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Old 8th June 2008
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The most real and sexiest story I have read

Hi this is Swetha from Hyderabad. I have always browsed thru the sexy stories in various sites and was reluctant to share mine till today. At last I see a reason to reveal the incidents that I am ashamed of but incidents that I have enjoyed every bit of it. I have had experienced various situations from my childhood just as another girl, it all started in 8th class summer holidays, my brother in-law used to visit us from Bombay he was 2 years elder to me, he is studious from childhood and was considered intelligent among our relatives. He was very friendly with me and teased me a lot. We used to have summer holidays for 3 months. His family usually used to visit us for 10-12 days. Its customary to sleep on top of our building during summer season those were that days before we had centralized AC in our home. As me and my brother in law were considered still young we were made to sleep next to each other along with other children.One day my Brother in-law and I were chatting till mid night and we were considerably far from our parents.

As we were discussing various aspects that have occurred through the last year as we do every year during the summer holidays. I had my first menstruation that same year and I mentioned about that to my brother. He said that he had a subject in 10 class biology books regards to female anatomy and asked me what actually happens I explained him the period cycle and he enquired if I was having any at that moment I said no. He said that boys don’t have any periods that seemed interesting to me and he suggested to he would like to see my genitals .I have initially resisted but thought that we were like good friends even last year we used to bathe together naked. He always used to pinch my then small nipples. I used to press his dick just for fun those were acts of innocence. I said that he can see any part of my body at any point in his life and the same rule must apply to me, he agreed to that cardinal rule. He inserted his hand to my nighty as it was a hot day I did not wear any bra or panty. I have comparatively bigger breasts than girls of my age I guees that is because of him. Even last year when we were bathing my brother in-law commented that my breasts are more than handful and are of size of his mom's breasts but he sued to say mine are firm and have a good structure. Slowly he inserted his hand to nighty and started to knead my breasts. I felt nothing as this seemed pretty mechanical to me as I had no feelings towards my brother and I was innocent then. He said that he would like to see my pussy. I said that he can always do what ever he wishes becacuse he had agreed to the rule in those innocent days. He got his right hand on my pussy which was little bushy with very thin pubic hair then in those days I never knew that women shave their pussy.

He said that he would like to press my pussy and play with it like he did last year, he started playing with it. Suddenly I started to feel shivers and said that I am feeling something strange this time which was completely new to me but it was a great feeling that I cant express in my words that the best feeling that anyone would have,I felt nothing like this last year he said that that is usual and asked me if he could lick my pussy he was doing that since past two years and nothing new to him with me. I said that’s fine and there was little different this time he showed signs of agression, he started to bite the thick part that was top on my pussy that made he shiver and moan aloud. He told me to lie calm and asked me if I would suck his dick I started to do that since last year when he was in 9th class initially I was reluctant as I used to think that dick is the bad part,it takes time to realize that this is the only best part in male's body.Slowly and steadily I started to enjoy it a lot I liked the pink part most and some times chewed it a little with front teeth and used to suck it hard it is really excellent exprience. I licked his dick for 20 min till I suddenly dealt lot of white liquid in my mouth this was first time for me and was surprised because I used to suck for 30 min at least last year but nothing like this came out. It tasted salty and smelled like fish. I really liked the smell and taste and wanted it more and more. But he said that I will have to wait for at least a day more.I used to suck his dick every day just for that for the rest of the holidays I like the final part and tasted every bit of it before I swallowed it.

He completed licking my pussy. He said that he could insert his dick in to my pussy but he said that he wanted me to be a virgin for marriage for my future husband. He said that he loved me a lot and all night he pressed my boobs and I guess this is the reason for their huge size. After the holidays his family left for Wisconsin as uncle opened a new franchise in US.For the next year’s rest of holidays seemed boring to me.

The next encounter was my +2 holidays.I had my cousin's marriage to attend and had to get a new salwar kameeez ready I also had comparatively bigger breasts so all other available ready made models were not fitting great for me.Though I had biggger breasts I used to be a knocker because of my physique and I am very fair in colour every one used to say that I have a charm and innocent look in my face. In those days there used to me a great tailor in Abids Hyderabad his name was Razi he was young around 28-30 years. He was considered good. I usually visited him with my mom, and my mom used to accompany me to fitting room. As my mom was busy getting her mehendi done,I had to go along with my driver.

I did not want to go to fitting room alone and invited my driver Raju too.He was working with us since 3 years and was around 20 years.He used to take good care of me as he used to take me to tuition at 5 o clock every morning and drop me back at home at 8:00 am and drop me to collage at 9:30 am and take me to evening crash course tution at 6:00 pm and drop me back at 10:00 pm at home. I felt little comfortable with Raju's presence as I used to see him every day.Razi welcomed as usual and asked me was models I wanted to go with, there were some excellent models I selected a couple and said that it would cost me 25000Rs actually the ones I selected had the pure embroidory as my dad was very influential person we always got discounts :-). I said that it is fine.As I have paid for the dresses and was about to leave Razi asked if my mom was in our car.I mentioned that she was busy with other works. He asked me if I wanted new fittings as these are new dresses, I agreed to him Raju accompanied me inside I felt that Razi was uncomfortable with Raju's presence but I felt comfortable and I did not care Razi's feeelings. Razi started to measure the size of waist and legs and came back to breasts and said that my waist reduced by 2 inches and breast grew by 1/4 inch and suggested that this could be an error and wanted to measure me on my bra.I agreed to that because in couple of instances when my mom was present he measured me over my bra.I had to remove my kameez off when ever he wanted that and he was a true profissional.I had to pull my kameez,inner coat completely to reach my bra layer.I completely forgot about Raju during this brief moment.Razi was down with his measurements and said that my size did not change.He joked that he wanted me measure it with out bra.I was thinking some thing else and said thats fine I regret having said this till today, and he asked me to remove my bra I asked him if it was entirely necessary.I had to oblize becacuse of my mom she is very particular about sizes and dress that I wear and type of mehandi and external appreance.I have loozned my bra buttons and in a jiffy because of pressure and by breasts were hanging out they stood out rock solid and just jerked a little like cusion as the bra came out in a jiffy. I was taken back but did not want to panic as this weak moment could be taken as advantage. He completed measuring and I felt he even pressed my breasts a little this time but not as hard as my brother in law he was really hard on those poor things.But he commented that there was a areola around my nipple that’s very uncommon with south Indians and said that German models have that and he pressed my right nipple I was very angry but I held back.He asked if I could feel anything while he moved his hand around that region I said that I feel a tickle .I asked him if I can pull my top and inner on .He said to continue and I got ready and was about to leave. He stopped me again and said if I was fine with kameez length.

I impatiently nodded that I was 100%fine.He said that he did not want any complaints from my mom as in the past and asked me if I was comfortable with the bottom fittings. I did not want to take risk as my mom would make my life and Razi’s life hell if the dress does not fit well she was really good at that. He did not ask me to remove anything this time but asked me to hold my top little heigh above my waist. He started to measure second time and I felt he was touching my private parts more and reached the separation between my ass and could feel that he was reaching the same area in my pussy that my brother in-law used to suck and bite. I started to get completed wet and my imported lingerie was dripping. Finally I felt that he almost pushed one of his fingers in the pretense of measuring in to my pussy.I asked him to finish this as soon as he can and he was done in a min.I came back and sat in the car and Raju came with me and said that he was pissed off with the tailor’s behavior and wanted to teach him a lesson. I said that he was just doing his duty and decided not to come here anymore in my mind.After couple of days I remembered that Raju saw my breasts; I was little curious about his feelings. I asked him if he saw my breasts he frankly said yes and I asked him how they were. He said that he had seen breasts of at least 100 women as he was a womanizer and said that they were the best of all the ones he had seen he really wondered about the size and structure, he said that we does not want to discuss this incident as he wants to forget this whole incident he was a true gentleman he never brought this topic again.

Now comes the marriage we were all ready for the marriage of my cousin Sanjay at a real big function hall at hyderabad the most costliest one I can say and I have got my two best salwars.I would like to introduce you guys my cousin Sanjay he is real hunk he is 6.1 feet and muscular and heavy built he has graduated in IIT.He was got in to one of the best american business schools.As you would know by now everyone in our family including me are crazier when it comes to studies.Sanjay was very naughty since his child hood.when ever he used to visit us he used to spend lot of time with me.I remember he never shook my hand always he used to shake my breast.He is real excellent at maths and Physics.For every lesson that he taught me he used to suck my breast for 30 min.If a complete subject is completed he would get down to the real thing.He was the first person to finger the anal hole.But he principled.He too like my brother in law used to say that he would not enter the pussy.He never even asked me to suck his dick even.Hence I never got a chance to take a look at his Dick.

On the night of marriage I have been to his dressing room with my closest friends .He was getting ready his mom tried to shoo all of us from there.We resisted saying that we would expediate the process of making him ready for the marriage.She left with confidence.I learnt from my other cousins that last night during the bachlor party the strippers were suprised at the length and thickness of his dick.Since then me and my friends wanted to see his real monster I was alreay crazy about muscular dicks.Just as aunty and others left left all six of us asked sanjay to get ready.He was in casuals he had to wear the customary Sharwani.Sanjay said that he can do that but his actions may shock us.we replied to him that we are not that faint hearted and we can resist and begged him to make it fast now Sanjay understood that we were desperate and said that he would do what we said but on a condition that we would do exactly the same action of what he does.

Initially prianka(one of my best friends he is the most beautiful ones of all in our group) resisted us but eventually seeing Sanjay's hard-on pver the causal pants she nodded automaticaclly.Slowly Sanjay removed his shirt that left all of us in Bras and him in inner.There was no need for him to remove his inner but just to see our breasts he removed his top inner.I was the first to remove my bra.Later my freinds followed.Suddenly sanjay came near us, priyanka was the shy girl among us and was scared I pacified her saying that there would be no risk involved in this(As I knew well that sanjay would not take undue advantage).

As all of us were bare on the top Sanjay said to see his bottom every one should all of us should allow him to suck our breasts.3 of us resisted but I agreed as everyone saw my enjoyment everyone agreed priyanka wanted him to suck more and more she let out bad words like bite it asshole bastard and stuff like that.I have never heard such words from her mouth we always thought he was a very good and calm person .Now Sanjay measured the size and weights of our breasts but priyanka's breast grew large in size and was bigger than mine she was dripping in sweat even in AC.Sanjay did not want to waste time as there were many knocks on the door he shouted that he is getting ready and removed his pants that left us in our panty.He removed his brief and we were forced to remove our panties I had my pussy shaven clean while priyanka had a bush real thick one I guess she does not know that at times you need to shave the pussy.Sanjay had a great turn on seeing that he likes the pubic hair a lottt.He dropped down on priyanka and started to suck her pussy she was crying, shouting doing all kinds of nonsense and wanted more.To cover this we had to play music at high volume.She begged him to fuck her, Sanjay said that he does not like wearing condoms and does the real thing with out them and its always with him risky, his last his two girlfriends who were his classmates in US got pregnant we initially did not believe but he showed his videos with them and their photos on the convocation day so we had to believe to what he said.

But he agreed that she can suck his dick and as he was running out of time gave her 5 min to finish.She was real natural at the dick and bettered me in all divisions.She took his balls inside and tried to take his monstor dick which was atleast 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide inside but it was bigger than her mouth she sucked the pink part on the top of dick many times.Suddenly Sanjay said that he was coming I was really surprised because I belived that he could hold it longer as we did not want to waste his sperms,we collected in a small throwable plastic glass that they use at marriages.The glass was 1/4 full first time second time all of us except Priyanka tried sucking and it was half fulll.Sanjay said that priyanka gave him the best blow job ever.That made me jelous as I used to think that I am the best at it but ofcouse he never tried me if he would have tried he would then really know who the real best is :-).Finally we all six of us shared the fruit of labour equally among our selves equally as we drank his sperms and walked out with Sanjay all freshed up and dressed
To be continued...................

I have the next part you will have to repp me and relpy to this post to get next posts.

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Old 9th June 2008
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repped u

plz continue

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Oh yeah! So real
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Thumbs up

keep it up
keep going
continue the post
ur story made me wett & wild
repped u +

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extremely good, so real.. thx buddy

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good story



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Request you to post the remaining Story!!

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thanks but next part buddy

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This is not my story but found it online.

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