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Old 12th November 2011
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rambha sex

rambha is a innosent village girl and her age is just 19 years only. But her structure is amazing size. One day rambha go to relative house for cheenai. She is almost wearing half saree.she was very hot in dress. So many boys in that street to want her. She is very jovial type,so she take every person in that street. One day rambha goto top flore of apartment and doing cleaning cloths and her body was half wet. Top flore hold only one flat and one man stay in the flat. He is worked in film industrey, and his age is 26. He watching rambha at first time. He was harder himself. He outside the flat and close to rambha. Rambha wearing in yellow half saree and her waist and boobs are clear visible at side view. He start talking "hi, my name is anand and who r u?" she see him and said "my name is rambha, i am come to my relative home to summer holidays" he said "cool, i am work in film industrey and i am cameraman" she was very like in cinemas so she was surprised him and said "really, i want to act in cinimas, do you help me please" and told her goto his flat and talk to cinimas. She agree and goto his flat. Anand close the door and said "rambha do you want some cool drink?" she said "sure" he give her some cool drink and talking "rambha cinema la Act pannuvatharku unaku photo album erukanum, athan pin makeup test edupanga., athula select anathan unaku chance kedaikum, appavum udanae kedaikathu, producer director a kavanikanum" she said "evolo eruka,What do you think in my structure?" he said "you are very hot" she feel shy and said "ungaluku make up test eduka theriyuma?" he reply "sure" He was tempting her structure,and ask her "Rambha what is your body size" she said "i don't know, you take measurement to my body" he take tape and close to her. He measured in her breast and his hands touch rambha's boobs and measure in her butts and waist. His hands touch her waist and her eyes was closed. She got a mood. Anand hands slightly massage her waist and one hand to move up in her boobs. She feel very shy. Anand do kiss in her lips and his hands rubbed in her butts. He removed her half saree. She is shy and goto bed room. Anand beside her and kiss in her neck. She moaning mmmmmh ssssshss. He removed in her blouse and see white bra holds mangos. He grapped her mangos. And remove her petticoat and his shirt pant. His coak is very harder. rambha hands hold the coak,and start licking in her lips. Later rambha does blowjob in his coak. Rambha lyed in bed and her bra and panties totaly removed. He massage her thunder thighs and his mouth was sucked in her boobs. Rambha moaning heavy sssssssh aaaaaaaaaaha his coak push in her pussy and move faster. His hands are pressed her boobs and kiss in her lips. After 10mins his cum is enter to rambha's pussy. Rambha very exited himself and said "what is my size?" he reply "37-26-39 you are amazing baby" and he moved her butts and his coak is hungry in her butts. He moved up and down rambha moaning "no,no ssssssh aaaaaaaaaaaha no" he move faster and his cum is release in her butts and thighs. He lyed her body and lip kiss and said "rambha i ever seen girls you are great structure."

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Old 12th November 2011
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nice start....

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Old 10th January 2012
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