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Old 24th April 2012
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"Later," he gasped. "Not now. Later, maybe."

Anuja did not reply, just took his cock deep in her mouth again and sucked it rapidly, her head rocking swiftly back and forth between his thighs.

Jayant groaned as he fucked her face, his head arched, his hands moving her head, his hips pumping.

He dropped his head and looked down at her and then at their reflections in the full-length dressing table mirror. The sight was undeniably erotic.

Anuja on her knees, her pretty face distended with the size of his cock, her head moving back and forth, her ringed fingers pumping his shaft, her heavy breasts wobbling with her motions, the gold chain glinting on her tawny skin, her small nose-stud gleaming, her naked buttocks resting on her heels.

Her head rolled from side to side as she licked and sucked his cock from every angle. Pre-cum gunk spurted from his cock-head and she opened her lips wide under his cock-head, letting him see his jizz sputter into her mouth.

She swallowed it lasciviously, caressed her face, her cheeks and lips sticky and slimy with his tangy, heady gunk.

At last, he pushed her head away and she rose slowly, licking his torso wantonly, sucking his nipples till she was on her feet and in his arms.

They kissed fiercely and she ground her crotch against his, her hands working his cock-shaft, pressing it to her cunt-lips through the thin cloth of her bikini panties.

That he had not come in her mouth thrilled her; older men and more experienced had succumbed far sooner at far less. Evidently, Anuja's cousin was no novice.

She wondered who his mentor might be -- his obvious skill could only have come with experience. Anuja reasoned that it had to be an older woman, one capable of guiding and instructing a virile, handsome youth in the art of sex.

His hands roamed her body, sliding from her shoulders to her breasts, down her back to her buttocks. She groaned as his fingers dug into the cleft between the smoothly curved lobes.

Slowly, she turned around in his arms, her back to him, facing the mirror. His hands slid up her torso, lifted and weighed and cupped her heavy breasts. He smiled at her reflection. She tilted her face back and he nuzzled the nape of her neck, tongued her ear.

"You really like my tits?" she murmured.

"Mm. Very much."

"I like it when you squeeze them."

"They're lovely."

His throbbing erection pressed to her buttocks and, reaching behind, she moved it to the cleft between them.

"God, I love your cock," she murmured, turning her face over her shoulder as he nuzzled the nape of her neck, his lips hot on her flesh. "You know what?"


"I really want ..."


"I really want your cock in my butt. I love being fucked in the

"I like fucking ass."

"Will you do it? Please?"

"Later," he said.


"Yes. Now I want to lick your slit. You like that?"

She smiled at him in the mirror, her dark eyes flashing. "I just love being fucked, Jayant ... fuck me any way you like ... just fuck me ..."

He smiled and his hands slid down from her breasts to her bikini panties, his fingers crawling into the long, narrow triangle of cloth covering her cunt-lips.

His fingertips brushed her downy pubic hair and he pushed the cloth and twirled it into a single thick strand that ran down her slit. Now her cunt was fully exposed.

Her cunt-lips were dripping wet. He pulled them open gently and she gasped, writhing against him. Slowly, he slid a finger into her cunt. It was hot and wet and tight and she groaned, her hips twitching.

They stumbled to the bed and Anuja lay on her back across its width with her hips at the edge, her legs spread wide, her feet on the floor.

Jayant knelt on the floor and bending over her, kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, his hands on her breasts.

Her nipples were stiff and hard in his fingers. She sucked his tongue, her hands caressing his body, sliding down to his crotch.

"Fuck me," she gasped as he broke the kiss. "Jayant ... fuck me!"

She was unbelievably sexy. Jayant was tempted to ram his cock into her flesh and fuck her furiously. But he had to show that he was man enough to satisfy her, and the obvious power of her sex-drive spurred him to prove himself.

He moved his lips and tongue down her neck, nuzzling the hollow in her throat. She looked lovely, and the dark spots on her face and the side of her neck were enticing.

Lower he moved, his tongue and lips hovering over her breasts and she gasped as he flicked first one nipple and then the other rapidly and sharply with his tongue. Her back arched and bowed and he opened his mouth and sucked on one gorged mound, crushing the other in his fingers.

Anuja whimpered, clenching his head. He scraped her rigid nipple across his teeth and gums and the roof of his mouth, whipped it with his tongue. She writhed eagerly. He moved to the other breast and then, squeezing both large mounds together, sucked them simultaneously.

"Oh yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes!"

Tiny flames of lust leaped through her body. Jayant kept at it mercilessly and quickly squeezed two fingers into her cunt and began masturbating her.

Anuja gasped and cried out, her face twisting in an agony of lust, her head jerking to one side, her hips heaving under his hand as he finger-fucked her rapidly. Her orgasm loomed.

Suddenly, he stopped sucking her breasts and finger-fucking her and, kneeling on the floor, bending low, thrust his face into her crotch. Anuja cried out.

Jayant spread the cloth of the bikini panties wide, covering her slit and, opening his mouth, pressed his face to her slit. Anuja groaned softly.

She could feel his hot breath in her cunt and his tongue pressed delicately inward, pushing the cloth into her slit, rubbing over her clitoris. She arched her back and clawed her cunt-lips open, her fingers rigid with tension.

"Jayant ... oh fuck yes, Jayant, yes ... c'mon ... tongue-fuck me ... do it!"

Slowly, her cousin brought the edges of the bikini panties together into a single strand and gently moved it aside.

Her cunt-lips were distended in her fingers, soft hair curling around their edges.

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Old 24th April 2012
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Great update and rapchik story never read such a orgy hot story before.........Well dear I felt as i am watching a porn my dick was so tight reading your story just couldnt help it other then jerk it off

Thank you and keep on updating.............

This is for you

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Old 24th April 2012
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Good update.............I never forget to check your update...........so keep on updating baby

You fucking rock making me hard like a bull

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Old 24th April 2012
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Nice hot update.........

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Old 24th April 2012
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Her cunt-flesh was soft and dripping wet; he could see the trickle of her cunt-juice. Slowly, he dragged his tongue down her slit. Anuja gasped sharply, her mouth opening in a wide O, her back arching, her face suffused with lust.

"OHHH Jayant yes!"

Jayant thrust his tongue into her cunt and delved deep. She hissed in joy, her back bowing, her hands pulling her cunt-lips wide open for him.

"Ohhh fuck yes! Ohh god yes! Do it, Jayant! Yes! OHHHH uhhh yes!"

Her head swam with excitement. He was incredibly good. His tongue was thick and heavy and she trembled in joy as it probed and pushed and twisted this way and that in her sodden slit, flicking her clitoris, swirling over the gorged love-button, suddenly whipping it back and forth.

Gasping and panting, her hips heaving, she clenched his head and moved it round and round between her thighs. Her cunt-juices streamed and their heady taste and odour aroused him.

Jayant pushed her thighs high and wide in his hands. Her cunt-lips were open and distended and the puckered flesh of her anus winked temptingly at him.

He dragged his tongue down her cunt-lips and lower through the creased vale between her buttocks to her anus. Anuja gasped and cried out as he ran his tongue lovingly over the tightness of her asshole.

Gently, he rimmed her ass, his tongue coiling and curving over the musky orifice, pressing and probing delicately within. It was musky and tangy and he savoured the taste and smell.

Gently, he slid a finger into her cunt, enjoying the sudden, violent convulsions of her cunt on his finger and, dragging his tongue back upward, pressed his face deeper into her cunt, took her swollen clitoris between his lips and sucked it sharply.

She cried out, her hands flying to her breasts, squeezing and crushing the heavy mounds, rolling them under her palms erotically. Her head rolled from side to side.

Her hips writhed and heaved and thrashed as he finger- and tongue-fucked her simultaneously. He slid a second finger into her cunt, then a third and abruptly began to finger-fuck her violently, ramming his hand back and forth, his tongue working like fiery lightning in her slit.

"OH UH OH UH OH UH Oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh Oh unhh ah uh ah uh oh yes oh yes oh god yes ohh yes OHHHHHHHH!" she cried, her body thrashing and heaving and writhing uncontrollably.

His fingers twisting and turning in her slit, his tongue rapping at her gorged clitoris, he pressed his thumb to her anus.

Anuja bit her lower lip, her head rolling from side to side, her thighs and legs trembling, her loins ablaze with lust.

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes!"

Hooking her hands under her knees, she kept her legs pulled wide and high, exposing her cunt and ass completely to his ministrations.

His thumb pressed into her asshole and, with a shuddering moan, she yielded and he slipped it into her tight, hot, rear channel.

She gasped and cried out, her body bucking and lurching and writhing and rocking, her hips heaving and tossing.

Now his fingers plugged her cunt, his thumb her anus and his tongue was everywhere, darting between her cunt and clitoris to her tight anus to wriggle into the heat within. Anuja thrashed ecstatically.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh yes oh god yes oh yes baby yes!" she moaned, her hands working her breasts erotically, sliding down her belly to her cunt-lips as she hissed in pleasure, clenching his head, lifting her legs higher still. On and on he went, driving her wild with his dexterity.

She was seconds away from an orgasm, her body hot, sweat breaking out on her tawny skin and bedewing her forehead and upper lip and the nape of her neck when he stopped suddenly, jerking his sticky fingers out of her slit, raising his head. She cried out in shock and dismay, panting and moaning.

"Oh god no ... don't stop ... not now Jayant ... god no!" she gasped.

Her reactions excited him, made him smile.

"C'mon, slut ... suck me again," he muttered, rising to his feet.

Groaning, Anuja sat up and gripped his hips and pushed her face into his crotch, taking his cock greedily in her mouth and sucking it furiously.

Jayant grunted in pleasure and fucked her mouth for several minutes, rocking her head back and forth in his hands, pumping his hips at her face, fondling her breasts.

"Okay, bitch ... now I want your cunt," he said at last, pushing her down onto her back on the bed again.

He dropped to his knees and she spread her legs and lifted them high, bending her knees. He pulled her thighs apart in hands, his hands under her knees.

She pushed the bikini strand to one side, leaving her cunt-lips and anus exposed. Jayant paused, seriously tempted to sodomise her right away.

For a second he debated and then decided to defer that pleasure for the present. He pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips.

"Yes!" she gasped, her hands on his cock, guiding him to her hole, her shoulders hunched, her breasts squeezed together between her arms. "Fuck me, Jayant! Shove your cock into my slit! I want it, come on, do it!"

Slowly, the youth flexed his buttocks and swung his hips forward. His cock-head popped into her cunt and Anuja gasped in pleasure, her head arching, her back bowing, her mouth opening in a wide O.

"OHHHHH yes! Ohhh god yes! Come on ... come on ... come on Jayant ... shove it all in ... OHHHHH yes! That's it! OHHHHH uhhhh yes! Ohh god yes that's so good yes! OHHHH yes! Oh ma uhhh yes!"

Groaning in pleasure, Jayant pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her hot, wet, tight cunt. It convulsed and spasmed frantically on his throbbing penis as he squeezed himself deeper and deeper into her flesh. In and in his cock went till it was buried to the hilt, his balls pressed to her cunt-lips and buttocks.

Her cunt squeezed his cock fiercely, its heat engulfing his flesh. The youth groaned and exhaled sharply, repeatedly, struggling for control. He focused his mind, centering himself.

His deep chest heaved. His muscles corded and stood out in sharply defined ridges. Beneath him, Anuja moaned, her head rolling slowly from one side to the other, her hands under her breasts, lifting and squeezing them erotically.

"Oh god Jayant yes ... oh yes ... that's so good ... c'mon ... fuck me, lover! Fuck my cunt ... do it!"

"Fuck ... you're ... incredible ... god yes ... oh fuck ... oh fucking hell yes ...," Jayant groaned desperately.

Gripping her thighs, gasping softly, Jayant started fucking his cousin with long, slow, deep, skewering thrusts.

His hips swung backward, his buttocks unflexing, and he paused; then his buttocks flexed taut again and his hips swung forward with a little roll and snap and swirl and his cock spiralled deeply into her, entering her flesh from all angles.

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Old 24th April 2012
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Great didnt expect update so soon......thanks

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Old 24th April 2012
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Old 24th April 2012
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This is really aswesome..........

Mind blowing........

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Old 25th April 2012
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Good one

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Old 25th April 2012
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Nice update waiting for more

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