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Old 29th August 2008
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Sex with labour lady full of sweat and toxin smell

Hi am natsay, once again am want to tell my recent experience with young girl. Am 38 married, But I never thing of young girls. If my wife not in the house or she gone to her moms place I look for matured or married ladies near by house. I succeed in that also. Without my wife knowledge I have sex with them. Sometime in their place or in my house, else I take them outside for raid. But young girls call me uncle when the saw me in the road or other places. Even they like to chat freely and ask for some help also. One day I was standing near ice cream wander its not somedistant away from my house. When I got order icecream my opp,. house girl Chandini asked me uncle get me ice cream for me also. She on the way to her tution. Then I asked which one u like , She told I love to suck chako. I was stunned to hear from her mouth love to suck chako. Ice cream wander ill literate he not understand what she told. She was very close to me even her body touching me, then I cont.. with her conversation. Chandini only u love to suck chako or anyother else also. She started to laugh, and told if u allow me I will prove. But one condition. I asked what? Now she very close and taken the chako from wander. I taken the cub and paid the money to him. I open the car got inside she also open the door came inside the car. I told, am going for hour out now, if she free she can come with me. Then she told she on the way to tution but she ready to miss. Then I asked what is the condition. She told , she want to see me and my wife Priya doing in the bedroom. I started the car and taken to main road, i was not surprised but I asked why, then she told. She want to see my wife fully nude and want to have lesbian with her for that I have to arrange the scene. Now she taken the chako in his left hand and put the right hand over my thighs. I was watching what she going to do. Now she asked me, uncle u allow me with ur wife or not. I told I will dear. I also want to watch two girls doing and want to join between them. My cock started to get hard inside my pant. I was thinking where to stop the car and have this young girl with her willingness. I turn the car to main highway and started to drive. I know where to take her now. After half a km one forest area come there I can take her without anyone disturbance. Now she open my zip and taken out my dick out fully. It was fully hard, she started to tease the tip with her fingers and sucking the chako. I put my right hand over her thighs and raised her skirt up. She side to my side and we kissed each other. I asked her to unbutton her tops. I put my hand on her right breast and started to cub that. I turned the car towards inside the forest and halted the car.
I know only watchman inside if I give him some money he allow his cabine. Earlier also I brought lot of my neighbor ladies here. She asked uncle this area is safe. I told dont worry its too safe. If we can do in the car or we get inside there one room also available. No problem uncle we can do it in the car. I lowered her seat and flatten. She asked me to lie on my back on the seat. I lowered my pant and lie on my back on the right side seat. She removed her top, bra and skirt fully, only with her panty. She got down on her knee

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Old 29th August 2008
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For Erotic tamil sex PDF Stories, Please visit the below thread. Statisfaction is guranteed.

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Old 30th August 2008
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Old 26th May 2009
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thanks for share

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