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Old 5th April 2008
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I Fucked my AUNT

Hi, I am an 18 year old boy and all my teenage I have been
interested in sex. I always wanted to have sex with an experienced
woman, and my dream came into reality one year ago.

Believe me it is a true story. My aunt used to stay in Hyderabad and
sometimes, during vacation she and her son used to visit us. Her son
is just 8 years old. I had always fantasized of having sex with her
because she had a gorgeous figure. She had heavy boobs which used to
hang in from the blouse and I always wanted have a side glance at
her boobs and her naval. She usually wore sarees and that made her
look even more sexy. She is a widow for the past 6 years and did not
have sex since then. She was desperate for sex as she was only 32
years old. I always tried to see her when she was taking bath (in
the evening ) and one day I saw her shaving her pussy and in the
mean time she was moaning like a cat. This really aroused me and
from the next time I always looked at her with passionate eyes, but
she never showed her emotions or how desperate she was for sex.

Everything happened when she and her son came to visit us during my
summer vacations. We all had a good time. It was a hot summer
afternoon when my parents went out for shopping and in the evening
my elder brother and my aunts's son went out to play. I could not go
because I was in 12 class then and studies was a priority. so I
decided to stay back and my aunt was sleeping in the bedroom. She
was wearing a white saree with the transparent blouse which showed
her luscious body. Since no one was there in the house I went near
her and started admiring her body, her lovely thighs, humungous
boobs which were uncomfortable in the blouse. I just sat beside her
on the bed and in her deep sleep she started making sounds which
were very low. I just touched her thighs by mistake she turned over
exposing her flat belly (with few stetch marks).i was left awestruck
looking at her naval.it was just an awesome sight. I thought I could
take a chance, so I assured myself that the doors were locked.i came
and sat in a better position and collecting all my guts I touched
her belly.it was just awesome.She started moaning and this gave me
encouragement.. I slowly bent down and kissed her naval and in that
arousment she placed her hand on my head and pressed it further,but
unfortunately she woke up. She stared at me and went out of the room
without speaking anything. I went into my room and started studying
but I just could not concentrate on my studies. After sometime she
told that she would be making some tea for both of us. All the time
I was thinking of her lovely naval. she came with a tray with two
cups of teat on that and some cookies. When she was serving me, I
collected all the guts in my heart and touched her belly again..This
time she looked at me and moarned. I told her that nothing would
happen. Immediately she placed the tray aside and I kissed her on
the belly. She was enjoying the fun. I slowly place my arm over her
right boob and pressed it hard. She moarned loudly.
I kissed her lips then, it was so soft. I was literally chewing them
up. We kissed for about 10 mins and then I removed her saree. I
could see the huge boobs hanging like melons. Seeing that I went
mad, I kissed her like a hungry dog,all over her cheeks, neck, ears,
lips,.and then she sat on the bed and started undressing me. she
removed my undies and in the mean time I removed my shirt. The
moment she removed my undies my dick literally saluted her. She was
taken aback by the size of my dick.. she said that it was almost
double the size of her late husband. My dick is almost 7 inches
long. She started sucking my tool and I was on the seventh heaven.
It was a splendid experience. She gave me an excellent blowjob.

Now it was my chance, I looked at her boobs which were trying to
free themselves from the prison of the blouse and the white bra.i
unhooked the blouse and admired the deep valley and bit the whole
boob without removing the bra. I unhooked the bra and they jumped to
freedom. I looked at the wonderful boobs with the pink long nipples.
She is really very fair complexion. I sucked them like a baby and
she was moarning like a horse now. I slowly proceeded down and
licked her naval. She was really enjoying it. Now I removed her
petticoat and for a moment I was surprised to see the lovely
underwear. She was very shy, so she was reluctant to show me her
last treasure. I consoled her and then removed the underwear, I was
not surprised to see the shoven pussy. I made her sleep and started
licking it in vertical position for 10 mins, and by now she had
already had two organsms. She was shoting loudly that she could not
take it any more and she was desperate for sex, but I was delaying
it because I knew that the more I make her desperate the more
satisfaction she would have. And the I started playing with clitoris
and finally after playing with it for 5 mins, she had her third
organsm . she threw all the juice on my face and I licked the hot
love juice. Finally she could not take it any longer so she ordered
me to fuck her.
Now I slowly spread her legs. The moment I touched my dick to her
pussy she froze. Now I slowly entered her pussy and completely
immersed into the hole and kept it like that for a while. She was
mad with pleasure.
I slowly started making to and fro motions. She was ordering me to
fuck faster and now she was cursing me with all the bad, slang hindi
In those words she told me `mathe chod' which means `mother fucker'.
I really went mad at this statement and then I fucked her faster and
deeper. She was screaming at the top of her voice aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hhhhhhhhh Killllllllll mmmmmeeeeeeee u bastard uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh
goddddd Dammmmmmmmmmn. I fucked her and she told me screw her pussy
with the sperms but I did not do that instead the moment my sperms
wer about to come I removed my dick and threw it over her belly and
she stared licking them with her hand. All this went on for 45 mins
with 30 mins just for fucking. then we kissed each other and
promised to keep this matter as a secret. Since it was time for my
parents to come we dressed up and the next day I fucked her ass. It
is such a wonderful experience fucking a woman. It has a pleasure of
its own. It is incomparable.

Then she went back to Hyderabad and since then I am lonely. We only
have sex in the summer vacations, if luck favours us otherwise very
rarely we meet.

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Old 12th October 2008
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Thanks for sharing

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Old 12th October 2008
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Old 22nd May 2009
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thanks for share

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Old 4th March 2010
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good one ...

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Old 4th March 2010
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Great share...

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Old 22nd April 2011
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lucky guy.
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