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Old 17th December 2009
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Mom fucked by India returned Son

All this happened a year ago. My name is Shalini and I am 46 and my son 26 now. It never is supposed to happen but it just happened. To be frank, I am a sex-craving woman. I always wanted sex and more of it often. I am married to my husband for 26 years now and I can say we were hot on bed a lot of those years. My husband is still hot even to this day but for the past few years sex has become a scarce activity in our lives. This started to take toll on me as I was getting hornier but my dear hubby did not have time to take-care of my heat. So I started seeking men who would take care of my passion between my legs. All this continued till the day my son came home.
My son Rahul left for US to work on Computers after he graduated here and he is coming back for good after his two H1 terms. I was seeing him after 3 years so I was very excited. I picked him up at the airport on a Friday. When I saw him for the first time coming out of the airport I could not wait any longer and hugged him tight with a lot of affection. Rahul also hugged me close to him but the thing happened after few seconds startled me. When Rahul hugged me he caressed my back which is pretty normal but slowly pushed his right hand around my back and underneath the armpit and squeezed the side of my breast. I was startled a bit and thought probably it's just an un-anticipated gesture, as Rahul didn't show any facial expression. I released myself and we walked towards our car.

Throughout our journey Rahul kept talking about all his stuff sitting beside me in the car seeming as innocent as my beloved son. Our rest of the day went extremely well and I never had another gesture from Rahul.

His Papa came in the evening and we kept talking as I prepared the dinner. After the dinner Rahul told us more about his stories and showed us all the gifts he bought for us. While opening the gifts Rahul's dad went to the toilet and Rahul suddenly gave me the packet he's been saving telling it for me. As I opened it I saw few pairs of very expensive Lingerie. I asked him who is it for expecting to get a name but instead he said they are for me. I was flattered but disgusted at the same time, as we mothers in India never expect to get their underwear from their sons. After his papa came I showed them to him and every time he asked who they are for he never replied. That was my second indication that something is going on in Rahul's mind.
We went to bed about 11pm that night and we arranged Rahul's bed in his room as usual. But Rahul insisted that he would sleep with us. First Rahul slept by his Papa's side but it didn't take long before his papa told him to sleep by my side as he is finding it hard to move around. Since I am smaller than both are they were ready to use me as meat in the sandwich. I first hesitated a bit but had to give in. So Rahul slept to my right and his papa to my left.

As I am nervous I turned towards my hubby and slept close to him. It was all well until Rahul's papa started snoring. Rahul turned towards me and after a while I felt his hand come on to me and a while after that he tilted towards and rested his whole body on my back. I was a bit nervous anticipating what he's gonna do as I felt his whole body lining up along my back...his chest against my back.... His stomach along my lower back and his legs along mine. The whole thing became erotic when he moved up his crotch against my ass and did a few strokes of simulated fuck against my ass rubbing his erection against my ass cheeks.

I got startled and immediately moved back to lie on my back as Rahul also moved along with me. The movement woke up my husband as he stopped snoring and adjusted himself to get back to sleep. Rahul though never moved until he heard the snore of his dad. By now I figured out Rahul is hitting on me, his own mother. But the incident did not madden me. It has been two weeks I ever had sex and besides I would have enjoyed somebody like him fucking me while my husband is sleeping by my side if he wasn't my own son.

Now I am in a state of shock and also feeling erotic. These mixed feeling tipped completely into horny side as my beloved son put his hand on my crotch parting all the entanglements of my saree and started fingering me. After a while he stopped and moved his hand up to caress his dear old mother's breasts. By now I am very high on horny side and could not stop Rahul. I probably started enjoying what my son is doing to me.

Rahul continued his activities until he suddenly stopped as I got to the point of my climax. He then immediately turned the otherway and then dozed off. It was very frustrating for me. I was furious but I could not do anything. I had to getup and go to the bathroom to relieve myself.

The next morning Rahul was a normal son again and never hinted me. On the other hand I felt a bit shy and avoided him touching me. Rahul never touched me either.

But in the night Rahul is back by my side and onto my body as soon as his father hit the snore track. This time he went far to open my blouse and caress my naked breasts and he even lifted my saree and petticoat to caress my mound and my thighs. I thought he would finger-fuck me but he didn't and as usual he left me unfinished feeling very horny.

The next morning he was back again playing a good son. But my feeling for him started changing as I started visualising him fucking me. The idea of my own son hitting on me took my feelings of perversity to a new height and made me anxious to what will happen next. The more I think about it the more I enjoyed it rather loathing it.

Since I am sure that Rahul will come onto me that night too, I changed into something comfortable wearing a nightgown so that he would have access to 'my parts' of 'his' interest. But my husband compelled me to change back to the saree saying 'sharm kar! tumhara bachaa tumhare paas so raha hai aur tum gown pehnogi?"

'Little did he know?!?'

Apart from this nightly event between me and my son we three had an excellent weekend. ed early as Rahul's papa has to get up early for work. So we had more time to play around. That night Rahul opened every button on my blouse and also released the saree and petticoat. He didn't whisk the garment below my crotch but he didn't have to. He got access to my already dripping pussy through the side of my petty coat. As I was in the anticipating mode he entering his fingers into my vagina. The first action of my son fucking me. Not with his manhood but with his fingers. I felt I am married again. Married to my son! I couldn't feel anything but ecstatic as my son finger-fucked me to climax. After I climaxed I was anticipating that Rahul would fuck me and was ready for it but instead he went back to sleep.
I have to tell you that by now I am more a wanton for my son's manhood than feeling guilty. By now I also realised it could be Rahul's sinister plan to get me to fuck him. But instead of feeling disgusted about it I felt great seeing what he had to go through to get his old mother to his bed. I felt lucky to be my own son's bed partner. I thought I passed the age of being an object of lust but little did I know my own son has hots for me. I started being more affectionate to him than hating him for his lust for me.

I had a good sleep that night only to be woken up by my hubby getting ready for his work. I got up, set my saree and blouse thinking about last night's happenings as I looked at my son sleeping away as innocent.

I got the breakfast ready for Rahul's papa as he finished dressing and had his breakfast. Another 15 mins passed by and my hubby left for work. After I bid goodbye to him I went to the kitchen to clean up the dishes and as walked in I was shocked. There's Rahul standing just beside the door and completely naked.

Before I could get out of my shock, Rahul grabbed me and gave me a big kiss on the lips pinning me to the wall and before I could think of anything Rahul's hands were all over my body. Then all of a sudden he caught hold of the loose end of my saree and pulled it forcefully. His force didn't give me a chance to catch my saree and on the other hand ended up losing all the tight entangles as the saree fell around me leaving me with my blouse and petticoat. Suddenly a rape scene in the movies flashed before my eyes as villains pull off the girl's saree and she pleads to them 'chhod do mujhe'. In my case the villain is my son raping his own mother and even though I am a bit scared I really didn't wanted to plead him to leave me. I guess most part of me wants to enjoy him raping me. Then he came near me and tore the hooks of my front-open blouse and opened my petticoat while kissing me. It's all happening and neither he nor me uttered a single word.

After he got me naked he took me to our bedroom, threw me on the bed, pressed himself onto me, parted my legs and guided his Lund into my chooth. That´s when I took a gasp and some air. Gasp because he penetrated me for the first time and air because he came onto me like a hound in heat and I don't know when did I took my last breath. My heart is pounding like a racehorse.

But the outcome was what we both wanted€¦naked on bed and he is fucking me. As if it was a muhurtam Rahul stopped after he entered me. We lay there on the bed unmoved with the ultimate union a mother and son could have. I could see Rahul's face glowing with pride, the pride that comes with a conquest, the pride of conquering his mother's vagina.

After a while he slowly pulled out his Lund (dick) out of me and thrust back into it. Then he started his act of fucking his own mother. He did not stay very long before he emptied his cum into me as I could feel his dick spurting his thick wad into me. Even though I have been fucked by many men apart from my husband I have never ever felt this good. Possibly because it is my own son who is bonking me. I felt like the cycle turned around me with my son who has taken birth inside my womb and came out of the same hole which after 25 yrs he is entering it. The same boy who sucked my breast to feed his hunger for food grew up to suck the same breast to feed his hunger for lust.

After he emptied his cum in me my son finally spoke saying "I love you mom!"

I couldn't say anything but to answer him saying 'I love you too! Son!'
After the incident I accepted my son as my lover. I stopped going to my kinky friends for sex. Why would I??

Rahul stopped sleeping with us as his dad realised it hindered his privacy to fuck his wife. So Rahul fucks me during the day when his dad is not around. It's very hard to get free time during the weekends and we utilise every possible free time.

The most favourable place for us is the bathroom when his dad is around. Our bathroom had an in-door to the toilet and Rahul goes to the toilet while I go to the bathroom for a shower. By the time I get to the bathroom Rahul is ready fuck his father's wife when his father's in the house.

Apart from all this perverse and cheating, my sex life has also been very fulfilling. Sometimes I even get away with four fucks a day with both men of the house getting two fucks each from the woman of the house. Sometimes I even got fucked by both men in a short duration.

Two months after my son made me his sex-partner he got a job with a computing firm here and had to go for training to Bangalore for a week. Since my husband is also going on a business trip, he told me to accompany my son to Bangalore. It was the time of my life. For me it was almost like my second honeymoon. We had sex like dogs in heat! He even penetrated me in my anus where his dad or anybody never entered. We were sexoholics and had lots a sex but little did we know we going to have a hangover that would last forever!

A month after we went to Bangalore, I lost my period. I checked it up with my doctor and she told me that I am pregnant. I was startled a bit but was happy since I always had sex with both my husband and my son. The happiness did not last long as the date of 'conceive' fell during the week we were at Bangalore. I was dumb-folded. I did not know what to do?? So I bribed the Doctor to change to date of conceivement. After everything is settled, I came to this world.

It's all over now. After 25yrs I am pregnant again. But this time my own son has made me pregnant. I am going to be the mother of my own grandchild. I am my own daughter-in-law.

The news quickly spread across to my husband and son. Both were amazingly happy about knocking their wife and mother. Rahul was also curious to know who's the father is? I teased him a bit showing the wrong certificate of conceivement and told him it could be any one. But finally I showed him the original certificate and I also told him about the bribery. Rahul was very happy that he is the father. He said he always wanted to knock his mother up. Both showered their affection a lot. In the following three days I have been fucked more than 20 times with each averaging more than three times. Rahul took leave for those three days and kept my pussy always wet. Once Rahul finished his fuck sessions during the day his papa took care of my cunt during the night. It was a vigorous and tiresome time for me. Sometimes they did not even give some time for me to clean up their semen in my pussy.

One day Rahul fucked me the whole day and at about 6pm he relieved himself one final time before his dad arrived. After he finished fucking me he got up off me filling me up after his dad's car pull-in to the drive and ran back to his room. I was still gasping from the fuck when his dad walked in and before I could get up to go to the bathroom; his dad pulled back on the bed and fucked me. He must have been so excited that he may not have realised that he has been getting the seconds. My pussy is soaking wet with Rahul's semen and my juices when my hubby started fucking me. So within few minutes time I have been filled by both my husband and my son. In those few minutes, a son fucked his mother, a husband fucked his wife, a secret lover fucked his secret wife and a father-in-law fucked his daughter-in-law.

10 months on I have given birth to a healthy baby girl whom Rahul's papa still thinks the baby is his. Rahul and I are proud of our daughter. She is two months now.

Our lives are more than normal now. Rahul's father is still a travel man. That gave Rahul to take care of his child more. Not to say he is also taking care of his mother more too! He is also drinking my milk along with his daughter. Now he also fucks me while his daughter is watching too!
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Old 22nd March 2010
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Old 22nd March 2010
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very hot.



and now Rahul will no doubt fuck his daughter soon!! is it??

great job done yaar.

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Old 23rd March 2010
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So hot....

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Old 30th June 2011
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Old 3rd February 2013
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Fantastic... Fuck your daughter too Rahul

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