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Old 28th April 2012
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sexy roleplay chat on omegle

Stranger: hi
You: hello
You: h r u ?
You: asl?
Stranger: i m gud
Stranger: 19 f usa
Stranger: how about you ?
You: m 25 india
You: what do u do
You: do u like fantasies
Stranger: i am a slut
Stranger: yeah i like fanatsies
Stranger: yeah
You: i have big monster in my zip
You: do u like spanking
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: so you wanna spank me ?
You: ya real har
You: *hard
You: till your ass go red
Stranger: aaawwwwwwwwwww
Stranger: does it give you pleasure ?
You: hmmmm very mcuh
You: and to you?
Stranger: so you like wild sex
Stranger: it hurts
You: ya
You: so i wont spank
You: darling
Stranger: but any thing for your satisfaction
You: hmmm... i like it bitch
You: make yourself nude
Stranger: i am already master
You: now undress me my little slut
Stranger: taking off your shirt
Stranger: opening your zip
Stranger: your cock is making a tent
Stranger: removing your pant
You: hmmmm.... lick it bitch
Stranger: done master
You: i am pressing your boobs
You: now show your master how bitchy you are
Stranger: ooooohhhhh
Stranger: first we have a kiss
You: ummmmmhhhhh
Stranger: and you rub my nipples
You: ur toung taste great
Stranger: and squeeze my boobs like lemon
Stranger: then taking down your hand on my body
Stranger: you rub my clitoris
Stranger: and put your all four fingers in my pussy
You: yours nippples are erect and your lemons are hard baby
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: then i rub your cock in my boobs
Stranger: your cock is so so hot and it get more erect
You: aaahhhhh
You: ya great
Stranger: then i give you a blowjob
You: it feels great babe
You: take it
You: make me cum on your face
Stranger: you pull my hair and with a stroke insert your cock deep in my throat
Stranger: it get hard for me to breath but you stuck your cock in
You: you are gaging
Stranger: then you slap on my face with your cock
You: phatk
You: you bitch .... you don't satisfy your master
You: i again slap on your face
Stranger: then you cum on my face
Stranger: and rub your cock with my pussy
You: i want to fuck your ass bitch
Stranger: you are most welcome
You: hmmm... i like it my sex slave
Stranger: and you insert a dildo in my pussy
You: ya ....
Stranger: and squeeze my boobs hard
You: i am squeezing the melons hard
Stranger: you fuck so hard that my ass start bleeding
You: and squeezing your cunt also
Stranger: and i lick you all over
Stranger: to remove your sweat
Stranger: and give you pleasure

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Old 28th April 2012
rahulpatel777 rahulpatel777 is offline
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You: u are perfect slave
You: now i take dildo out
Stranger: now you start fucking faster and more harder
You: and my penis too
Stranger: and i have cum
You: and pur it in your pussy
Stranger: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
You: and squeeing your ass
You: aaahhhh....
You: i m fucking harded you bitch
Stranger: with a stroke you give your big cock all at once deep in my pussy
You: ahhh....
You: and i am fucking you hard
Stranger: being fucked so hard my nail get dug into your skin
Stranger: your balls hitting my ass
You: my balls are stroking your ass chicks and making sound
You: phat phat phat
You: ah phat
You: ah phat
Stranger: and i ask you to stop i can''t have anymore
You: but i won't stop
Stranger: but you fuck me like your whore
You: i will keep fucking you whore
Stranger: and instead you put dildo in my ass
You: ask me to stop
Stranger: please stop
Stranger: i beg you
You: ask you master to stop. i slap you for asking me to stop
Stranger: now i start weeping
You: no bitch i won't
Stranger: and you beat me and eat my nipples
You: i spit on your boobs and continue fucking you
Stranger: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Stranger: oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Stranger: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Stranger: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
You: phat phat
You: hmmmmmm
You: i am coming u bitch
You: i slap once more
Stranger: i don't want to be pregnant
You: beg your master not to cum inside you
Stranger: i beg you
Stranger: you can fuck me fo rest of my life
Stranger: till i die
Stranger: but don't cum in
Stranger: you can do gangbang with me
Stranger: no matter how many ofthem i will not complain
You: hmmm. ok u whore i then take my tool out
You: and spray my sperms on your face
Stranger: thank you master
Stranger: would you like to exploit me more ?
You: ya
Stranger: ok master
Stranger: what i will have to do ?
You: i will put a bet around your neck
Stranger: are you gonna insert a bottler in my pussy
Stranger: or you are gonna put molten wax on me
You: welll your master is not aware of these things so explain him
Stranger: i mean are you going to hurt me by giving a bottle in my pussy or putting molten wax on me
Stranger: or you will beat me with hunter
You: i will beat you with hunter
Stranger: ok master
Stranger: it hurts
You: i am whimping
You: chatakk
Stranger: after that you will ask your dog to fuck me ?
You: first i and then dog
Stranger: ok master
Stranger: i am hungry master
You: you want to eat
Stranger: won't you feed me ?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: there ?
Stranger: my master
You: ya my
You: slut
You: i will throw some bread on floor
Stranger: but how can i eat when i am all tied up ?
You: you are not tied up only a belt in neck
Stranger: ok master
You: and you walk like bitch
Stranger: thank you master i am done
You: eat bitch you have ling night ahead
You: *long
Stranger: if i walk like bitch any stray dog would come n fuck me
Stranger: doesn't matter master
Stranger: i am ready to be fucked all day all night long
You: better u should be
Stranger: oh master
You: now i am slapping on your face
Stranger: auch
You: you have a pretty face bitch
Stranger: thank you master
You: and spanking your ass....
You: chatak chatak chatak
Stranger: please don't pull my hair
You: don;t argue with your master or you will wish you were never born
Stranger: i will wish as if i was never born
You: i took you with your hair and put my 7" cock forcefully in your mouth
You: and i am fucking your mouth
You: aha
Stranger: uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm
You: aha.
You: fuck,,, you bitch take it
Stranger: it is getting deeper
You: in your mouth
Stranger: i am resisting
Stranger: but you force it
You: ya bitch
You: i slap you when you resist
Stranger: and i cry
You: and i take hunter and blow it on your ass
Stranger: but that does not make any difference to you
Stranger: and playing with my boobs
You: and i force my cock more in your mouth
You: i am squeezing them really hard
You: i am slaping your boobs

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Old 24th March 2014
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Old 24th March 2014
mouni_darling mouni_darling is offline
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mouni_darling is an unknown quantity at this point
so nice

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Old 18th September 2014
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