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Old 9th November 2008
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The worst thing about breaking up with your girlfriend, is the loss of regular sex that one has to deal with! And that's what I had been dealing with too! 2 weeks after breaking up, and I was hungry as hell! No horny wild sex! No mind-blowing blowjobs! No quickies! No orgasmic sounds!

No moaning sounds! No pussy, no boobs, no ass! Basically, no action at all! To add to that, my best friend Omar was having a fucking great time with his new chick Ayesha! She was one horny little bitch! She needed something every night.
And my friend was more than happy to give it to her anywhere she wanted. And she didn't care about the time, place, people around her and stuff like that. There have been times when I am driving the car, and the 2 of them are fucking away in the back seat.

I have seen them do it so many times, that now I know everything that she is capable of. And believe me, she is a wild animal in bed! And I got the first-hand experience soon! We were having a party at Omar's place. It was a huge party, with lots of booze, hot chicks, great music!

We drank and drank, danced and danced. I was a bit low, coz I was just off the break-up, and was not in the best of moods. But people were happy. Dancing, kissing, guys were getting dick massages on the dance floor, and Omar, well, he was having a gala time with Ayesha.

Since the time the party started, everyone could make out that Ayesha was in the horniest of moods, and she wasn't hiding it. She was always in Omar's arms, either kissing him, or massaging his dick, or getting him to rub her ass, feeling him up, and making him feel her up.

They even went inside Omar's bedroom for some time, well, one can imagine what happened inside, coz they came out quite tired and sweating. Lucky bastard! After the party got over, people left. Omar and Ayesha and me, it was the 3 of us.

Omar and Ayesha were making out on the sofa, and I was standing there like a fool. I was going to stay over at his place, so had no option but to wait. I lit up a joint, and went out into the balcony. Inside, Ayesha was moaning like a whore, coz Omar was fingering her.

She was shouting like a wild bitch, abusing him, squealing, I was seeing all this, and believe me, how I wished I was with her right now! She then kneeled down on the carpet, pulled down his pants and undies, and started licking him all over. She was licking his balls like a wild bitch.

With one hand she was squeezing and pinching Omar's nipples, and with the other she was fingering herself. Omar was pushing her head and pulling her hair, making her suck him harder. I was getting very hard seeing all of this in front of me.
I mean, I have seen it many times, but today I was very horny myself. My dick was aching to jump out and fuck Ayesha like wild animal! And I was so horny, that if this went on for a few more minutes in front of me, I would have just raped her right there.

But luckily for me, Omar suddenly shouted that he was going to cum. Hearing that, Ayesha started sucking and licking him faster. What a perfect slut she was! Omar moaned loudly, and Ayesha drank all his cum like a pro. She didn't let a single drop go.

After he came, she smacked her lips like a satisfied cat and said to him, 'Omar lets fuck now.' She gave out the sexiest and horniest mischievous smile. Her eyes were desperate, and her finger was still fucking her own pussy. She was panting hard.

Omar just stood up, and said 'Later honey, gotta sleep now.' She was shocked and angry 'You bastard! I gave you a fucking blowjob! You cant just go like this!' But drunk as he was, Omar made his way to the bedroom, leaving behind a very horny, hot, slutty, desperate, wild animal.

She was so angry, that she just flung her hands around, and broke a glass. She was still panting, and I could see that she was so horny, and her boyfriend just walked out on her. Then as she was looking around, she spotted me, standing in the balcony.

Angrily, she charged towards me. She came in front of me and said 'Guru gimme a fucking cigarette. And tell your friend that its all over! Fucking loser'. I was a bit concerned. I handed her a ciggy, lit it up for her, and said, 'Ayesha let it be. There are days like these.

Everything will be fine tomorrow morning.' 'Fuck tomorrow morning!', she said. 'What about tonight!'. I had no answer for that. She took in 3-4 quick drags of the cigarette, and then was a bit calm. I was just looking at her.

She was wearing a tight white low-neck spaghetti and tight denim mini-skirt. Her perfect boobs were dying to get out. Whenever she would breathe in a drag, her boobs used to swell up. That was looking so fucking hot!

One string of her spaghetti had come down, and so she was looking even more sexy. Her nipples were hard, and coz she was not wearing a bra, I could see that too. My dick was sooo fucking hard! I wanted to bite into her boobs,tear her clothes apart, fuck her like a fucking machine, make her cum, and cum all over her perfect body! Fucking her was the only thing on my mind. I wanted to say 'Let me fuck you hard Ayesha', but all I could manage was, 'You want to sleep now?'.

For a moment she was shocked. 'As in?', she said. 'Together?'. She gave me that mischievous smile, and started laughing after she saw my confused and dazed face. She said, 'Come, lets have a drink.' I nodded in approval, and went inside, caught hold of a vodka bottle,and came back to the balcony and sat down next to her. We started drinking straight from the bottle. She would hold the bottle up in the air, and would aim for her mouth. The vodka would trickle down from the bottle, and wouldn't always fall straight into her mouth.

So it would make her boobs all wet. And now I could see the nipples clearly. Her top was now very wet with the vodka, and I just couldn't take my eyes off it. And she seemed to be enjoying it, coz she was giggling whenever the vodka spilt all over her. Both of us were very drunk.

She was looking so fucking hot, I cant even tell you! After we had enough, we stopped, and suddenly she asked me, 'How's everything with Kamini?' The last thing I wanted to talk about was my ex-girlfriend. I said 'well, we've broken up as you know.'

Instead of reacting to what I said, she interrupted me saying 'She once told me that you give great massages.' Without even waiting for my answer, she just turned her back towards me, 'Show me!' Without saying anything, I moved aside her hair, and started massaging her back. She started moaning slowly and started breathing heavily. 'Aah Guru! That feels so good Guru! Mmm! That's so fucking good!'. Hearing her say that I gathered more courage, and spread my legs, pulled her between my legs, and started working my way down to her hips and lower back. As I was massaging her over her spaghetti, I wasn't being able to do it properly. She realized that, and in a jiffy, just took off her shirt. She was now topless, with her back towards me, and she was moaning softly.

'Oh Guru! That's sooo goood! Oh fuck! Kamini you lucky bitch!'. We both laughed a bit. Now I was fully turned on and I knew that tonight was going to be one action-packed night! She just moved closer to me. Her back was touching my chest now and I was now playing with her bellybutton. The massage was now far from over, and the real thing had started.

I did feel guilty that I was with my best friend's girl, but what the hell! She was offering herself to me, and I was horny as hell! I snapped out of my thoughts when I suddenly realized that had moved her hand behind her, and was feeling my dick over my jeans now. She was massaging my rock-hard dick, I moved my hands up to her beautiful breasts and started teasing her nipples. She moaned out loud. While teasing her breasts, her ear was close to my lips,
and so I started nibbling on her earlobe, which really turned her on, and she started panting heavily. She pressed hard on my dick. She was now horny as a slut! She arched her back, and seizing the moment, I squeezed her nipples and she shouted out, 'OH FUUUCKKKK Guru!!!!' Now she had lost control. She squeezed my dick really hard, that it almost pained. I gave out a small shout. In one swift motion, she turned around, faced me, wrapped her legs around, and we started kissing wildly.

We were sucking each others' tongues like we've not kissed for ages! The desperation in her kisses was evident. She peeled off my shirt, and her nails were creating havoc on my back. My hands were concentrating on her hard nipples.
Every pull and squeeze of the nipple was making her hornier, and her kisses were getting wilder. Finally I stood up, and she was up with me, her legs still wrapped around me. I carried her to the couch, kissing her and squeezing her nipples all through.

I just threw her on the couch, and stood in front of her, taking off my belt, opening my buttons. Meanwhile, while lying on the couch, she had already taken off her skirt and her panties. That hot body was in front of me, stark naked and her lustful and slutty eyes were such a fucking turn-on. She was biting her lower lips and smacking her lips. As she saw me undressing, she took charge, pushed my hands away, and opened my jeans herself and pulled them down. I was in my undies, and was expecting her to pull them down too,
coz my dick was dying to fuck her mouth and every other hole. But she did something unthinkable. She took the Vodka bottle lying close-by and started pouring it all over my undies. My undies were now soaked with Vodka, they were literally drenched.

And then, she started sucking on dick, over my undies, taking in the vodka, and making me harder. She kept on sucking and sucking, and drinking the vodka soaked in my undies. Enough was enough for me now, so I pulled them down myself, and my cock stood straight up in front of her. After looking at it for a millisecond, she hungrily just ravaged my dick, and started licking and sucking it like a horny slut. I held her hair, and was pounding her mouth, and she was tearing apart my bum with her sexy and kinky fingernails. Finally, when I realized that I was going to cum, I pulled out of her mouth.

I think she realized that too, coz she lay down on the couch without complaining, and spread her legs promptly, beckoning me to screw her pussy. I immediately climbed on top of her,
our tongues sticking out, licking and sucking each other. I was fingering her very wet and juicy pussy, and she was jumping on the couch. She guided her hand to my dick, and was pulling it hard. I knew she wanted to get fucked. But I was worried that I didn't have a condom.

I guessed she realized that too, and in soft moans, she managed to blurt out, 'I'm on pills.'. That was just what I wanted to hear. I immediately spread apart her legs wide, took a small pillow from the couch, put it under her ass, and propped her up, and with one slow and steady motion, pushed my dick into her hungry pussy. I know from past experiences, that she's a screamer in bed, so I pushed my mouth on hers, trying to muffle her scream, coz waking up Omar was the last I wanted.

She got really violent coz she couldn't scream, and she was really struggling under me, like a fish out of water. Meanwhile I was increasing my speed and penetration, and she was turned on like hell. I fucked her hard and harder and harder, going deeper with each stroke. Her nails were tearing my back apart, so much so, that I later realized that I was bleeding. I was about to explode, and realized that she too was peaking. I didn't slow down, and then one large muffled moan, and the shivering of her thighs suggested that she was going to cum.
She did, and so did I. we came together, and then lay there, wet with sweat, and satisfied at a good fuck. We caught our breath, and just lay there kissing each other softly.

Later in the night, we fucked a few more times, trying different things, using the vodka and also some chocolate sauce. Fucked her ass too. Will tell you guys later about that. But I hope all you guys find someone like Ayesha for a night at least! Cheers!

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Old 9th November 2008
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good story

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Old 10th November 2008
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Old 10th November 2008
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thanks, good storry
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Old 10th November 2008
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Old 10th November 2008
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tnx buddy

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