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Old 3rd December 2009
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That was beging of our affair. A MOTHER-SON affair. I almost moved my Mom's place and stayed there. Dad was not that unhappy as now he bring lot of woman into his house.

Over the time Mom has also become kinky with me. She loves to tease me lot and finally relieve me. I almost stopped masturbuting as Mom takes care of my urges. Infact inside house we never wares anything more than undergarment even if srvent lady is present. She knows everything and we don't care. Mom made her salary twice and so she also keeps mum.

We use to sleep in the same bed naked every night. Every night she will give me blowjob (also during daytime) and I will suck her pussy. She will kepp my dick near to her pussy and rub it over her pussy.

For next 8 months or so it was like that. Twice in a week she will get some other lover who will fuck her. Mostly Tuedays and friday night. Those days I used to be in dad's place.

But MY D-DAY came finally. It was her B-Day. At Mid-Night we cut her cake and as usual i gave her B-dya kiss.
"So what you want Mom"
"Nothing Shivam. You are with me I am happy"
"No Mom its your b-day and present is mandatory"
"I dont know...." she was struggling with her words.
"what Mom"
"Shivam I want you to fuck me tonight"
"what? Are you serious?" I saked in a kind of shock and excitment.
"Yes Shivam. I think I can't control myself anymore. I need your dick. I need to be loved by you like woman. I want to be your woman Shivam. Your Mom wants to be like your wife also. I want to give my whole body to you. I can't go on like this. Either you fuck me or I will go"
"Mom you know I want it so much. Its not your gift but mine"

She pulled me this time to her and lip-locked into most passionate kiss till date. We were running hands over each other. She was wearing my favourite Saree with strapless bra. I pulled her over up holding her ass her boobs were cressing my chest.
Once she broke the kiss I requested her. "Mom can we dance"
"Like i did with Rohan when you saw me fucking for first time?"
"More dirtier than that also"
"As you wish my youngest lover"

She went and put some sexiest music on disc.
"Take a seat and have fun my baby" She said.

Mom is an excelent dancer. And now today she is doing strip-dance infront of me.

As soon as the music started her hips started to move. She was looking directly into my eyes as she was running her hand over her body from navel portion to top of head ever so slowly sensously. She was turning in between to show me movement of her ass and rubbing her ass with her own hands. She again turned and pushed her one hand inside her petticot and other cupping her boobs.

"Tell me Shivam are you enjoying it?"
"yeah Mom"
"Now I am your lover not mom"
"No you are my horny slut Mom" Mom loves to be called like this.

She kept her sexy movements till the end of the song. Still all her clothes are intact. Once the song is finshed she came and climbed over the couch putting both her legs on either side of me. As soon as the music started she also began. She caught my head and slowly moved upwards ever slowly till her boobs were right infront of me. She pulled my head slowly and pushed it into her boobs over her saree and blouse both of which are of very thin material. I can feel her nipples already being stiff.

"Suck my nipples over the clothes Darling"
i obeyed her and started to suck them. She was thrusting her more and more of her boob into me. She continued to do so till her one boobs was totally wet with my salvia. It was halfway through the second song.

She got down from the couch but not from me.
"you want your sluttly Mom to take her pallu baby? Aks her to do so"
"Mom please take your plauu of Mom. Your son want to see your body more and more. Show him all your assets Mom"
She slowly took corner of her pallu and dropped it. Her boobs were looking so beautiful inside her strapless blouse which was lamost transparent. She was coming closer to me as she was dancing and moving her body ever so sexily. Once she was right infront of she took my hand and put it over her blouse and cressed her own boobs.
"Dont take them off baby now. Just enjoy your Slut Mom's boobs"

I kept my hands over her melons and she was moaning with touch of my hands.
"ahhhhh....oohhhhh......feel my boobs baby....your mom's boobs like her man......" she was extremly looking at that position and with her words. She then took off my hands and pulled my mouth till her lips and gave qucik kiss. The second also finished while we were kissing. When i tried to grab her ass she moved my hands and broke the kiss.
"You just lay and enjoy the show. Did you like sucking your Mom's boobs over the clothes. Tell me my lover boy. Talk to me. Make me feel like biggest slut in the world"
"yes Mom. Your son loved it"
As soon as the song started she again kissed me for second or two and slowly pulling my head again down till my chin reached top of her boulse. She pushed more and pulled my head down as her blouse also started to move done along with my chin. She kept doing it till her nipples touched my lips and came in between them. She slowly pushed her nipples inside and opened my lips to welcome them. She was moving my head slowly over her nipples.

"Bite them slowly. I am feeling so sexed up with your touches baby. Make it the most wonderful day of my life baby. your mom is going to fill her pussy with your dick, her own son's dick. A strong, thick and long dick." Oh this woman like to talk slutty way and loved to be greatest slut of the world. She loves the fact that her own son is her lover and he is going to penetrate her pussy. At the age of 40 she is getting more and more sexier with every passing day and having younger and younger lovers. Her nipples are most sensitive thing in her body. There wer up and hard like never before I have seen in all these days.

After a minute or so of me sucking her nipples nude she got up and turned back. She bend a little and pushed her ass back towards me with moves. She was slowly moving her saree along with petticot upwards till her knees than thigh and finally whole ass was in open. She pushed it little more and I moved forward as my mouth pushed into her ass crack. My nose actually hit her asshole. She immediately let out a load moan.

"aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" She was also mving her ass over my face after she pulled it little out.
"Like Mom's ass baby?"
"Oh It is heavean my slut"
She let it like this for some more time before turning and standing infront of me. She slowly started to take of her saree and when it wwas out throw it over to me. God guys over the years must have enjoyed this lady.

"Tell me Shivam do you want your mom to drop the last peice of clothe also"
"Oh yes Mom. I know you are not wearing any panty. So please drop your petticot and show your lover the gate of heaven"
"As you wish my darling" And with that knot of her petticot came out, it fall down to in the floor. Though its not first time she is standing naked infront of me but today it is different. She kept her hands over her pussy and standing with a naughtiest smile in the earth.

"Won't you take your lovers clothe also My Darling MOM"
She came forward and pulled me up. Slowly she started to take of my t-shirt and along that her tongue was licking upwards through my body. Once my t-shirt was out she pulled my remainning clothes in hurry till my dick came out in her view. I pulled her to me and our lips locked into a deep kiss.

We kept kissing for a longtime and her hands playing with my dick. My hands were cressing her awsome bums. when she broke the kiss she went to kitchen to have water. I also followed her as I also wanted to. Once inside the kitchen I hold her from back as she opened the fridge door to take water out. She ass pushed into my dick and today she is more willing to put it.

"Remember its here that I started to play with your body" I said.
"Yes you naughty boy"
"Yes my horny Mom"
"So what you say? Lets begin our sex life also here"
"Why not? Lets do it" I said.

Mom put her hands on the counter and looking back toward me invited me.
"Push your beautiful dick into my hungry pussy now Shivam. Make your Mom you lover forever. I want you to fill my pussy"
"Mom no condom? you always use them right with your lovers"
"Not for my son. I will take care of not getting pregnent. But I want to fill your skin inside my pussy Shivam. Fuck your Mom bare. She needs the feel of her son's dick inside her pussy."

I positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy and she hold it by her hand. She guided my dick into her pussy as I started to feel her pussy lips over my dick.
"Oh Shivam you are big baby. You are making your Mom's pussy stretched like not been in long long time" My dick is now close to 81/2" and pretty thick in size. I can feel the tight grip of her pussy over my dick. Mom in last 8 months or so helped it to grow quite much. Its like she nuritued it for best use inside her wet pussy.

I was going very slow and she was also taking in inch by inch till the entire length of my dick was inside her pussy. She closed her legs little more and bend back a little offering her pink lips to me to kiss it. Her tongue pushed inside mine to suck the salvia from my tongue. I was holding her by her hips and her ass checks hitting my hips. She took one hand of mine and put in over her melon and i immediately gave it a squeze and facial expression of hers said everything. The feel of her skin over my skin is so sensous.

"How are you feeling my darling Slut Mom having your son's dick inside your pussy?" I asked her.
"Nothing like this before. My son is a real Man and his dick is the most beautiful thing in this world. I am so glad to have your dick in my pussy. Shivam promise me you will keep fucking your mom" She said in the most sluttiest way a woman can speak. Every word was cut in between by some small moan half coming from her sexy lips.

We were going in rhythamic movement than to-fro motion to begin with. It was like she grinding her ass on my hips while out tongue was playing its own kabbadi. My hands were playing with her nipples. I was also delaying the thing as I knew I won't be able to hold for longtime once the full motion begins. I wanted to enjoy my first pussy fuck as long as possible.

"Come on start fucking my pussy now. Dont make me wait any more baby"
"As you wish Darling Mom"
I started to move my hips thrusting my dick in and out of her pussy. Everytime I hit her ass I get more sexited. I puleed her more closed as her portion was laying over the slab and one leg on the tool to make more way for me to go in and out of her pussy. She was fully co-operating with me in thrusting and moaning along with talking dirty.

"yes yes fuck me harder my lover.....fuck my pussy harder.....its been so long since I felt the skin of dick inside my pussyyyyyyy.....fuck your slut mom's pussy......hahahaha...aaahhhhh"
"Oh my Sanjana darling, my slut Mom what a pussy you have. What a pleasure I am getting from your pussy. Oh Mom I wanted your pussy for so long and now I have it. All bare. Do you want me to fuck you harder"
"Ask me"
"Oh Shivam please fuck my pussy harder like a whore. Baby I am your whore, your mother is your sex slave now. Fuck her whenever you want wherever you want. Just fuck me. Dont stop yourself"

I was so happy to know i have complete freedom to fuck Mom anytime I want to. I was going furious in fucking as she was moaning louder and harder and soon on the verge of her orgasm.
"Oh yes....keep fucking harder please harder baby harder.....ohhhhh yeesssss.....I am going to cummmm...........Shivam.....aaahhhhhh.........fuck me harder.......aahhhhh...do it baby....." She was moaning with her full throat and asking me to go harder. I thought I will the first one to loose out but the sexy lady has got her first orgasm before me. Suddenly Her whole body stucked into freeze state as the wave of her orgasm ran through her. She almost collapsed without much movement for next couple of seconds as i also slowed down a bit to let her get back.

"Shivam lets go to bedroom now. I want you to fuck me in missionary position"
I foolwed as she led me to her bedroom.
"Shivam from today this is our bedroom" She said as she put her arms around my shoulder giving me a kiss.
"Really mom?"
"Yes my darling MAN. This is our Bed from now onwards"
"And where I will go when your other lovers visit you"
"I will go to other room. But this room is for us only"
"Okie then lets make love in our bed now" I said and pulled her into my lap. I carried her like this and put her in the bed. She opened her arms to welcome me into her arms. As I bend down she pulled me down for a qucik but hard kiss.

She took my dick in her hand and psuhed it inside her pussy herself. It is now lubricated with her own juices. But she still let a moan come out of her mouth as my base hits her pussy lips.

"Come on ..come on...fuck me Shivam...fuck your mother harder"
I was now ramming her with all my power.
"take my dick mom....take your son's dick more" I was going mad at her body.
"Haa haan chod mujhe....aahhhh...kiya lund hain tera....baby what a lund you have....God its hitting me to the deepest position I ever been hit. Your mom is your slut. Fuck me ...haaannnn...like a whore....yrsssssssss...............god what a pleasure...."
Her words and action are making me go wild and I know she loves talking dirty while fucking. Anyway a slut like her likes to talk dirty all the time. She loves the feeling of being horny slut mother.

The whole fucking went on for another 2-3 minutes before I announched i am coming.
"Fill me with your sperm baby. I want my sons sperm. Each drop whould be deposited in your mom's pussy baby"
"Yes My Mother Cum Lover Cum Slut. I will fill your pussy. One day I will make you mother of my kids also. Now take it take....ahhhhh"

We both have sense of timing as one followed other. I deposited and with the feel of my sperm she also started to cum.

"Its was best fuck I had it in long long time. Infact i felt like a virgin bride when you entered my pussy"
"oh Mom I love you and Love you more now"
"yes earlier it was only as mother now as your lover also"

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Old 3rd December 2009
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Step-Mom Story is coming soon but little more with Sanjana Mom first

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Old 3rd December 2009
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wow.... great....

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Old 3rd December 2009
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good going keep it up

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Old 3rd December 2009
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wonderful brother........bahut din baad something wonderful... dont bring step mom now...continue with mom...make nude party with mom and son...son's friend..wonderful..

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Old 3rd December 2009
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I agree, great story man, but dont bring bring step mom, have ur mom gangbanged and dp and make a whore out of her, take her to shops and malls and have people use her. but make it long and interesting and have her wear sarees

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Old 3rd December 2009
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very very hot

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Old 3rd December 2009
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Ya u described well! some more with sanjana mom!!!!
Ya good going- master mind, buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Old 4th December 2009
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So her 39th B'day transformed us from Mom-Son to Lover completely. That night we fucked till morning 7AM. 4times I came inside her pussy and she happily accepted my deposits. Her 2 night in a week with others continued but whole night had reduced mostly to one fuck and bye bye.
She is now getting more and more kinkier with each passing day.

We used to go out and I used to display her body in some pertext or other in public. Everytime she brings her lover post her fuck with him she will sneak into my room even if he is staying over the night and fuck me. Her pussy always needs my sperm and she litterally can't go one day with having my sperm inside her pussy.

After my exams we planned for a trip to Carabians. Both me and Mom went for one moth long trip to there. She quit her job as now I am getting my bank balance filled with money from buissness.

Once we were there we were totally free in open. In mumbai we can't move like lovers but there it is different. We were lovers in vacation and kind of honeymoon mood. Before leaving she asked me not to call her as Mom anymore but rather call her Sanjana only. She was little shy to make it incest in public but ready to have fun in public with her son.

The flight was very long and we were tired by th time we reached destination. We quickly went to our resort and got into room. By the was DAD payed for trip as now being 18 yrs old I have half of the buissness already as per Grad fathers will.

"So Sanjana our honeymoon begins now" I said as I pulled her to me.
"Yes Shivam darling. One month of love making all the time. I will be 24x7 slut of your anywhere." As she hugged me.
"Lets go have dip first in the beach. We have 30 mins for lunch" I said.

We didn't bother to go to bathroom and changed it there itself. I put my trunk and Sanjana put her 2-piece bikini. When she turned my jaw almost dropped in excitment.
"Wow Sanjana you are looking incrediable Hot in this bikini" She was trust me guys. It was small and just covered her nipples. From top, bottom and side her boobs were completely open. Her bottom piece was just covering her pussy and going between her ass checks as string only.
"I purchased them last week just for the trip" She said as she came to me. We exchanged a pleasent kiss and moved out. I can see all the men's staring at her body like they will eat her up.

"I hope you dont get raped in the places. Guys are getting hornier seeing you Sanjana Darling"
"I will never. If someone dares to rape me, I will let him fuck me"
"If all of them"
"Gang-Bang" we blusted into a laughter.
"Kiss me Shivam now" as we were about to get into the sand.
I pulled her into me with her arms around my shoulder we kissed as deep as we could. But kissing like this nothing special in this place. Everyone is doing it. But thing special is Mom. With her looks and body complimented by the bikini she was head on for all.

we starighway went inside the water till chest level almost. I was hodling her rubbing my already hard dick over her ass checks.
"Getting naughty" She said teasing me.
"Yeah Sanjana I am so horny. Did you realize it is more than a day now since we have fucked"
"Yeah I think first time in last one year I have spent 1 day taking your dick's juices inside my pussy. Baby dont worry we will make it up now. Would you like to take it out now and rub it over my ass"
"Not inside"
"I promised you. But not here. You will get my ass in this vacation for sure"
"Oh Sajana I am so excited. why don't you take my dick out"
she put her hand behind and took out my dick. The beach was not too crowded but it wasn't too empty also.
"You are hot like hell Honey" She said once touched my dick.
"It all for you my horny" I replied as I put my finger inside her top before moving it in one direction. Now her boobs were out in open and her nipples stiff like never been. She had put my dick in between her thighs rubbing it over her pussy lips as she moved her bottom piece in one side. I was pushing my dick to and fro with her making hips move accordingly. Every time a big wave comes I hold her tightly and we fell down together. It was fun being with my slut in the water.

There wasn't much scope for play other than this and after around 15 mins or so decided to go back to room. I was horny as she was. She kept her 2-piece back in proper place but due to thei wetness it was little transparent and her nippls impression was very prominent.
When we were going back some woman gave starring look at us. Some might be jealous with Sanjana as she is moving like a slut with such a young guy. It was clear we are couple as we were moving hugging and kissing each other.

While coming to the room we told the reception guy to send our lunch to our room. He said in 20 mins he will send it. While going to our room through the corridor my hand was over her ass and rubbing it.

We went to our room and got cleaned up in the shower. I checked the time and still some more time is there for the lunch to come. When she came out she was only wearing a towel. I pulled her to me.
"Room service guy will come for lunch. wait for sometime"
"Who cares Sanjana. Anyway I am hot and you are wet"

I just pulled her towel off and I was already without any clothe. She was looking hornier and was herself looking for some sex.
"Open up Mom"
"Not Mom I told you. Sanjana only. I am not your Mom here"
"Oh sorry my slut"
"yes yes...I am your whore and slut. Now fuck me quickly before the guy comes"

I didn't wasted anytime and put my dick inside her as She layed down in the bed raising her legs up and wide. I pushed my hard dick mercilessly inside her wet pussy. She let out a big moan in my rough entry into her pussy.
"Come on Fuck me Shivam. Your whore.....ooohhhh...fuck harder"
"Take it my bitch....you are going to have it all the time in next 1 month. I am going to fill your pussy and ass with my sperm. This is our honeymoon my slut....."
"Yes yes........aahhhhhhhhhhh..."

we were fucking in simple position but with all our vigor. We never heard the room service guy coming inside with the lunch. The poor guy was stunned to see us in that state. we haven't seen him initially as he was in the drawing room and we were in the bedroom. But he came closer to the door and was watching us making out.

Suddenly Sanjana saw him looking at us. She gave him a smile when I looked at him the guy panicked.
"Dont worry you can watch" Sanjana told him in between her moans. The guy stopped.
"You can shag also if you want looking at him fucking my pussy. Anyway show me your dick now" she dmenaded.

The Guy opened his zip and took out his dick. He is somewhat east asian and doesn't have particularly big dick. May be 6" or less.
"Are you imagining my pussy" Sanjana asked him.
"Yes Mam"
"Oh What are you imagingn. Its not him but you fucking my pussy.....oohhhhhhhhh" The slut is in good foarm.
"yes Mam" he replied.

I was going in full throatle as I was pushing myself more and more into her. She was looking into him and more alterantively.
"I am coming Sanjana...I am going fill your pussy"
"yes yes..........." she said as I filled her and can feel her also letting it out.

The poor guy was clearly getting closer to his orgasm and sanjana went up to him.
"Would you mind splashing your juices over my ass" She said and bend infront of him presenting it to him. It did took more than 2-3 seconds for the guys his sperm came out over her beautiful GAAND spreading over it. He let a big moan out as he finished.

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Old 4th December 2009
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Next Part is fucking a Niger in the Bar

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