moonlightmade my dick stand up to salute her
I went near her applied some of my saliva on her navel and began massaging her navel
She gave a slight moan , but was still fast asleep
I was ...encouraged by her moan and bent down on her and began licking her navel with my mouth , her moans became a bit lowder and frequent though still asleep
As I was licking her navel my hand travelled up her moulds
I caressed her moulds above her tight kameeze
Then I caressed her soft silky face and kissed her on the cheek
Then I squeezed her left breast lightly and suddenly she got up and sat straight and shouted “ what are u doing rohit”
I kept quiet and stared her in her beautiful eyes , while she continued “ u pevert , uor own sister , if u could find no gf , your own sister”
I held her arm firmly and brought her closer to me and said “ don’t think I don’t know wat are u up to , I know about wat magazines you are reading and wat u do in the bathroom (this was added as an effect)”
Her face flushed and her body became loose
I brought her more close
My face could feel her warm , heavy breath
I planted a kiss on her lips
At first she hit me with her hands and tried to oppose but I held her strongly
After some time her mouth opened and she began to enjoy , and began co operating with me
After heavy kissing for 10 minutes our lips parted
I looked into mona’s eyes, she had lust in her eyes , she wanted more , and her hungry , greedy looks pushed me further
I made her lie on her stomach , her back and her ass facing me
I shifted her hair and planted a kiss on her neck and on her shoulder
She moaned with ecstacy
I moved my hand caressing her back over her kameez and then onto her gaand over her salwaar
She twitched with exicitement
Then I one by one removed the hooks from the back of her kameeze, palnting kisses with each hook opened
When I had removed the last hook , what lay in front of my eyes was beautiful
Mona’s milky bare back with her thin black bra straps
I caressed her back with my hand and kissed her all over , she was moaning with pleasure
I pulled up her kameeze and mona raised her hands above her head , helping me put off the cloth covering her torso
I removed the clasps of her bra , then I picked up the body oil from the dressing table
I applied the oil on her back and massaged it , with my hands , occasionally kissing her on her neck
When I touched the soft skin of her breast protruding on her sides she twitched more and moaned louder
Then I made her face me
For the first time I saw her naked breasts
And god! They were so beautiful
Milky white , large , round , with perfect cleavage and her veins showing under her fair skin
The areola was large and light brown in colour , crouned with a pink nipple , which was erect
When mona saw me staring at her breasts she said”kya hua kabi momme nahin dekhe”
I was astonished with such kanguage but I looked in her eyes and said “deekhe to hain par itnae bade aur sundar nahin”
She blushed and held my head with her hand and brought my mouth above her nipple and said “ to aaj inka saara ras pee jao”
I started sucking her breasts and pinching and squeezing the other with the other hand
She was moaning lowdly with pleasure “haan choose lee , bhenchod , choose lei”
I wondered where she learnt such language but it made me more horny
She held my hair and her fingers played with them
Occasionally my hand moved bottom over her salwaar and I moved my hand to her croch slapping her there and scratching her over her pubic region
She twitched with pleasure at this and gave me a kiss whenever I left her breasts in between to grasp some breath
Her breasts had become red with my kissing and biting
Then I moved bown kissing all over her body
I even smelled her shaven armpits and kissed her there
She enjoyed the feeling
Then I licked her navel and planted kisses all over her stomach
She was moaning and turning from one side to another with pleasure

Now I came to her salwaar , and I opened the sacred knot that protected her fruit
I slowly slid her salwaar down , slowly exposing her black panty and her beautiful thighs
I completely removed her salwaar and threw it off
I kissed her over her panty over her pubic area and also on her thighs
Her thighs were so smooth like velvet
Her panty was wet with her juices
I slowly and seductingly removed it too
Now her thick pubic area lay before me ,, she had not shaved for a long time
I moved my hand through her pubic hair , pulling them and caressing her skin and kissing and smelling it
She was turning and moaning with joy
Then I raised her legs and kept them on my shoulder and had aperfect view of her sweet vagina
The lips were pink in colour and were dripping wet with her juices
I parted her lips and inserted a finger inside her pussy
It was so soft and mushy inside
Mona screamed with pain and dug her nails on my back
The pain on my back made he finger her more vigerously
Then I began to lick her juices
Wow! They were delicious
I licked her pussy and finger fucked her for half an hour

Meanwhile she had reached for my pyjamas and released the knot and unleashed the tiger that lay hungry
Now mona was holding my cock and looked in awe at its sheer size and hardness
She was caressing it and kissing it
I told her to give me a blow job , she hesitated and then after a few kisses and some petting she began licking my dick
She was doing it like a professional with all the perfect movements in and out
I came in her twice and she drank all my cam with thirst in her eyes
Then mona took my face in her arms and looking into my eyes said “bhai bhuja de pyaas iss pyasee chut ki”
I placed my dick on the entrance of her pussy , parted its lips and pushed it inside ,
Mona screamed with pain and ecstacy
She dug her nails into my chest and I pushed harder
In 10 minutes I was thumping her in full speed and her hips moved in full synchronized fashon

We fucked 4 more times that night
And enjoyed a lot in the days that followed
I also screwed her ass hole and it was a new expirence for her which she enjoyed alot

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Old 4th June 2005
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chakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universe
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Bengali mother becomes Randi

We live in kolkata in a house on rent. The home rent is very high. My father also has to bear the tuition fee of my college. As an ordinary Clark in a government bank, father sometime have so many financial problem that he can not even pay the rent of house. Our landlord, a 62 year old non-Bengali is generally a modest person. He does not even bother if baba (father) can not pay the home rent on time or making any delay to pay. But in the year 2003 father becomes retired from his job and he found too tough to pay the high home rent. He sent a letter to the land lord that he can not be able to pay the rent for two months but he will pay it later.
But our landlord was not so convinced with this letter. He wants his rent. So one day he came to our home. On that day I was reading in my room. Mukesh kumar (land lord) came at morning to our home. Baba was outside of home to go to the market to buy some vegetables. Maa was busy in cooking. When the door bell rung maa stop cooking and go to open the door. I home maa always wear low priced, old sarees (generally cotton sarees). In home she does even care to put the saree on her body in a careful way. She has worn a white blouse and a cream colored saree. Generally she wears saree 2 or 3 inch below her naval. Actually she has to wear in this fashion as most of the fleshes of her body seem to be gathered at the belly and midriff area of her body. While cooking she has to tuck her pallu in her belly and the belly is visible in a huge quantity. She is sweating. When she went to open the door she didn’t even think that some one else may stand at door except baba. So she didn’t care her saree to place at right places to cover her blouse covered big boobs and her huge belly. The strap of bra also came out on her shoulder. When she opened the door she was so surprised and unprepared that she has a very few time to gather her saree well at all over her body. The saree was almost falling from her shoulder to bring her boobs visible to mukesh. But she controlled it and put it right on her shoulder.
Mukesh at first give a broad smile to her and asked her “kamon aachen boudi?” means – how are you? Maa also returned him a smile on her face. I come to see that who is on the door. Seeing him I can understand for what reason he has come to our home. He wants his money in any way. Maa then offered him a glass of water. When she was going to keep the glass on the table the disaster happened. This time she can not help her pallu to stay on her shoulder. As she bent in front of mukesh to serve the glass the pallu (aanchol) fell down and my mother’s blouse covered huge boobs are visible to mukesh. I see that his eyes became brighten with greed, with grasp. Soon maa keep her saree on right places and tucked it in her belly again. After some time baba came back to home from market. He became also surprised by seeing mukesh in our room. He sat on a chair and ask the reason why he has visited in our home. Mukesh told that for many years he had considered many times the payment of house rent to be late. Now he want all his money right now or otherwise he will throw us out side. Hearing this baba become afraid and keep pleading him to give him some time to gather some amount of money as he really have not a huge amount of money in home with him. But mukesh is not ready then to hear this answer. He repeatedly told baba that he wants his money today. Baba then told him that to give him one day to leave this place as paying money is impossible for him now. Seeing baba in this position mukesh told him that he can give him a chance to gather his money. Baba asked him about it. Mukesh then smiled and shamelessly told that he can waive two month’s rent if baba allows him to have my mother for one night in bed. Hearing this baba then burst in to fire. He told him to get out of our house. Mukesh them also become angry and ordered him to leave this place immediately or he will appoint some men to throw us out of this house. Baba suddenly get afraid and see at my eyes and in my mother’s eyes. Maa then was crying too much. She was not even ready to hear this by her ear. She is so shocked that she ran into inside room and starts crying loudly. Baba asked some time to mukesh and go inside to make maa convinced for this proposal. Baba told her that it is just a matter of one night and then we can live again free of cost fro at least two months. He told her to think about their son’s career that means about myself. He told her that if they are wanting to make their son settled in life then they have to agree with this proposal.
The main surprise was waiting for me then when I hear that maa told mukesh that she is ready for his dirty proposal and then started crying again. Mukesh give a witted smile and told that he is going now but will come back at 9 p.m. he told maa that he want her for a full 10 hours night. Hearing this maa becomes so afraid that she burst in to crying. I was not able to help her then.
When the two sticks of clock touched 9p.m. mukesh came to our home. We have already finished our dinner. Mukesh told mom to be ready to go to bed and ordered her to prepare a glass of hot milk for him. Maa told baba to sleep on sofa for this night. I can see baba can not even see at her eyes not even in my eyes. He sat on sofa and maa go to the kitchen to prepare milk. Mukesh then ordered her to keep the door open that both of her son and her husband can see the legal rape of their mother and wife respectively.
Maa then has nothing to say as she know that her body is going to be explored by some one else other than her husband. She keeps the glass on the table and stand in front of the bed. Mukesh drink the whole milk. Then he at first takes some time to see my mother’s red colored saree covered body. Maa was wearing a green colored blouse. I was so ashamed about the fact that my mother is going to be fucked by someone who is a 62 year old man. Mukesh then stand up and take of his dhoti and kurta. Then he removed his underwear to become full nude. As an old man he has his hairs on body became white colored. Even the hair on the above portion of cock also have some white color in it. But his cock is not small with his age. I am surprised to see that it is about 7 inches long still. Maa became afraid to see a big man naked in front of her. mukesh then told maa to suck his cock. Maa take his order as she has to. She sat on floor on her knees. And held his cok in her hand. Keeping her eyes closed she put the cock inside her mouth and started sucking it for almost 5 to 10 minutes. Mukesh then hold the knot of her hair and untied it to fall upto her waist. It is nice to watch that my 49 year old mother is dancing her head front and back to suck a 62 year old cock. Mukesh was moaning like – aaaaaahhhhh ahh aaaiiiihhhhhhaaaaaaah uuuuufffffffffff , samita swettyyyyyyy love my cock randddddiiiiii, teri maaaaaa kiiii ohhhhhh.. then after some time he stop moaning as I can see maa is trying to keep that cock out of her mouth but mukesh stronfully held her head from back don’t allow her to keep it out side of her mouth. I can assume mukesh is cumming in her mouth like a flood,as some bit of cum came out of the sides of her mouth. After some time he makes free my mother from her cock. Maa almost try to vomit when her mouth is freed from his cock.

Then he took some time to gather his excite and told maa to get ready to have the best fuck of her life. “ saali teri marad neb hi kabh aaisi chodi nahi hogi tujhe. Aaj main tujhe phir se pregnant banaunga.” Hearing this maa starts crying and holding his legs to beg her to go away. But wicked mukesh laughed at this pleading and hold the saree pallu in his right hand and let it be fell from her shoulder. Then he hold the saree at the area of naval where maa tucked her saree in. maa then strongly hold her saree not letting him to pull it down from her waist. But with some firm pull mukesh make maa take one or two round to open the saree. He then threw it off at a corner of the room. Maa then try to cover her blouse covered breast with her hands crossing over boobs. It’s a very sexy scene to watch that my own mother is going to be raped in front of my eyes in a legal way. I also become eager to see what my mother nude in front of an outsider. I then start masturbating. He then give a firm push on my mother shoulder to make her lay on the bed. Maa have all fear, shame in her eyes that come out as a form of tear. Mukesh get up on the bed and started unhooking her blouse buttons. In some time her blouse is being opened to a stranger to enjoy her big boobs.
Maa then covered her face with her hand in shame. Then mukesh almost tear her bra in excitement to have her juicy foot ball shaped boobs in his mouth. He at first take the right breast. At first he starts sucking the nipple like ---chhhhhhhhiiuimmmmmm ummmmmmm uhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmuccccccchh. Maa cry in pain =--- aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaa goooooooooo
Laaaaaaaaaagcheeeeeeeeeee aaaa chereeeeee daaaao naaaaa pleaseeee. Hearing this mukesh get more excited as he started to bite the nipples with his teeth. He almost want to make some biting marks on her boobs. As a I can see a pound boob flesh is between his upper and lower jaw as he is really biting them hard. Maa was crying for help------ohhhhhh bhgobaaaaaaaaaannnnn bachaaaaaaaaaaoooooo aaammmmmmmkeeeeee keuuuuuu ----a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaar parchinnnnnnaaaaa. After eating those huge breasts mukesh move to the midriff area of her body which I can say is the best part of her body. Most of the fleshes are gathered around the navel area and around waist that makes it having 2 or 3 folds in her belly. Mukesh was really fondling her stomach then. he started licking the navel. For this I can say mom reached at the immense amount of pleasure as she has closed her eyes and was biting her lower lips with her upper teeth. Mukesh then untied the knots of her petty coat(saya) and pull it down. He was licking his lips by seeing mom’s vagina. He told that “ abe randi aab mujh se aur raha nahi jata , tu jaldi se aapni dono paao upar kar de”. Maa obeyed what he said and make her legs up a bit. He hold both the legs with in hands and trying to go in front of her cunt with his straight following cock. He then sat on knees and told maa to held his cock in her hand and place it just exactly in front of the hole of her cunt. Then he started to insert his cock into her pussy slowly. While it enter her pussy it give her lots of pleasure with so much pain as she was shouting like anything ------aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhhoooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa goooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaamaaaaaai chereeeeee daaaaaaaaoooo. Aaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaagheeeeeeeee. After some time mukesh entered completely. Then he started moving it in and out slowly. It makes maa so pleased as I can assume that she hold his body with both of her hands firmly, caressing in his partly bald head. After some time mukesh stated fucking her badly, roughly as he was state of jumping and pumping in to her. maa also respond to this as she kept her waist dancing in the rhythm and grasp his legs by her legs like a lizard. After 15 minutes of restlessly fucking mukesh told my mother “ I am going to cum, please hold me firmly and be ready.” He put all his loads of cum in to her womb by shouting like aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh samittttttttttaaaaaaaaaa sweeeeeetyyyyyyy, immmmmmmmmmmuuuuuum I lovevvvvvveeeee uuu.
Maa also started jerking like a fish that have come out of water. I can assume that both of them come like a flood. After this act they were so tired that mukesh can not even move from the top of maa’s body. They started lip kissing. And maa also this time respond well and give him deep , profound lip kissing.
In that night mukesh fucked her twice and at the early morning mukesh give my mom a hard fuck in to her ass also. After that night maa nowadays are even fucked by mukesh. Sometimes she spend 1 or 2 complete days in mukesh’s home. She is believing that my father is not well enough to handle her and take care of her or even give her pleasure either by financially or by sexually.

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chakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universe
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sexy hairy mami (bangla story)

only for whom who understand bengali language

Amer soto MAMI….

Ami akta 19 year er pola…………..height bhalo………..bodybilder typer pola….7.5
Inch er jontro…….khub needy……meyeder hair amare gorom kore all the time…..
Ami ak kothai hair lover…….amer dekha sob cheye hairy hoitase amer soto mami……amer ma ,bon ,2 chaci ,1 phupu ,2 mami hairy……………….but soto mami kothin hairy…………

Beshir bhag pola painer loahan amer o jomno hoi nanabari….tokhon amer mamir bia hoi…….soto belai bujtam na……….for the last few years ami bujsi je mami akta maal…….or description dia nei……….age 40/42….5’4’’ height weight hoibo ai 55-60 kg er moddhe……….pasa gol……ja dekhlei amer jinis khara…..er dudu dui ta 36c(toilet e bra dekhe check koira sure hoisi)…….khub hairy….fair looking….hasi khusi……..i love her every thing…………………………..

Ghotona ta kisu din ager…………ami meyeder bogoler baal vodar baal khub posondo kori dekhlei lick korbar jonno taung lafai……………..ami gesi mama bari mama office e mamato bhai bon ra skul e gese….. mami ranna kortase…ami bell dilam then dorja khullo mami…….ami bollam kmon asen mami? Mami bollo bhalo tumi hotat kore asla…….tomer kotha mone portesilo onek……….then amra boslam sofai gia.mami poira silo nil sari nil blouse kalo petikot…..er kalo bra ja kander pas theke dekha jassilo…ami ja dekhe haisa dilam..mami bollo haso ken? Ami bollam amni then o bujhte parlo or bra dekha jai o bollo pola soitan hoiya geso….ami bollam na mami ami apner sei chuttu babu….jare nia age apne ador korten…
Mami bollo na re tui (tumi theke tui) akhon onek onek boro……ager moto nai jare ami kole uthaitam….. bole mamir chok theke 2 fota jol beria gelo….ami bollam kanden ke ami asi ager moton e asi ami bole mamir pase gia boslam hat dhorlam then mami amer buke matha raklo haat 2 ta amer chul e tokhon or bogoler gham er gondho amare gorom koira dilo ami nak ta re bogoler dike nilam mami bollo tui ki akhon o ager moton I asos?

Ami bollam ki? Mami bollo age tui amer gham sungti bogole hat dia rakti nak dia rakti .ami bollam really mami? Mami bollo hee…..then ami bollam ami akhono hair posondo kori mami bollo u hav not changed…..ami bollam mami mathar hair na…. A kotha sune mamir chok lal hoiya gelo…. Amer kol theke matha uthai lo then bollo ki bolli? Ami bollam kisu na .jai ga .keu nai..time pass hoitase na apne to ranna nia basto………mami bollo tui age ki bolli clear kore bol………ami bollam rag korben ……….mami bollo noooo.bol I wanna know…… ami bollam ami hair lover………mami bollo tui ki janos ami hairy . ami bollam jani mami bollo amer baal aj porjonto oder uchit somman pelo na na kono jibbar sporsho pelo na kono hater…….. sara jibon razor er blade pelo…… ami bollam ami aisa gesi mami……..apne suhdu bolen koi chatmu…………. Mami ai kotha sune chup maira gelo then o bollo aitesi.after 10 min mami aslo same dress e then bollo tomer kotha ami bujsi but mamir loge ai kam ki thik…. Ami koilam jinis apner o ase amer o ase asen dark e jai ondhokar e sob I soman………… mami haslo jore jore…… then bollo bed room e ai………..

Ami gelam mami bollo fan ac sob off koira raksi ranna ghor theke aslam aro gheme dekhi tui kotokhon chatte paros………amer laura totokhone full power e ami bollam mami kase asen age dress er upor theke chati ok.. mami bollo u r welcome…
Ami hat nilam lomos hat jibba dia chatlam then gal then pa up 2 hatu….. then bollam mami HANDS UP mami bollo oke baba 1 after 1 dan hat ucha korlo ami jibba dia sporsho korlam salty juice……. Ami bollam amer jontro er octane lage digel dia hobe na blouse khulen mami bollo oi gadha tui khul .ami botam khullam aste aste then blouse khullam bra ta ghame vija……. Bogole takai a dekhi baal er baal ami bollam ami ki goru ai ghas disen khaiber jonno….. basai razor nai ami bollo ami 1 mas por por bogole shave kori ami bollam ichha mami bollo tomer mamar loge last sex korsi about 3 mas age karon tomer mama akhon office nia khub basto tai ami tripty hinotai vugtesi……. Ami bollam baal er kotha bad den ami chaittia nei then mami suilo hat 2ta ucha koira 2 bogol chaitta dry koira fellam then bollam sari blouse to khullen akhon petikot… oi ta mami khullo then mami bollo panty ta tumi khulba ami bollam ok sweet heart……. Apne theng uthan panty kholar time e ghamer smeel inhale korlam tarpor bra khullam hairy nogno mami amer samne nude jar kotha ami jonmer por theke vabi………… tokhon mami bollo lick korar jonno amare nude korsos amer loge beshi kisu koris na karon amer akhon masik ses er tor mamar loge lagai na 3 din tai amer bachha hoibar chance besi… ami bollam ami 20 te baap hoite chai mami bollo mane .ami bollam mami ami lagamu bhala moto dekhi amer maal e apnere pregnant kora jai kina. Ami kintu mami virgin amare niom sikhaben apne. Kisu khon por bollo ok dekhi soro kor totokhon ami pant shirt pora mami nude…..

Mami bollo jama kapor khol ami bollam apne thakte ami……… mami bollo ok ok khara ami darailam mami amare nude koira fello ami aber underwear pori na karon amer mote amer dhon ase ta sobai jane aitare lukamu ken? Mami dekhlo amer dhon khub power e nai then mami bollo ai tare age sokto kor then sikhamu ami mami re jorai a sue porlam ar dud chuste laglam amer dhon aste aste full power e aslo mami bollo oi ai sili chatte akhon chudbi tao amer apon soto mami re nije to pap korbi amer amareo papi korbi kor kor taratari kor ami mami re soaia bollam baal er jonno voder muk dekha jai na mami bollo tor hat nai khuj then laga ami onek koste jaiga pelam pink color er voda koilam mami dilam dhukai mami bollo ok amer prothome betha pailam ato soto road e VOLVO bus dhuke kmon e …….. but aktu pore amer er betha laglo na marte laglam thap thap er thap.
Mami bollo ros aise tor ami bollam mami ai na lagai lam amer temmper besi ami sohoje sarum na 1st time e amer 1 hour tikai a rakhte hoibo mami bole oiiiiii haua amer temmper besi nai kheichha hoileo maal ber kor tui jodi chas pregnant korte onek maal lagbo amo bollam ok dekhi ai bole 15-16 bar thela marar por bollam mami amer dhon dehi akla akla lafai mami bole hoise re maal aisa porse amare er aktu nacha ami o ek loge dhali ami bollam ok kisu khon por dekhlam mamir voda thke sada sada ki jeno bair hosse ami loge loge speed high korlam ami o dekhi amer sona hot satha sathe maal khalaassssssssss……………… amer tokhon kopale gham sorir gorom 105’ jor er moto obostha ami bollam mami ami ses mami bole ai hai aro aro lagbo ami bollam ok wait ak glass pani kheye aber suru korlam mot 4 bar maal bair hoilo 15 min er modhe amer korun obostha mami ja chitkar kortesilo ta sune amer speed aber high hoilo then after 1 min ami suia porlam mami bollo baba er akta chai thela amon thela jate kore amer voda kisu ta lose hoi ai tuk chudai anondo nai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ami bollam amare 5 min time deo ami ac on korlam er lick korar sokti nai mami bollo tore ami shave korai a dimu tui amare korai a dis amra ak loge gosol korum er sue thakbo jotokhon pari ……..

Ami bollam ami power paisi aber olpo die last thap ok
Mami bollo de ai bole ami dilam jore jore thap ek tana 3 min mami bole gesi re gesi ami ses ai ber amer obosthe tight ore baba aki dili re sara jiboner asa ses ai sona ki danda ami bollam na 24 carrat er gold jer aga chookha apner dud er nipple er moto.. mami haslo mamire bollam mami amer dhon vodar vtore thakuk kisu khon norom na houa porjonto mami bollo ok 10 min por bollam amare chaten plzzzz mami or lomba jibba dia gal theke pa porjon to chuslo chatlo koilam mami blowjob dimu… mami bole oita ki ami bollam sona mukhe loiya chusben mami bole son amer voda vijse tate ami khusi dekhi tor er kono ros baki ase naki ami bollam ok dekho mami dhon mukhe nia coke jmon e khai amra tmon e chuste laglo mone hoite silo nari vuri aisa porbo kin tu asla kisu maal mami bole aita dekhi nonta ami bollam khan pet vore…….. ai ta full or proten……..mami jmon e amer loge co-oparate korlo tate bujlam uni last kobe thap khaise ta bhule gese….. ami bollam amer fuck korar ai 1st xperience kmon laglo mami bollo tor aro sikte hobe ar amare tumi ba tui kore bolbi apne na ami bollam apne koira boli naile apner somman koimma jaibo apne amer jonno 100%octane supply disen ami khub khusi….
Mami bollo jokhon asbi lick korte bolle ami sujog koira dimu er week e akber thap dis plzzzzzzz ami bollam age baby chai then mami amer sok amer sisu tomer pete hok……. Mami bole ai bare hoile to hoiloi na haoile aber asis ami bollam I m always 4 u mami bollo ai gosol kori age mami amake shave korai a dilo sob jai gai ek matro matha bade……….hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

Ami mamir voda shave korlam bogol e korlam na bollam aro boro baal koro ai tai amer attraction mami bollo ok dupure bhat kheye ami aise porlam asar age mami thot dia chumma dia bollo aber asis ai rokom time bujhe jate ami er tui amra hoite pari mane chudte pari………………….

1 mas pore suni mami pregnant ami 1 mas er jonno dhakar baire silam mama silo bideshe e mami amare mobile e call dia bollo tor sisu amer pet e ami bollam kmon e bujla o bollo tor mama to akhon desh er baire er ami tor logei korsi 1 bar xtream sex ami bollam ta to bujsi mama ki bollo then mami bollo tor mamare bolsi je o ghumer modhe amer loge fuck korsilo er mama bole answer dise hoiteo pare mama office nia ato tence je mone thake na ami bollam mami apne great amer sisu re jonto nia rakihen ami dhakai firbo sooooon ami aro bollam apner loge to akhon sex kora jaibo na but after 1 bachha amra aber chudmu mami bollo ore harami amare akhon chudte na parle chatte to parbi tai kor ami bollam wait my JANN ami amu taratari………….

MAMU ra kmon laglo ghotona ta amer mami ar ami akhon baba ma homu ami regular reader ai amer 1st prokaso na baal nia aro likha ami ber korbo er ami porte chai aro
Bday nilam aber asmu soooooooooooooooooon
Amer mami zindabad……………

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Nice updates boss

Repped u

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chakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universe
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Fucking Sesion with my mom Visa

The incident that is going to be narrated below is an fucking session between me and my mother visalakshi .She is very fair in color and a typical Indian lady with plump body. Her gorgeous figure was around 40/34/44and aged 36. And her butt was the sexiest assert she had. It was so soft and round and was jiggling with her every move. She had nice belly with lot of flesh in it and had deep round navel. And her boobs were bit sagging due to her age but was so big and round. She normally wears sarees and her sexy navel was open in most of the time. And it was not a secret that most of our neighbors were targeting he big butt and was dying to fuck her. But none of them had a chance even to touch it. At night my dreams are haunted by the thoughts of getting naughty with my mom. With age was growing my lust for sex. Every morning I was a little hornier I was now starving for sex and all this led to the escalation of my fascination for my mom. As told to you earlier guys my mom is 36 her name is visalakshi. From one time a day, I started jacking off twice sometimes even thrice a day. I would never miss a chance to see some sexy item number on a music channel and even that was enough for me to jack off. I had only one thing in my mind now “How to have sex?” I like to see her in sari for a simple reason that sari brings out her figure more and in addition looks more juicy than other dress. The collection of her low cut blouse with string backs is toxic. When she is clad in a sari with a low cut blouse she looks immortal. The naval button on her almost flat tummy looks great. She wears her sari just below her naval button so they are easily visible.
One day Mom and my father were there inside their bedroom. It was about ten pm. Father was in great fucking mood. Visalakshi was fighting with dad and was not interested with his desire. So dad was in an angry mood. Now started the scene he wanted visalakshi without her wish to satisfy his sex hunger. He pulled her in the bed and started to lie over and as holding her tight and pressing her boobs against the bed. He was trying to kiss her and she was moving her face away from him. Visalakshi was wearing saree. Dad pulled her saree and tore her blouse due to his sex hunger. She was on her bra and petticoat. I clearly saw her breasts pressing against dad’s chest. Seeing her bra-covered boobs stunned me. So I wanted to have look at them and wait till dad uncovers them. By removing her saree, he undid the knot of her petticoat and it felled down making her almost half naked with only pink panty and the bra. Dad turned my mother visalakshi and squeezed her huge butt over the panty. And he put his hands on both sides of the panty and lifts it by holding its them. Then With that, the backside of the panty got disappeared in-between her butt cheeks and her butt flesh was visible to me. Mom let out a moan when the panty pressing against her ass hole. Mom’s backside was towards the door, so on the back side every activity was clearly visible to me. He started to press the whole butt of my mother. He started to pump one part and a large amount of flesh was squeezed away from his grip. He tried to cover all the fleshy portion of her GAAND and madly pumping all through. In the mean time her panty got stucked more and more in-between her butt cheeks and rubbed tightly on her gaand hole. That was the last fucking session between them and after that both get departed. Both got divorced when I was at the age of 16.Visa was at the age of 34.
After that I and visa were staying alone in a house. Most men were fucking her by their eyes when they saw her and were eager to fuck her in the bed .I was very angry to see those person. Day by day my sex hunger towards her bare body was growing day to day. I planed to fuck her in that night. My mom soon fell asleep. As I watched her, I saw that her chest was going up and down and her breasts were softly straining against her blouse. Her sari had come loose and her blouse was fully exposed. Again my lusty feelings resurfaced. I got closer to my mom and slept with one leg over her leg as many children often do (innocently though). She didnt wake up. I then softly placed my hand over her exposed blouse and came really close to her. The warmth of the mother's breasts are what help the child in developing and growing, but here all they were doing was to madden me with lust. I lay like that for some time and soon the tension within my penis was unbearable so I got a little closer to her with my entire body in touch with her and started rubbing my penis against her thigh. I did this slowly to start with so as not to wake up my mom. But as I approached a climax, I lost control and started rubbing against her violently. rushed forward to hug her. I kissed her on her cheeks and as I moved towards her lips, she resisted for a moment, but then gave in. I nearly tore of her sari and saw her now in her blouse and petticoat. Her beautiful navel was exposed and I swooped down to kiss it, at the same time fiddling with her blouse buttons. As her blouse came off, her lovely huge breasts were nearly exposed. It was the first time I was seeing breasts and I nearly came in my clothes just seeing them. I turned her over and released the clasp of the bra. When I turned her over, I saw the most beautiful sight in the whole world. My mother's lovely breasts with gorgeous nipples. I just started sucking at them naturally as I must have done as a baby, but this was in a totally different setting. As I sucked away, I could feel her breathing getting heavier and I knew that she was getting aroused. I now proceeded to take off her petticoat. As her "thunder thighs" got exposed, I kissed her legs from the feet upwards towards the centre of her,no, my existence...
I asked my mother to take it off herself. She refused and told me that since it is you who wants this, it will be you who will have to break the final barrier of shame. I turned over my mother and slowly pulled down the panties. As I slid it off her ankles, I again saw that sight which I saw yesterday. I started to kiss every inch of her back and came down to her large buttocks and started to lick them. I could see my mother twitching and squirming in arousement as my tongue drew lines down and between her buttocks. I took off all my clothes and I then slowly turned her over. As I did this, she covered her face in shame. And there it was! That supreme spot of feminity which every chaste woman covers zealously for her entire life, to be revealed only to her husband. It was now there in all its glory and the very sight of it made me come. I just couldn’t control the torrents that came out of me and it spilled all over the bed and some of it fell on my mom. This aroused her and she gave up her guard for the first time. She tenderly pulled me towards her and kissed me on my lips. Finally I inserted my penis into her cunt and loaded my cum into her cunt.

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chakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universe
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Originally Posted by ijahs025
Nice updates boss

Repped u
thankx ijhas bhai

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chakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universechakde is one with the universe
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Our first threesome adventure

Hi I am Suman, I'm 31 years old. I have been given a good well-developed body by my Gujarathi ancestors. My husband and I have been married for a little over five years. Our marriage was an arranged one; we love each other very much. He married me because of my beautiful shaped body 38..26..38.... and fair skin. The first four and a half were great, but the last six months have really been incredible. You see, my husband and I started toying with the idea of having group sex. We wanted, a threesome, with one more man. Don't get me wrong; our sex life has always been wonderful, but we missed the excitement of doing something new and different. Here's how my story goes.

One night about two months back while lying in bed with Rajesh, my husband, we decided to watch a porn movie for kicks. Normally I'm satisfied with just making love to him once or twice a week, but that night I felt a little adventurous. He got out of bed, put in a VCD, and then stripped before getting back into bed next to me. I was nude myself by then, and a little anxious to get the show on the road. It had been at least two weeks since we'd had the time to be together, so we had more than a little catching up to do. As he scooted over I felt his body against mine and a little tingle of anticipation ran up my spine. We lay there silently, watching the TV as the first scene opened. We watched as an attractive blonde woman, dressed to kill, walked into a smoky poolroom. She seated herself at the bar and soon after was approached by a handsome young man with a nice tan. After buying her a drink, they made some small talk, and then left the bar. The next scene showed the couple in a motel room quickly undressing each other. I was particularly interested in the man, waiting to see how well hung he was. I could feel my pussy begin to tingle as he removed his shorts and sat on the bed. His thick dick was partially erect and hung over the edge of the bed. His nuts were heavy and hanging low, full of cum.

The blonde went to her knees and took him into her mouth, slowly sucking up and down on his hardening cock. After just a few seconds, he was fully erect, and I was envious as hell of the blonde. He was at least 8 inches, very thick, and I could almost imagine being where that little blonde was...on my knees between his legs, licking and sucking his stiff rod, taking it into my mouth, moving up and down on it as far as I could...and I wondered how much my mouth would stretch, and how it would feel against my tongue. I glanced over at Rajesh and could tell he was absorbed in the scene. And his own cock, which was a few inches smaller than and not as thick as the stud on TV, was erect under the sheets. I relaxed even more, knowing he was enjoying this just as much, if not more, that I was. After all, the woman was a knockout herself, so who could blame him? After a few minutes of sucking that large dick, the motel room door opened and in walked another man. The couple froze.

The man turned out to be the blonde's husband, and from the speed he got out of his clothes, he didn't mind at all what was happening. He sat next to the man on the bed and told the woman to proceed while he watched. She went back to her task, vigorously sucking and stroking in front of her husband. That's when my own mind began to fantasize that it was in fact me on that room, and it was Rajesh that had walked in and caught me with another mans cock in my mouth. My pussy was suddenly soaking wet. The woman went back and forth, sucking first one mans dick, then the other. While one was in her mouth, she was stroking the other. When her husband got fully hard, which wasn't long at all, his was just as long as the other mans, but not as thick. Finally she got up, crawled up on the bed, and lay on her back. Her husband moved up beside her on his knees and bent over her, pressing his cock against her lips, which she immediately began to suck on, while the other man went down on her and began to tongue her wet bald pussy. She began to squirm and moan around the cock in her mouth. It was then that I felt Rajesh's hand move to my crotch and begin to rub my soaking pussy.

He looked at me and grinned. "This is really turning you on, isn't it Suman?" I nodded in agreement, never moving my eyes from the screen, still lost in my own fantasy. Eventually, as the scene progressed, the blond was on her hands and knees getting fucked in her pussy and mouth at the same time, and I was also on my hands and knees, my pussy full, but my mouth empty. I found myself wishing I had a cock to suck on so badly while Rajesh fucked me! Soon I felt a familiar tension low in my stomach. It quickly spread through my pussy and slit like fire, and I moaned loudly in orgasm as I felt Rajesh grab my hips, fuck me with hard long strokes, and shoot his cum into my hot pussy. It was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had! After a few seconds we collapsed on the bed, both of us completely spent. We fell asleep wrapped around each other, not moving until dawn. The next morning we both awoke in a very good mood. He rolled over on top of me and slid his hard-on into my still wet pussy. I like waking up like that! As he slowly stroked in and out of me, he asked me something that shocked me. "Su, you really got turned on last night. Ever think about having a threesome for real?" I didn't know quite what to say. I knew that the thought of doing it was a real turn on for me, but actually going through with something like that was, to me, out of the question. So I told him, "Not really. It's a nice fantasy, having two men at once, but I don't think I'd want to actually do it." "And why not?" he asked. I couldn't believe we were having this conversation, while we were screwing no less. But I felt that familiar tingle in my crotch just by thinking about it. So I said, "Well, I believe it would hurt our marriage. You'd probably get jealous; I'd feel like I was cheating on you." Rajesh began to fuck me a little harder. He didn't say anything for a few minutes. Then he said, "What if I told you that having another man in bed with us was a big turn-on for me as well?" My mind raced. The feel of his dick inside me while talking about having a threesome was really getting to me. I began to breathe a little harder.

"You mean you'd actually like to see me suck another mans cock? You'd like watching another mans dick fuck in and out of your Suman's pussy while I suck on you?" He fucked me harder. "You bet I would." I was almost in shock. I didn't know whether to be pissed, or be thrilled. My cunt was pulsating around his dick, and I felt like I was on the edge of exploding into another orgasm, which was odd for me. Usually I didn't get off just be having him screw me. I usually had to play with myself or have him suck me in order to climax. I decided to not ruin the moment and go with the fantasy, thinking that after he got off he'd change his mind, or say it was good to think about but he really didn't want to actually do it. So I said, "Well, I have to admit, it would be rather nice to have a fat cock to suck on right about now, while you're fucking me. I would especially like to be on my knees with you two seated, and go back and forth, taking turns sucking you both just like that blonde did on the video last night. Then, after you were both hard, I'd like to get on my hands and knees and let you both take turns fucking my pussy and mouth until you both filled me with your hot cum." Now Rajesh was fucking me with long hard strokes, slamming into my swollen dripping pussy, and I was raising my hips, meeting every thrust. It seemed the more I talked about it, the harder he fucked me, and the closer to cumming I got. "I can close my eyes and imagine having another man right here, right now; leaning over me, fucking in and out of my mouth while you slide in and out of my pussy...this is turning me on so much! I'm going to cum Rajesh! Fuck me harder baby! Harder!!" He started slamming into me with suck force I thought the bed would fall to pieces, but I didn't care. I spread my legs even further, allowing him to go deeper. His cock plunged in and out of my quivering pussy. My legs began to shake, and again, just like the night before, his cum shooting inside my pussy caused me to explode. Suddenly I was bucking my hips, trying to get more of him into me as my entire body tensed and a long low moan escaped my lips. My pussy milked his cock, and I could actually feel him shoot load after load into my already slick spasming cunt. My arms flew out and I gripped the sides of the mattress, gritting my teeth as wave after wave of pleasure coursed over and through me. I came for what seemed like an eternity, and then slowly, it subsided.

Rajesh rolled over onto his side, breathing heavily as we held each other. We looked into each other's eyes and began to giggle. It felt so wonderful, having the man I love, laying in my arms after having the most intense sex I'd ever had! After a few minutes we calmed down and he asked me, "So, when would you like to try it, and with whom?" I paused. He could actually be serious. I decided to play dumb. "Try what honey?" He grinned knowingly. "The three-some. Have anyone in mind?" I grinned at him. "Get real Rajesh. Thinking about it and actually doing it are two entirely different things." "Doesn't have to be. Listen. I won't get jealous, I won't get angry. It would be a big turn-on. After all, you have to admit that last night and this morning was the best sex we've ever had. Why not make it even better?" Well, he was persistent, but I still had my reservations. Deep down I really wanted to do it, but I just couldn't bring myself to even consider making my fantasy a reality. I started to speak my objection a little more forcefully, but he interrupted me before I had the chance to speak. "Just think about it for a few days. I mean, seriously think about it. Then we'll discuss it again, ok? I mean, I know that I'd love to try it, and then if it doesn't work out, we don't have to do it again. And just to clear the record, trust me when I promise to not get jealous or angry if we do it. I love you, and I only want us to experience sex in as many ways as we can together, in a way that turns us both on. So just think about it, ok?" I nodded my head. "Ok. I'll do that."

The next week or so was business as usual on the outside, but my mind was running a mile a minute. Oh, I thought about it...every waking minute. That week everywhere I went. I'd see a nice looking man and wonder to myself, what he would be like in bed. I even caught myself thinking about some of my co-workers and wondering if they would be willing to join my husband and me. One guy in particular, Amit, was on my mind. We both worked at the same company, and had spoken a few times. I could tell he would like to get to know me better, and I was rather struck on him. At night I found myself thinking about sucking Amit's dick while Rajesh screwed me, and then both of them switching places. Sometimes I even thought about Rajesh hiding in the closet and watching me and Amit fuck like animals for a few hours. Every night that week I had to masturbate. I'd sit in the bathtub and rub my hard little clit, thinking about fucking Amit and Rajesh until I shook in orgasm. It was on a Saturday afternoon while Rajesh and I were having lunch on the patio that he finally brought it up. I guess he just couldn't wait any longer! "Well, have you thought about what we talked about?" I ginned knowingly. "Yes I have." He waited for a minute or so before speaking. "And what do you think about it?" he asked. Although he was trying to remain calm and nonchalant, I could read the excitement in his voice. I was in a naughty mood, so I decided to play with him a bit. "Well, I have to admit the thought of it is a big turn-on." He paused, waiting. When I didn't speak he said, "Well, I think we've already established that." I grinned a little, enjoying myself. "Oh yes, we had discussed that already. Sorry." Another pause, and then, "Ok, I'm waiting. Have you made your mind up yet?" He was beginning to get a little exasperated, so I decided to get on with it.

"Rajesh, honey, to be completely honest, I love the idea of trying it. But I'm still worried that after it's over things will change between us. I'm afraid that you'll be angry, or at least hurt or something." He wasted no time in speaking this time. "Sweetheart, let me explain something to you. I love you, and I always will. I would never cheat on you, and I know that you would never cheat on me. I would love to do this, at least once, and if we both like it maybe more. And I can tell you right now that I know I'll like it, and I'm sure you will to. I see this as a sexual adventure. It's not like you'll be cheating on me, so I don't have any reason to be angry, hurt, or jealous. I see this as something exciting and new we can do together. Something, that will turn us both on. I do not have a problem with this. If you do, then I respect that. But I'm all for it." That was what I'd been waiting to hear. I did want to try it, but I didn't want him coming back on me later if things didn't work out and blame me. Now it was all his idea. "Well, if you're sure that it won't hurt our relationship." "I'm sure. I promise." I grinned. "Then let's try it." Then we ran inside and screwed ourselves silly. The next day we discussed how to best find a man to join us. Rajesh suggested going to a bar and picking one up likes on the video. I declined. Having sex with a total stranger was a thrilling idea, but for safety sake I wanted at least one of us to know the person. We considered some of his friends, but none were ideal since they all had families and we didn't want to cause a scandal; only have some fun. Besides, in my book they were all slobs. We talked about acquaintances, and even considered having a man and woman couple join us, but thought that was a bit much to start with. That could always come later if thing worked out the first time. He asked if there was anyone I worked with that might fit what we were looking for in a potential playmate.

My mind immediately went to Amit, but I pretended to ponder it for a few moments. "You know, there is this one guy at work that keeps trying to talk to me. I think he'd like to get into my pants, but I've never really given him a reason to think he could, so he more or less just looks at me and doesn't speak anymore." Rajesh saw the opportunity. "Do you find him attractive?" I nodded. "Yea, he's cute, and he's always been polite. Considering whom we discussed so far, I'd rather focus on him than anyone else." Rajesh stood. "Then it's settled. When you go to work tomorrow, get a little friendly, feel him out, and see if you think he'll do. It's entirely up to you who we pick for our little adventure. Ok?" "Ok. We'll talk about it more when I get home tomorrow." The next morning I paid particular attention to what I wore to work. I didn't want to dress like a whore, but I definitely wanted to wear something a little sexier than my usual slacks and jacket. I decided on a tight white salwar and short low cut yellow kurta that fit rather tight and a nice pair of white heels. If I was going to have an adventure, I was going to do it right. That day at work I turned more than a few heads, and I must admit that I was enjoying the attention. As I was leaving the office for lunch Amit fell into step beside me. "Suman, you are absolutely without a doubt the sexiest woman that works here. And trust me; you know how to show it off." I grinned up at him. "Well thank you Amit. You know, flattery will get you everywhere." He moved a little closer. "So, where are we going for lunch?" I grinned and put my arm in his. "Since you're buying, why not surprise me?" Then we got into his car and drove to lunch. That evening Rajesh was bursting with anticipation. As soon as I walked in the door he asked, "How did it go? Did you get the chance to talk to him?"

I laughed as I set my purse down and put my arms around his neck. "Oh, I had a great day at work, thanks for asking!" He pulled me against him and grinned. "Stop teasing. Tell me all." His erection was evidence that he was just as excited as I was. "Well, I don't think any of the guys got much work done today due to the way I was dressed. And yes, Amit and I talked. We had lunch together. It didn't take much encouragement for him to take the bait, that's for sure." "How did lunch go?" "It went great. We flirted, talked, and flirted some more. And, I hope you don't get angry, but on the way back to the office, he lifted my kurta and played with my pussy from above the salwar, which was dripping, while I rubbed his cock through his pants." I didn't tell Rajesh how big Amit felt for fear he wouldn't want him to join us, but he felt just as large as those men in the movie we watched when we first got the idea to have a threesome for real. The rest of the day all I thought about was sucking and fucking Amit's big dick. "No, that doesn't make me mad. Did you like it?" I threw my head back and closed my eyes. "I absolutely loved it! I was so turned on I almost couldn't walk back to my office, and I know I was flushed.

My panties were soaked and I knew I smelled of Sex. Everyone at work probably thinks we fucked during lunch or something, which before you ask, we did not. Anyway, during lunch, the topic of conversation didn't take long to turn to sex. I asked him if he'd ever had a threesome and he said no, but he'd always wanted to. Anyway, to make a long story short, I talked him into coming over here tonight. I plotted to get you good and horny before he showed up, then when he gets here to put on a dirty movie, and then 'talk' you into a threesome. What do you think?" Rajesh was glowing. "I think you are the sexiest woman on the planet, and brilliant too. When can we expect him?" "Eight o'clock sharp. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get dressed especially for tonight while you fix a bite to eat and get everything down here ready." We kissed, and started making our preparations.

That evening after the three of us enjoyed a comfortable dinner we went to the living room to relax. Rajesh and I sat on the sofa while Amit eased into the recliner, complimenting Rajesh on his cooking ability. We made small talk for a while then I offered to get drinks for us. When I got up I made sure to bend over just enough for my loose fitting low cut top to fall away from my braless breasts, revealing them to Amit. I could tell by his slight squirming that he was getting turned on. I mixed the drinks while the guys made small talk. When I handed Amit his drink I gave him another flash of my breasts. And when I bent over to set Rajesh and my drinks on the table, I spread my legs a little and arched my back slightly, allowing my short skirt to reveal my ass cheeks and fresh shaven pussy lips to him as well. I took my place next to my husband, who knew exactly what I was doing, and gently placed my hand on his crotch. I leaned over and said, "Honey, why don't we watch a movie or something?" Rajesh looked at me with lust filled eyes and said, "Right now?" I could tell he was only playing his part. "Why not, we're all adults, aren't we?" He grinned.

"Ok, As long as Amit doesn't mind an adult film." Amit was quick to respond. "Not at all, it's been a while since I watched one. It'll be a nice change from the regular movies I usually rent." Rajesh got up and started the same movie we had watched before. He turned off the lights and sat back on the sofa. When the movie got to the part where the blonde was sucking on the guy's dick Rajesh leaned over and whispered, "It's now or never baby." I reached up and kissed him long and deep, sucking his tongue into my mouth. Then I whispered back, "Then now it is." I got up and kneeled on the floor in front of Rajesh. I slowly unzipped his pants, and he rose slightly so that I could pull them all the way down. He wasn't wearing any underwear tonight, knowing they would only get in the way.

His cock was standing straight up before me as I leaned over and sucked him into my mouth. I began to slowly bob my head up and down on my husbands cock. I could feel Amit's eyes burning into me from behind as he watched. I reached down and raised my skirt over my hips, allowing Amit a view that would excite him further. After a few minutes Rajesh's breathing became a little more labored. I looked up and watched his eyes flick back and forth between me sucking his cock and Amit watching. Finally he made the invitation. "Amit, you come over here and have a seat. The view is a lot better from over here. And believe me; Suman is as sight to see when she's sucking cock." I heard Amit get out of the recliner and walk across the floor. He sat a few feet away from Rajesh and watched intently as I slowly sucked up and down.

By now I was so turned on I could feel the juice from my pussy running down my thighs. I watched Amit while I moved my lips over Rajesh's throbbing cock. I could tell from the large swell in his pants that his big dick was just as hard as Rajesh and wants to be licked and sucked. I couldn't wait any longer to get it in my mouth. I had to feel it, taste it. I slowly reached over, placing my hand on Amit's knee and slowly moving it upward toward that big prize. Rajesh had his head back and eyes closed, enjoying the feel you my mouth sliding up and down on his dick. Then I noticed his eyes were open, but only enough for him to watch me make my move on Amit.

Watching my husband watch me get ready to suck another man got my pussy even hotter and wetter. My hand reached Amit's dick and I squeezed it through his pants. It was just as hard as I thought it would be, and bigger than I remembered. I stroked up and down with my hand, while doing the same to Rajesh with my mouth. With my other hand I reached down and began to rub a finger along my open, dripping slit. I was so turned on I was almost dizzy. I continued to suck Rajesh's dick while I moved my hand up to Amit's zipper and pulled. His lust filled eyes were staring right through me when he unfastened his button and gently pulled his pants down. He was without underwear as well. That was the first time I got to see his cock. Big does not even begin to describe it, although big it definitely was. I quickly estimated his dick to be about eight inches long, and so thick I knew I wouldn't be able to wrap my hand around it, not by a long shot. His huge balls were hanging low, and I knew they were full of cum just for me. His cock was smooth and straight, pointing towards the ceiling. I wondered if I would even be able to get it into my mouth. I couldn't wait to try.

I grasped his huge cock and started stroking it while I continued to suck my husband. It was so hot and hard in my hand. I slid my hand all the way to the head, then back down its length to the base. I cupped and gently massaged his balls, rolling them in my hand, and then stroked his shaft some more. I couldn't wait anymore. I pulled Rajesh's cock from my mouth. "Baby, I want to suck it so bad. Please don't be mad, but that movie has me so turned on that I want you both. Can I do it?" I asked in a pleading voice, part of the act we had gone over. Rajesh raised his head, and his eyes glanced over at Amit's lap where I was stroking his dick up and down with my hand. A big smear of pre-cum had smeared over the edge of my hand and glistened slightly in the dim light as I jacked his cock. Rajesh grinned and his cock throbbed. "Go ahead." That was all he had to say. I quickly moved over and held that giant before my face. Large veins ran up and down its length. I could feel it throbbing in my hand. I moved closer and held my parted lips only inches from the swelled head. I could smell his musky scent. My mouth was watering. I moved even closer, sure he could feel my breath against his cock. I reached out with my tongue and licked the underside of his shaft from his ball to the tip. My pussy, fluttered. I licked up and down several times, reveling in the pleasure of having my face in another mans crotch while my husband watched from only a foot or so away. Then I grasped his cock in my hand, opened my watering mouth, and gently sucked that big head between my lips.

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Amit and I moaned at the same time. I ran my tongue around the head, sucking up and down, gradually pulling him deeper into my mouth. After only a few seconds I was pumping his dick with my hand while sucking hard up and down on at least half of his length. I was in my own world, consumed by a passion and lust I hadn't felt in a long time. All I knew was that I was sucking another mans dick while my husband watched and was approving it more than I ever thought I ever could. I didn't even notice when Rajesh got up from the sofa. I was sucking Amit's dick. That was all I knew. Until I felt hands on my hips and something sliding into my aching pussy from behind.

I moaned loudly over that thick cock and arched my back to allow Rajesh easier access to my dripping cunt. Rajesh started fucking in and out as I sucked Amit's cock for all I was worth, sucking up and down relentlessly. It was so intense! I could hardly believe it was really happening! I slowed my pace a little on Amit, not wanting it to be over to quickly. I was on cloud nine and wanted to enjoy this as long as I possibly could. Then I remembered the mirror Rajesh had strategically placed next to the sofa. I glanced to my right and for a split second, I thought it was the television I was seeing. I was on my knees, ass stuck out, back arched, tits swinging back and forth, my head bobbing up and down on a large cock while my husband gripped my hips and fucked me from behind. That ripple of pleasure became more intense as my body shivered in anticipation of a climax. My pussy felt like a ball of hot wax being plowed over and over and over. My mouth was dripping with saliva as I slid it over Amit's rigid cock, tonguing it with every stroke. I felt that familiar heat spread through my abdomen. My nipples were as hard as bullets and brushing Amit's thighs every time I sent my lips down over his pole, sending needles of intense pleasure through my chest.

Suddenly it hit me like a hammer. I could not move. Every muscle in my body tensed. I pulled his cock from my mouth and moaned loudly as Rajesh fucked me hard. Then my pussy exploded around his cock. I felt it grip his cock tightly, then loosen, over and over in fast succession as spasms wracked my entire body. I threw my head back and couldn't believe that the sounds, animal like sounds, were coming from me as I reveled in my ecstasy. My entire body was on fire with a heat that I had rarely known, and it seemed as if it would never subside, but eventually it did. Suddenly I felt as weak as a kitten as I collapsed on Amit's lap. I couldn't move.

I felt his throbbing cock against my cheek as I lay there. I felt my husband slide his cock from my pussy. I opened my eyes and saw him take his place again on the sofa, his own unsatisfied cock standing straight up. I just lay there, trying to catch my breath as my body tingled. I believe that at that instant I was happier and more satisfied than I have ever been before. Rajesh was the first to speak. "I told you the view was better from over here." He said to Amit. "You were right to." Amit replied. "You are a very lucky man." Rajesh leaned over. "Suman, come on up here and sit with us. It's bound to be more comfortable than sitting on the floor. Here, we'll help you up." I felt one grasp my arms and the other slid his hand around my waist as I was hoisted from the floor and seated between the two men. I leaned my head back and sighed. "How do you feel?" Rajesh asked. I laughed. "Wonderful! Incredible! Give me a minute and I'll be ready for more!" So, we sipped our drinks as we relaxed.

The movie was still playing, so we all watched. Now the motel scene had developed from a threesome to a foursome. It seemed that the pizza deliveryman had joined in the fun. The woman was on the back getting fucked, sucking a dick, and jacking off another. I felt that tingle in my pussy, and began to wonder what it would be like to have three hard cocks to use as I pleased. I glanced at the guys' laps and saw they were still stiff as flagpoles. I got up from the sofa. "Come on you two. Let's go to the bedroom." They wasted no time in following. I lay across the bed on my back and stretched as they each took a place on either side of me. I closed my eyes as they began rubbing my body. It was a wonderful feeling, having four hands slowly massaging my entire front, gently squeezing my breasts, floating down over my stomach to graze my swelled pussy. Hands were everywhere, rubbing me. It felt so erotic. I spread my legs and Amit moved down and began to lick my juices from my pussy lips. Rajesh began sucking my still hard nipples sending shivers through my chest. I wanted it, and wanted it now. "Amit, please fuck me. Rajesh let me suck you."

They both obliged. I opened my mouth to receive my husband's cock as Amit climbed up between my legs and pressed the head of his dick against my pussy. I spread my legs a little more to give him more room. He pushed, and due to my excess wetness, he slid easily into me. The walls of my pussy stretched to accommodate his size. I moaned around Rajesh's dick as Amit started to slowly screw in and out of me. I felt so full of cock. I was stretched so tightly I could almost feel each vein pressing against the sides of my cunt as it gripped his thick hard cock. The feeling was incredible. I sucked my husband with vigor and raised my hips to meet Amit's thrusts, wanting them both to finish inside me quickly. I had to have them fill me with their cum. Amit picked up the pace, and was soon slamming my swelled abused pussy and it felt great! It was like I was in a dream, getting the fucking of my life! It was so thick that it filled me completely, and I felt as if I was on the border between pleasure and pain. I felt another orgasm building, which amazed me.

Rarely did I cum more than once in any night. I sucked greedily at Rajesh's hard cock, wanting to taste his cum in my mouth, wanting him to fuck my face and erupt against my tongue. I clamped my lips firmly and swirled my tongue around his pole, urging him on, whimpering slightly with each invasion of Amit's big cock. Amit placed my legs over his shoulders and plowed even deeper into my pussy, fucking me hard and fast. I wanted to see it. I raised my head slightly and when I saw his big thick shaft sliding in and out of my pussy, when I saw my pussy lips cling to his dick each time he pulled it back only to slam it back it, when I saw that large tool invading my pussy, I shivered and felt my orgasm begin to overtake me. Rajesh grabbed my head and fucked my mouth, shooting load after load of his hot sticky cum all over my tongue and throat. I swallowed quickly, but some escaped and I felt it run down my chin and over my neck, which turned me on even more. Amit was slamming me even harder when he threw his head back and moaned. I swear I could feel his cock swell as he came. I could actually feel him shoot his hot cum deep into my spasming pussy. Again, I exploded, thrashing on the bed. Rajesh's cock slipped from my lips and I felt a stream of his cum hit my face and tits. Amit was fucking me harder than I had ever been fucked before, and still shooting his load into pussy. We finally collapsed on the bed side by side by side, and no one spoke for a few minutes, relaxing in the afterglow of hot incredible sex.

Finally Amit got up and took his leave, telling us what a wonderful time it had been, and that he hoped to do it again sometime. I felt to warm and content. I was about to drift off to sleep when Rajesh moved over and kissed me full on the lips, thrusting his tongue gently onto my mouth. He pulled back and looked into my eyes. "I love you Suman." I felt so much warmth and love at that moment. I knew our marriage was going to be ok. I think that was when I fully relaxed and understood that even though we had another man in bed with us, nothing would ever come between us. We were husband and wife, and that would never change. I was his, and he was mine. I felt more secure that I had ever felt before. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him to me, grasping his cock and pulling it against my pussy. We made slow, passionate love for a long time before falling asleep in each other's arms. That was the first time Rajesh and I had a sexual adventure. Since then, our lives have gotten quite a bit more interesting and pleasurable. Maybe I'll tell those tales another time. Hopefully, this is the first of many adventures for us!

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hungry mother and son

only for those who understand tamil language

Rani romba nerama thookam illama thavika arambicha. Thookkam varama rendu mani nerama bedla porandu porandu parkira. Mani night erakuriya oru mani irukum. Pakathula husband Babu nalla korattai vittu asanthu thoongarathai pakka poramaya irunthathu. Athu kooda thookkam varamaiku oru reason. Irunthalum intha korattai sound Raniku palagi poochu. Last eighteen yearsa ketta korattaithane. Puthusa enna varapoguthu? Ava thookkathai keduthathu anniku night Zee Tvila partha adult movie thaan karanam. Antha padathila vantha scenes ellam ippa ninaivuku vanthu thookathai kedukuthu. Enna antha padathukum Ranikum ulla ore oru otrumai, Babuvai pola avanukum sexila aarvam illathavana irunthaan. Avalum last five yearsa sex illama irunthiruka. Vera vali illama extra marital sex affairs panna arambicharura. Athuthaan padathoda theme.

antha storya ninaichu Rani rendu mani nerama Babuva ninaichu en lifem ippadithane irukunu enni pakka arambicha. Babukku aanmai thanmai pooi aaru varusham aachu. Physical contact illamathaan rendu perum husband and wifea irukanga. Ithanai naala eppadiyo sex feelinga control pannittu vantha. Aana eppa suthama mudiyala padam antha alavukku feelings stimulate panni vitturuchu.

Rani pala murai ninachathu undu. En extra marital sexkku try panni partha ennanu. Aana athunala ethavathu problem vantha enna panrathunu payanthu impotent hubby kooda irupathu melnu decide pannina.

Rani pakarathuku latchanama iruppa. Avalai parthale avolada soft skin avalai thoda sollum. Saree kattina romba peruku avalai anupavikka mudiyathaanu thonum. Rani usuala padukumpothu nightie change pannuva. Inniku manasu irukira nilamayila ethuvum matha thonala. Rani mugam pakka romba alaga irukum. Athuvum inniya sogathila ava face innum romba alaga therinchuthu. Ava skin color typical south Indian ladyoda color. Mudi nalla longa idupu varai irunthathu. Konjam kundana bodynaalum heightku etha mathiri irunthathaala onnum theriyala. Innum sonna appadi irupathe oru alaga irunthathu. Raniyoda mulai rendum sariya size. Periya sizea irunthalum nalla firma nalla kuthittu thaan irukkum. Raniya partha yarum 40 vayasu lady athoda pathinarum pathinalum vayasu pasangalakku ammanu sonna nambave mattanga.

Thaagam edukira mathiri oru feeling. Pesama fridgela ice water irukum atha kudika vendiyathu thaanu kitchenuku poona. Kitchenukula enter aagumpothu partha Vijay elder son roomila lesa velicham irukira mathiri thonuchu. Ore kulappama irunthathu. Ethanai late nightla enna panran Vijaynu confusion. Light eriyumpothu Vijay thoonga mattan. Ethu eppadi oruvelai mulichuttu irukano? Etho pannittu irukanpola. Ennanu parpomnu avan room doora lesa thirantha.

enda kathavai thiranthomnu aachu Raniku. En endral anga ava Vijaya kanda kolam appadi. Vijay kattilil ukkanthu oru kayila book innoru kaiyala avan sunniya pidichuttu irunthan. Mulu nirvanama irunthan. Vijayum Raniya parthu shock adichapala ayittan. Rendu perukume enna pesarathunu theriyala. Vijay suddena sutharichu bedsheeta iluthu porthikittan. Vijayku romba avamana poochu. Thalaya kila kunichuttan. Athoda doora lock panama vittathuku thannai thane thittikittan.

Ranikum oru mathir aachu. Chea enda doora thiranthomnu aachu. Athe samayathila thappu seithavan Vijay thane, naam en vetkapadanmnu thonchu. Vijaykitta ethavathu solli irukalamno enninal. Aana onnum sollama roomukku vanthutta.

padukayila paduthapadie yosichavalukku, appathan uraiththu, kila pundai wet agi irunthathu. Ippathan avalukku kutra unarvu vanthathu. Chee chee en udambu en sonna parthu sexual feelings varuthna something wrong. Chea thappa poguthe puthinu thittinal thannai thane.

aanalum Vijayoda thadicha sunnithaan kannu munnadi vanthu vanthu poga arambichathu. Thannudiya udambum athukku thotha pathil kodukira mathiri thonuchu. Vera ethai ninaichalum marupadi marupadi Vijayoda sunni thaan ninaipukku vanthathu.

She let her mind recall the image of her son's hardness. She thought about how big it had looked. She had been surprised by its size. Irunthalum six inchu neelam irukumpola. Oru velai Vijay sarinu sonna en udambu thevai pooirumpola irukenum ninaichaal. Intha thagatha urava ninaichathume, ava udambu shock adichappala aachu. Thoongama appadie paduthu irunthavalukku, Vijaya nerava parthu ketta ennanu thoni, Vijay roomukku poona. Oru pakkam ava manasachi, hei unaku enna paithiyama pidichuruku. Avan unnudiya magandi. Endi ippadi puthi kettu porenu sonnathu. Aana Rani ethaiyum kekure mana nilayil illai. Avalin kaamamthan jeichuthu. Aana avan roomukula porathuku munnadi egapatta thinkings. Vijay ethukkuvana allathu nee aged athunala vendamnu solluvana. Allathu amma magan uravu thapunu solluvanonu ore kulapam.

Vijay ippa doora ull pakkama thaal pottu irunthan. Methuva doora thattinaal. Rendu moonu murai thattiya piragu, kathava thiranthan. Roomukula irutta irunthathu. Nila velicham mattum window valiya vanthathu. Rani lighta on panniyathum, Vijay oru mathiri confuse aagi parthan. Rani doora methuva close panninal.

Vijayko amma ippa nammalai thitta poranu payam vanthuruchu. Athunala payathila thalaya kunichu ninnan. Vijay naa inga vanthathu unnai thitta illai. Inga paduthu thoongathan. Anga unga appa vidura korattaya thanga mudiyalanu sonnathum vijaykkum payangara acharyam thannai amma thittalnra santhosam. Rani bedla eri paduthutta. Vijayum veru vali illama bedla paduthan. Konjam neram kalichu Vijay enna book appa padicha athai naa konjam pakkanumenu sonnal.

Vijay athai kettu kulappamthaan adanchaan. Ennada ethu enna ennamo kekkurangalanu. Aana marupadiyum Rani antha booka pathi kekka, methuva methaikkadiyila irunthu eduthu ava kitta koduthaan. Booka open panni partha fulla naked girls photova irunthathu. Antha photos ellam rombavum erotica tempt panra mathiri irunthathu. Rani vijaya parthu vijay ethila unaku entha girl pic pidichathunu kekka, Vijayku unmayila kalayila kanra kanava illai vera ethavathanu confuse aachu. Avanukku ammavin idea ennanu puriyala. Marupadiyum sollu vijay ethila yaru alaga irukanganu solludanu kekka.

Vijay vetkappattu antha booka open panni avanuku pidicha picturea kattinan. Antha picturela irunthava ponnu romba alaga iruntha athai kattilum ava mulai 38 sizekkum kuriyatha mulai. Oho ethanai perusa irupathalathan unaku pidichu irukanu kekka, Vijaykku saaman enthirikka arambichuruchu. He looked at her mothers face. She was looking at him in a motherly and affectionate way. Then she smiled and said, 'Vijay ethukku koocha padure, naa enna kekka koodathathaya ketten. Methuva Vijay avaloda periya mulai thaan romba pidichurukunu sonnan. Athunalathan virumbinenu pathil sonnan.

Vijay solla solla Raniku pundai leak aaga arambichathu. Ethuthaan nalla samayam Vijaya convince panni thanudiya needa theethukkalamnu ninacha. Methuva munthanaya nalluva vittu kaiyyala oru mulaya pidicha. Vijay ennudiya mulaya kattilum padathila irukirava mulai perusa neeye parthu solluna. Athai ketta Vijaykku vaarthai varave illai. Avanuku oru pakkam payangara excitement innoru pakkam payam veru. Avan facea partha Raniku mmm ivankitta innum konjam vilayadalamnu enni, unaku santhegam iruntha ippa unakaga en blousea remove panni katturen paaru yaru mulai perusa irukunu solluna.

Padakunu blousea remove panni avaloda periya mulai bravukula irukarathai kaattina. Bravukula rendu mulayum romba appaviya pithungittu irunthathu. Methuva Vijay kaiya pidichu bra hook mela vaichu, Vijay en brava avurunu sonna. Kai nadukathoda brava avuthaan. Avutha udene Rani brava thooki erincha.

Vijay antha alagiya rendu muyal kuttigalayum parthu asanthu poonan. Romba perusa romba saathuva irunthathu. Perusa irunthalum innum kattu kulayama romba firma irunthathu. Romba colornu sollattalum nalla palichunu theriyara mathiri irunthathu mulai rendum. Athoda mulai kampu nalla viraippa irunthathu. Periya oru rupai coin sizela mulaikampu. Lifela mutha muthala nijathila parpathu ithuthan. Athuvum thannudiya ammave mulaya vamba katti pakarathu ithuthan mutha murai. Athai pakka pakka vijay romba tempt aanan. Ethuvaraikum Vijayoda sunni ithanai viraipa aanathaillai. Aana iniku sunni 90 degree konathila embittu ninathu. Raniya ethuvarai ammanratha thavira vera entha ninaipulayum parthathu illai. Aana innikku first time vera mathiri paakka vaichaa. Kathu pada sila peru sollarathu unmainu ninaichan. Rani sariyana kattaipa Vijay koduthu vaichavanu sonnathu ippa ninaivuku vanthathu.

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