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Thumbs up Ultimate Mom-Son Incest Story:Zaheer and his horny family

Disclaimer: The whole story involves various kinds of incest relations. If you don’t like incest sex, then please don’t read this story. And for the incest lovers, I guarantee that you will like this stories very much as I continued this story after getting a lot of positive responses from readers who read my stories under the name, Me and My Mummy Ruby. Parts of this saga is real life story. After reading the story if you feel it is not real, then think it as just another fantasy of an only adult son of a beautiful lonely and horny mother.


Zaheer = Me, a young boy, main character of this story
Rubina (Ruby) = Zaheer's mummy
Zafar = Zaheer's daddy
Neelu = Maid working at Zaheer's home
Zara = Zaheer's phupi (paternal aunt) and Zafar's sister.
Zubair = Zaheer's daadaji (paternal Grandfather)
Naeem = Zara's husband.
Faraz = Ruby's Brother and Zaheer's maamu (maternal uncle)
Sabaa = Zaheer's maami and Faraz's wife
Amina = Zaheers choti daadi, Zafar's stepmother
Asma = Amina's daughter
Naseema = Zaheer's Naani (maternal grandmother) and Rubina's mother
Imran = Zaheers Naana (maternal grabdfather) and Rubina's daddy
Anita = Gynaecologist doctor and fertility specialist
Jai = Zaheer's childhood friend
Madhu = Jay's mom (Madhuri)
Jatin = Jay's dad.
Ravi = Anita's maternal cousin (mamaaji's son)
Vishal = Anita's husband.

LIST OF CHAPTERS (with links):

Incest Saga CH-01: Zaheer Seduces His Mummy Ruby
Incest Saga CH-02: Zaheer Gets To Fuck His Mummy Ruby
Incest Saga CH-03: Mummy Tells Zaheer About Father’s Affair With Maami
Incest Saga CH-04: Maid Watches Son Zaheer Fucking His Mother Ruby
Incest Saga CH-05: Mummy And Son Include Maid In Their Secret
Incest Saga CH-06: Mummy Dresses Seductively for her Son
Incest Saga CH-07: Mummy and Son Watches A Porn Movie
Incest Saga CH-08: First Threesome - Son, Mummy And Maid
Incest Saga CH-09: Fucking Mummy in Car at Airport Parking
Incest Saga CH-10: Maid Reveals Her First Incest Secret
Incest Saga CH-11: Maid Neelu Gets Pregnant
Incest Saga CH-12: Zaheer Fucks His Mother Ruby Infront Of His Dogs
Incest Saga CH-13: Mummy Suggests Son To Seduce His Aunt
Incest Saga CH-14: Aunt Zara Visits to Fertility Clinic
Incest Saga CH-15: Aunt Zara Is Desperate To Get Pregnant
Incest Saga CH-16: Zaheer Invites His Aunt Zara To Fuck Him
Incest Saga CH-17: Aunt Zara Agrees To Have Sex With Zaheer
Incest Saga CH-18: Zaheer's Fuck Night With Aunt, Zara Phupi
Incest Saga CH-19: Mummy Ruby Wants Zaheer To Fuck Her Next Morning
Incest Saga CH-20: Aunt, Zara Phupi Is Pregnant
Incest Saga CH-21: Aunt Zara Fucks Her Husband While Zaheer Fuck his Mummy
Incest saga CH-22: Old Family Secrets Revealed-Aunt’s Incest Relations
Incest Saga CH-23: Fucking Mummy Ruby In a Hotel
Incest Saga CH-24: Aunt Zara Knows About Zaheer and Mummy’s Affair
Incest Saga CH-25: Aunt Zara With Her Father (My Grandfather)
Incest Saga CH-26: Rubina Mummy Anal-ized by Her Son Zaheer
Incest Saga CH-27: Another Secret Revealed: Daddy Fucked His Stepmom
Incest Saga CH-28: Daddy Zafar Ahmed seducing his Stepmother Amina Begum (FlashBack)
Incest Saga CH-29: Finally Zafar Gets His Stepmom
Incest Saga CH-30: Zafar’s Lust Story For His Stepmom
Incest Saga CH-31: Abbu Zubair and Sister Zara Knows About Zafar’s Affair with his Choti Ammi.
Incest Saga CH-32: Zaheer Fucks Zara Phupi & Ruby Mummyafter the Birth of His Baby
Incest Saga CH-33: Zaheer’s Daddy Zafar Returns From Dubai
Incest Saga CH-34: Daddy Zafar Comes To Know About His Sister’s Affair With His Own Son Zaheer
Incest Saga CH-35: Daddy Zafar Wants To Fuck His Sister Zara Again
Incest Saga CH-36: Zaheer Fucks Mummy Ruby After Daddy Leaves To Visit Choti Daadi
Incest Saga CH-37: Zafar Enjoys With His Mother Rubina After His Daddy Zafar Takes Zara Phupi Upstairs
Incest Saga CH-38: Threesome Again For Daddy Zafar, But This Time His Son Zaheer Joins In
Incest Saga CH-39: Zara Phupi Gets DP-ed, Her Asshole Get Penetrated After a Very Long Time By Her Brother
Incest Saga CH-40: Zaheer Gets To Fuck His Mummy Rubina Every Night When His Daddy Fucked Zara Phupi
Incest Saga CH-41: SON MOM & DAD INCEST - Daddy Gets To Know About My Affair With Mummy, And We End Up Doing Threesome
Incest Saga CH-42: Daddy Zafar Allows His Son Zaheer to Impregnate Own Mother Rubina.
Incest Saga CH-43: Zaheer Fucks His Mummy Rubina In Bathroom At Dawn When His Father is Sleeping
Incest Saga CH-44: Father Zafar and Son Zaheer Fuck Mummy Ruby in Morning Also
Incest Saga CH-45: Rest Time After So Much Fucking
Incest Saga CH-46: Daddy Fucks Mummy First And Then Mummy Sucks Son Zaheer
Incest Saga CH-47: Family Picnic Time
Incest Saga CH-48: Showtime – Mummy Rubina Puts a Show And Sucks Her Sons Cock
Incest Saga CH-49: Showtime Continues – Zara Phupi Fucked By Her Nephew Zaheer in House of Horrors
Incest Saga CH-50: Third Show – Zara Phupi Fucked By Her Brother Zafar in Picnic Change Rooms
Incest Saga CH-51: Last Show – Zara Phupi Fucked By Her Brother Zafar in Car Parking
Incest Saga CH-52: Zara Phupi Fucked by Daddy Zafar First and Later with Her Husband Naeem
Incest Saga CH-53: Mummy Rubina Ass Fucked by Her Son Zaheer While Daddy Watched
Incest Saga CH-54: Foursome Debut: Zaheer with Mummy Ruby, Daddy Zafar and Aunt Zara
Incest Saga CH-55: Maid Neelu Double Fucked by Zaheer and his Daddy Zafar
Incest Saga CH-56: Convincing and Fucking Mummy Ruby in Shower
Incest Saga CH-57: Zaheer and Mummy Ruby Plans To Get His Father Zafar and Choti Ammi Amina Closer Again
Incest Saga CH-58: Daddy Zafar Shares His Lover/Stepmother Amina With His Son Zaheer.
Incest Saga CH-59: Daadi Amina DPed by Her Stepson Zafar and Grandson Zaheer.
Incest Saga CH-60: Zaheer Fucks Mummy Rubina In Hospital After Knowing She is Pregnant
Incest Saga CH-61: Zaheer Asks His Daddy Zafar Not To Fuck His Pregnant Mummy Rubina
Incest Saga CH-62: Daddy’s Zafar Plans Threesome with Amina Daadi Again
Incest Saga CH-63: Daddy Zafar Fucks Zara Phupi One Last Time Before Going Back To Dubai
Incest Saga CH-64: Zara Phupi Back in Bed with Zaheer, But For a Short Time
Incest Saga CH-65: Fucking Zara Phupi Early Morning
Incest Saga CH-66: Fucking Zara Phupi Till She Leaves Back With Her Husband Naeem
Incest Saga CH-67: Six Months Forward – Online Sex Chat with Daddy
Incest Saga CH-68: Almost Got Caught By Naani - Fucking Mummy Rubina in Bathroom
Incest Saga CH-69: Fucking Mummy In Hospital While Naani Waiting For Us
Incest Saga CH-70: Almost Got Caught By Naanaji - Fucking Mummy Rubina in Garage
Incest Saga CH-71: Finding a MILF for Fucking
Incest Saga CH-72: Getting Close To Madhu (Jai’s Mother)
Incest Saga CH-73: Watching Incest Movie With Jai and Takig His Mom Madhu Out For A Ride
Incest Saga CH-74: Telling Jai About My Plans To Fuck His Mom Madhu.
Incest Saga CH-75: Meeting Jai’s Father Jatin Agarwal and Seducing his Mom Madhu
Incest Saga CH-76: Friends Mom Madhu Gets To Know Zaheer's CASSANOVA Image
Incest Saga CH-77: Madhu Wants to Know About Zaheer’s Affairs
Incest Saga CH-78: Madhu Falls in Love With Her Son’s Friend Zaheer
Incest Saga CH-79: Zaheer Finally Fucks his Friend’s Mom Madhu
Incest Saga CH-80: First Steamy Night Continues With Friend’s Mom Madhu Aunty
Incest Saga CH-81: Mummy Rubina Starts Lactating and Invitation to Fuck Aunt Zara Phupi
Incest Saga CH-82: Zaheer’s Affair with Friend’s Mom Madhu Aunty Continues.
Incest Saga CH-83: Zaheer Fucks His Aunt Zara Phupi in Marriage Party
Incest Saga CH-84: Jai Watches His Friend Zaheer Fucking His Mom Madhu
Incest Saga CH-85: Madhu Gets Caught RED HANDED By Her Son Jai
Incest Saga CH-86: Daughter is born to Mummy- Zaheer becomes Daddy Again
Incest Saga CH-87: Zaheer Tastes Mummy’s Milk & Lovers Come Congratulate Mummy Rubina
Incest Saga CH-88: Zaheer Fucks Zara Phupi in His Mummy’s Bed
Incest Saga CH-89: Zaheer Proposes Madhu Aunty To Carry His Child
Incest Saga CH-90: Weekly Duty Time – Fucking Amina Daadi
Incest Saga CH-91: Fucking Zara Phupi Again After One Month
Incest Saga CH-92: MOM SON Reunion – Fucking Mummy Rubina Again
Incest Saga CH-93: Fucking Friend’s Mom Madhu Aunty On Her BirthDay
Incest Saga CH-94: Planting Seed Of Incest In Madhu Aunty’s Mind
Incest Saga CH-95: Madhu’s First THREESOME- Knows About Zaheer & His Mummy Rubina
Incest Saga CH-96: Madhu Aunty Makes A Decision After Jerking Her Son Jai
Incest Saga CH-97: Another MOM-SON INCEST Starts: Jai fucks his Mom Madhu
Incest Saga CH-98: Jai Learns How to Fuck from his Mom Madhu and Friend Zaheer
Incest Saga CH-99: Zaheer Fucks His Naani (Grandmother)
Incest Saga CH-100: Zaheer Fucks His Naani Again and Again
Incest Saga CH-101: Zaheer Fucks His Mummy in Her Childhood Home in Village
Incest Saga CH-102: Taking Naani’s ANAL Cherry and IMPREGNATING Mummy AGAIN.
Incest Saga CH-103: Naani gets to know the HORNY INCEST FAMILY
Incest Saga CH-104: Back Home- Back to Fucking Other Lovers
Incest Saga CH-105: Mummy Rubina Gets Pregnant Again
Incest Saga CH-106: Fucking Madhu Aunty on Her Wedding Anniversary
Incest Saga CH-107: Fucking Madhu Aunty as Her Husband Lay Drunk
Incest Saga CH-108: Jatin uncle Learns about His Wife’s Infidelity
Incest Saga CH-109: Daddy Sponsers Zaheer's HoneyMoon with Mummy
Incest Saga CH-110: HoneyMoon Trip with Mummy
Incest Saga CH-111: Fourth Child - Madhu Aunty is Pregnant
Incest Saga CH-112: Madhu Aunty Tells Mummy Rubina About Her Pregnancy
Incest Saga CH-113: Madhu aunty Informs About Her Pregnancy to Her Husband Jatin
Incest Saga CH-114: Zaheer Gets A New Lover - Dr. Anita
Incest Saga CH-115: Zaheer & Anita Shares The Secrets of Their Affairs


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Smile CH01-Continued

Incest Saga CH-01: Zaheer Seduces His Mummy Ruby

Hi! I am Zaheer Ahmed, the only child in my small family that belongs to the upper middle class in Hyderabad, India. My father, Mr. Zafar Ahmed, aged 42 years, is a successful mechanical engineer, working in the gulf for a very reputed multinational company and my mother, Mrs. Rubina Zafar Ahmed (Ruby, as she is mostly called), aged 38 years, is a typical housewife, whose daily routine is to do household works in the day and watching the tv serials in the evening.

This incident took place when I was just a teenage boy and has given my 12th standard exams. I wanted to become a mechanical engineer just like my dad. I was waiting for the results and then to join a good engineering college in our city, Hyderabad for the coming three months I was completely free. Daily i used to go to play cricket in a park nearby and at evenings I used to watch TV with my mom Ruby and before sleeping the only thing that came to my mind was watching porn on my computer.

I could easily get the opportunity to do so as I had a separate big room of my own. Till now my life was as normal as any teenager. My mom is a very fair lady, with nice assets and without any fat belly and i always wondered how my father could stay away from her in some other country.

As most women in our community, she always used to wear the shalwar kameez dress at home and sarees at parties and nighty at night. She completely looked like a fairy if she wears all white colored clothes.
I always wished that my wife would be as beautiful as my mom but I never thought of her in the sexual way but little did I know that this incident will completely change my thinking and life.

One day my mummy, Mrs. Ruby was working in the kitchen, preparing lunch. She needed some utensil that was kept above the cupboard. She kept the stool and climbed it and just could not reach it as she was trying to extend her hand some more, she lost her balance and fell down on the floor and suddenly she shouted and hearing her voice and I came out running to help my mom.

I took my mom to the hospital and then she was treated. First i thought that mummy got a fracture in hand but after checking the x-rays, doctor said that there is no fracture, but just a muscle strain in shoulder and waist. She also had pain in shoulder and back.

Doctor recommended that she had a massage daily for at least 15 days. We went back to home after this. All the way back to home, I was thinking that who will give the massage to mummy and by this time mummy had already decided that she will get the massage from our domestic help Neelu. Next day, I woke up early to take the milk as my mother was sleeping.

I thought that mom should have some breakfast. I was about to enter the kitchen to prepare the breakfast, door bell rang and I went to answer it as I opened the door, i saw our maid Neelu standing outside. I came inside and Neelu followed me into the house. She was asking about my mom after checking that she was not around.

I told to her about the previous day’s accident and then she enquired about mom’s health. I told her to prepare breakfast for us as mom was still sleeping. She agreed and told “yes saab. I then went to my parents’ bedroom and saw my mummy sleeping.

I first called her but she did not responded then I thought of checking mummy for fever and went near her and sat on her bed beside her. I moved the blanket little bit and suddenly my eyes felt on mummy’s breasts. I could see a deep cleavage of hers. Wow! I thought but the next moment I realized that it’s not right and checked on my mom as soon as I put my hand on mummy’s head she woke up. Mom wished me good morning and I asked how she was feeling.

She said better but she still got some pain in hand and shoulder. I said not to worry and wake up for breakfast. She asked me what was the time and I told her that it was 10.
I also told her that Neelu is preparing breakfast for us. She said ok and got out of the bed to freshen up.

We both had breakfast together and there I told her that I have taken an appointment from a masseur which the doctor referred. She told no need to go and she will have massage from Neelu. I told her that she was a lady masseur and we can go there but she had already made her mind. She called Neelu and asked her if she can give her a massage and help in bath as she had pain in her hand.

Neelu agreed and said that her grandmother was a masseur in village and so she also knows how to massage someone. Mummy felt relaxed and told me not to worry too much. After the breakfast, me and mom were watching tv in our living room and discussing some things. I told her that she will not do any work and all the work including cooking will be done by Neelu. She agreed for this.

Soon it was afternoon and Neelu came to us and said that she is free now. I told to Neelu that from today onwards she will do all the work in home and for this she will be paid.

She was more than happy to get this offer as we were only two people in our home and so she had very less work. Mummy got up and moved towards her bedroom. Before entering in, mummy said to me that I should not come inside till she takes the bath. I agreed, thinking that she needs a good private massage as she never wanted anyone except my dad to see her without clothes.

So till she came out I was watching TV after the massage, she came out and sat beside me and I asked her that how was Neelu as a masseur. To this mummy replied that she was better than expected. This continued for three more days Neelu took over all the work in home and mom was completely resting, watching TV all the time. In the afternoons, she would give massage to mom and help in her bath. Everything was normal till then.

One day I was watching TV when our phone rang. It was a cordless phone, the one which was kept in my parents’ bedroom. Mom got that phone out as she was sitting in the living room all day. I answered the call and it was dad on the other side. He said he wanted to talk to mom urgently. I thought that it was an International call and mom would not like to miss dad’s call. So without taking her permission I went inside.

What I saw for the first time was my mom was lying on bed topless when I entered her bedroom. I saw that mom laid down on the bed on her stomach and Neelu was massaging moms back by applying oil. I couldn’t see her breasts completely but still I got aroused seeing my mom topless as I had never seen my very beautiful, conservative mom like this. She scolded me for coming inside without her permission. I said I was sorry and told her that dad wanted to talk to her urgently. She said ok and told me to hand over the phone to her.

I moved towards her bed and extended my hand to give the cordless phone. She turned to take it. Now this time I had a full view of her left breast. It was very fair. Much fairly than her face and to top this, a pinkish areola and a light brown nipple. I couldn’t control myself seeing her boob. She took the phone and told me to leave.

I moved out and as soon as I closed her bedrooms door, I ran into the bathroom in my room and began masturbating. This was the first time that I thought about my mummy sexually and masturbated thinking of the image of her boobs. That night I was very horny and again masturbated, but this time on the thoughts of fucking my dear mummy. After I ejaculated, I felt very guilty for thinking about fucking my own mother, who cared for me a lot but little did I know that after some days it would become a reality.

Everything was normal in my home from the next day but still mom was having pain in her shoulder and after some days we went for a checkup in hospital and doctor said to continue the massage. The massage sessions continued for the next one week.

One day we were waiting for Neelu to come. It was getting late so I got the breakfast from a good hotel. We felt good to have a change for our breakfast as I got dosas from a south Indian Restaurant. Mom said it was good and we were watching TV, still hoping that Neelu will come to do the work. Later in the afternoon, we realized that she will not be coming today. So I asked mom to take rest. Mom said that she got pain in her back. I asked her if she wanted to go to masseur, but she rejected. She said to me that I may do it for her just for one day, as Neelu will continue from the other day. First I thought that I should reject as I may not be able to control my feelings.
Then the evil in me thought that I am getting the only chance to stare at my mom and that too she is inviting me for that.

So I got ready and said I will be her masseur for a day. After some time, she said to me that we go to her bedroom for massage. As we entered her bedroom, she asked me to take the olive oil from her cupboard. Yes she used olive oil that dad gets from gulf. It is very expensive compared to other oils, but it is also effective for the massage. And I loved olives and its smell. I took the oil bottle and went near her. She asked me to open the zipper behind her as she had pain in moving her hand to her back.

I opened the zipper on the backside of her kameez (shirt) and saw a black colored bra against her fair skin then she took off her kameez over her head and lay down on bed. I couldn’t see her boobs from the front. I was disappointed. She told me to start by taking some oil on my hand and rub it on her back while doing so, I felt her soft skin in my hands and I began to get aroused. I rubbed her back and then her neck and then her hands.

Still, I had some hope that she will remover her bra and get topless. She said massage was good. Then she moved up and said that today she had to skip her bath as Neelu was not there to help her.

This time I saw her cleavage from front and then immediately after this she put on her kameez. I was very happy that Neelu was absent today, but also sad as I didn’t get to see mummy’s boobs completely and had to do some household works. The lunch and dinner arrangements were made from the restaurants.

To my luck, the other day also Neelu did not come to our home. I was happy that again I will get a chance to touch and feel my mummy. I was very happy in the noon time, after watching TV, we went to mummy’s bedroom and as the day before, I unzipped mummy’s dress and she removed it.

She was wearing the same black colored bra as she didn’t change it that day. I massaged my mom on her back, neck and hands. Today I didn’t expect her to get full toppless as yesterday she didn’t after massage, she got up and said it was nice. I was looking at her cleavage in the bra. I thought I should leave now else she will catch me staring at her boobs when I was near her room’s door, and about to leave, she called me out and said that she didn’t bathe last day and she has to bath today. So she asked me if I could help her out. I was surprised to hear this because I was never expecting her to tell this to me, but I accepted her proposal as an obedient son.

She got up from the bed and moved towards the bathroom. I thought that she will get into shower like that only wearing her shalwar (pants) but again I got surprised as she was opening the knot of her shalwar. After she untied her shalwar string, she released it. Her shalwar fell down to the floor, around her ankles within a second, passing her smooth legs. She got out of them and kicked them aside.

She was wearing a black colored panty with small red flowers printed on them and perfectly matching with her black bra. I got a full hard on this time as for the first time I was seeing my beautiful mummy semi naked, only in her bra and panty.

I thought I would ejaculate anytime but anyhow I controlled. She went into the bathroom and I followed her in. Once inside, she made the hot water ready and sat down on the stool. She signaled me to start it. I took the water in the mug and poured over her head while doing so, I asked her why she needed help in bathing. She asked me if I was feeling ashamed in doing so. I said no, I am not. She told that she could not move her hand back. She could only wash herself from forward and not in back or her hair. I then took shampoo and washed her hair and then applied soap on her back.

While doing so I moved my hands from her back to her thighs. She stopped my hands and said she can do it on her legs and other remaining parts. Later, she told me to leave. But before leaving she told me to unhook her bra as she couldn’t do that too. While unhooking her bra I was unable to control myself and I ejaculated in my pants.

To hide this, I poured some water on my pants. After I unhooked her bra, she saw my pant wet and asked about that. I told her that water fell on my pant when I was washing her back. She smiled and asked me to leave. After bathing, she again called me into her bedroom. I was little late as I was busy playing with my cock in my bathroom.

When I went to her room, she was standing in her shalwar waiting for me to come and hook her bra. I went near her and touched her nude back and hooked her bra when I was about to leave soon after hooking her bra, mummy said me to wait for some time as she also wanted me to zipper up her kameez. I soon left her room after zipping her kameez. This incident made me super horny for my mom. I wished that she bathed completely nude before me and give me pleasure to touch her beautiful silky body.

I masturbated that night too, thinking of my mom and imagining bathing her completely nude and making love to her in shower itself.

Next day, I woke up early before mom the milkman came and I took the milk. Then I got on the couch and while watching tv , I was wishing that Neelu will not come today also and was dreaming to fuck my mummy. Just then door bell rang, I went to answer it as I opened the door, my dreams got shattered. I saw Neelu standing before me and very sadly I moved back inside home and soon Neelu followed behind me. She asked about my mother and I said she is sleeping. She said sorry for not coming to work for last two days and very sadly, I asked her the reason.

She said that her mother is not well and she urgently had to go to the village to attend her mother. I said ok and she was going to start the work. Mummy was still sleeping hard in her bedroom. I thought that if today also I was alone with mummy, I would get another chance with her to massage her beautiful body and also bathe her. Who knows if luck would favored me and she will remove her bra while massaging and bathe with me full nude. I could see the chances as mummy was opening up with me.

Then suddenly, the evil inside me gave me an idea. I asked Neelu how her mother’s health was now. She said that it is ok, but she is still in hospital. So I got my wallet and took out two thousand rupees (as most of the money was with me as I was the only one to get the stuff from market) and gave it to her. I told her that she can go on leave for one week and come back and join then. She was more than happy and told that she will go after completing today’s work. To put my plan in action I said no need and told her to leave immediately. I made her leave soon before mom woke up.

Later we had breakfast and mom was very angry with Neelu to miss the work again. I mischievously said that maid’s are very irresponsible and maybe she did not like to massage and bathe her. I also said “don’t worry mummy, I will do all the work”. I was very happy that mummy called me again to her bedroom for the massage.

I got the olive oil bottle and went near her and opened her kameez zipper. While removing her kameez she was telling about irresponsible behavior of Neelu. She told that these maids don’t come when we need their service at most. Then I thought she would be lying down on the bed, but instead, she got up. I was thinking what she will do now. She untied the string of her shalwar and removed her shalwar and turned around.

I saw her and was lost in her beauty. Before my eyes, was standing my own mother, only in a white bra and sky blue panty. Wow, she was looking like a sex goddess as she came near me, got on the bed, I thought she will push me on the bed and get on top of me and take out my dick to suck but I was completely wrong. She came but just lay down on bed and as usual asked me to start the massage. As I was rubbing her back, I was looking at her ass which was barely six inches from my mouth. I just wanted to eat her beautiful white ass under the blue colored panties.

I wanted this massage never to end, but also I desired to see my beautiful mom all wet with water while bathing. So I completed the massage and was waiting for my mom to get up and enter the bathroom. After sometime, when she didn’t get up, I told to her that it is bathing time now. She just asked me if I can massage her legs also. I was confused. I asked her that if she was having pain in her legs also. She said no. I asked her then why on legs. She said that Neelu used to give a good massage and one day she suggested to mummy that she take massage on legs also.

To this mom agreed and she gave an excellent massage even on legs. Mummy said that from that day onwards, Neelu daily gave her full massage including her legs. Then my mummy told me that I am also not bad as a masseur and she hope I will give a better massage than Neelu did.

Now I was more than happy because I also got a chance to touch my mom’s silky legs and fair milky thighs. I thought I could also squeeze her ass a little bit and I got an opportunity to do as I thought. I slowly moved my oily fingers all over her legs and thighs and also on her panty covered ass.

She was feeling too good while I was enjoying her body with my hand. I thought that daddy was a real stupid that he left my mummy alone here to earn money over there in the gulf. After sometime, while I was still enjoying her seminude body, mummy stopped me and told it’s enough for today.

I was sad for not putting my hands under her panty. She got up and moved towards the bathroom and I followed her and once inside she made the hot water ready and sat on the stool. I got behind her and took the shampoo and washed her hair. Then while I was applying soap to her back, I asked her if I was not good masseur as Neelu. She said that I was better than her. She said that I did it as a strong man like a real masseur. I was happy to hear this from my mom and I got some courage to take a step further.

When I completed soaping her back, I moved my hands on her stomach. She said that she can rub her front body. Then I went in front of her and for the first time I was looking at my mother’s wet body from front and so close. I told to mom, that if she enjoyed my massage, then she will enjoy this also. I then sat on the floor in front of her and extended her legs and kept them on my lap while I was applying soap on her thighs.

I was looking at her panty covered pussy. She saw me and covered it with her hand. When I saw her, she was smiling and avoided to look me as she was shying and instead looked down. When this too was over, she asked me to unhook her bra and leave. I did as I was ordered to as I had some more days to execute my plan and then I left the bathroom and closed the door. After sometime, mummy completed her bath and wrapped a towel around her body. When she came out of her bathroom, she was shocked to see me on her bed.

She asked me what I was doing in her room. I said that she may again need my help to hook her bra and kameez. To this she smiled and went to her almirah to take fresh under garments and clothes. This time it was a white colored panty with pink hearts printed on them and a white bra.

Then she wore panty and the shalwar (pants) with the towel still wrapped on her body. Then she went into bathroom and put on the bra and came out. She called me up to her and told to me that my waiting time was over. I was asked to come and hook her bra and then the zipper on her back.

I got down from the bed and moved towards her and then I put my hands around her waist and said that she could have worn the bra infront of me as I have seen her bare back many times. She smiled and said nothing. I hooked her bra then she put on her kameez while zipping it I kissed her neck and said if she need me anytime just call me.

She thought I was offering my help, but I was offering myself to her. This second day of my plan, I was more than happy to touch all over my mummy’s body minus her private parts. If everything goes smooth, I planned to get access to my mother’s private parts also.

Next day, I woke up hearing the door bell and went to answer it. I hoped that Neelu was not behind the door. So I went and checked it. The milkman was standing out. I went and took the milk and there he was asking about my mom, as she used to take milk daily when I had to go to college. I told him that as I am not going to college, she is waking up late. He went away after giving the milk.

I went straight to watch TV and was thinking that even milkman is missing my mom. I also thought of what to do with mom while massaging her and I thought of doing some progress today but at a slow pace.

[font=Arial][size=3]I want my mummy also to enjoy with me. So, I did not have the intention of raping her now. I kept it as my last option, if nothing worked out but I was happy with the progress. Mummy didn’t wake up early and soon it was 11 am. This time she came out from her bedroom and joined me on the couch.


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Thumbs up Incest Saga CH-02: Zaheer Gets To Fuck His Mummy Ruby


Then we had brunch and some usual talk. I decided not to ask her for massage and let her invite me to be her masseur again. After some hours, she asked me to come to her bedroom. I wanted this to make a little seductive while I was moving behind her, I unzipped her kameez zipper in the way to her bedroom itself.

She said to wait till we reach the room. When I got the oil bottle, I saw that she was already on the bed waiting for me to join. She removed her shalwar and kameez and she was only in this white-pink panty and the white bra she wore after bath the previous day.

I got on the bed and started massage by putting some oil on her back. After I massaged her back, neck, shoulders and hands, I went down to do on her legs before she told me to do there. I asked mummy if she feeling good. She just made a sound hhmmmmm after some time, she didn’t move, so I thought she may have slept. So I thought this was a good opportunity and I moved my hands over her milky thighs and panty covered ass.

I took hold of her panty covered ass and squeezed it softly first and then a little harder when she did not responded. Feeling this she moved and turned around. She said that was enough for the day and we better head towards bathroom. I thought she was mad at me. To avoid this, I gave her a proposal, that if she wanted, I will also massage her thighs from front before she said anything, I slowly pushed her back on bed saying that she will enjoy more and made her lay down on bed and took some oil and put on her thighs.

Now my mother was lying seminude in front of me and I could feast on her body from front. While I was looking at her body and massaging her and she was looking at my face. She knew that I was looking at her panty covered pussy but what she didn’t know was that I was looking at her pubic hair that was protruding out from the side of the panty.

When I moved my eyes towards her face to look at her reaction, she just ignored making an eye contact with me and looked at the ceiling or somewhere else in the room. After doing her thighs from front, I also put some oil on her stomach and also rubbed there. She didn’t say anything and I got encouraged by her reaction and then I got on top of her.

I placed both my knees on the either side of her hips and my hard cock was touching her belly button. She asked me what I was doing. To avoid her embarrassment, I told her that if I massage her shoulders from front, she may recover quickly. She didn’t say anything and looked away from me towards the painting on the wall of her bedroom.

I just smiled and continued to move my hands around her neck and shoulders and hands. While doing so, I was rubbing my cock inside my pajama over her bare stomach. I was sure that she was feeling my hard cock after sometime.

She was breathing heavily as she was starting to get aroused and to control her sexual urges, she told me that was enough for the day, and I too realized that I was doing this for a long time and didn’t want the situation to get out of control. I got down from her body and moved out of bed and moved towards the bathroom first. She followed me inside the bathroom.

This day, I prepared the hot water for her and she sat down on the stool. Then I went behind her and took off my clothes too. She saw me doing so and asked me why I was removing my clothes. I told her that all my clothes are getting wet daily.

She was satisfied with this answer. Now I was just standing in my boxers. I took the shampoo and started washing her hair and then her back. Then as the previous day, I moved my hand to wash her stomach. Seeing her reaction I thought she was expecting me to do this.

Then I went in front of her and sat down and took her legs and kept them on either side of me and was washing her legs and thighs from front. After that she told me to unhook her bra and leave. This time I didn’t move behind her to unhook her bra. Instead, still sitting in front of her and I moved forward so that as she was sitting in my lap.

I moved my hands from her thighs, through her hips and her back and then finally to her hook on the bra. Now I wanted this to go slowly. I moved forward as much as I can and also made her move towards me. My boxer covered cock was rubbing on her panty covered cunt and while my hands were moving through her back I was kissing mummy’s neck.

Finally she was panting slowly and in a very soft tone she said “beta do it soon.” What I did next was never expected by her. I didn’t get up from there. Instead I moved my hands around her back to her shoulders and hold both the straps on her shoulder and moved them downwards.

She got angry, moved away from me and asked me what was I doing and took help of her hands so as to save the bra from slipping away from her boobs and not to expose her bare breasts. I just said her to relax and said don’t worry and I am just washing them. She said that she will do it. I wanted to do this and told her not to worry. She was hesitant at first but finally gave in as she also wanted it to happen. I took her hands and moved them sideways and removed the bra and exposed her boobs. She was not looking at me.

I took some lotion and applied on her boobs and massaged them.
I did it softly as I knew that if I squeezed them hardly she may scold or even slap me and stop everything here. While I was rubbing her, I noticed that she was enjoying a lot. She closed her eyes and was moaning slowly and her breathing was increased now.

Then I left her boobs and slowly she opened her eyes and she was sad that I stopped. I really wanted to see get expression from her before going any further. Then I took water and poured all over her body. Now she was looking at the hard on I had in my underwear. Smiling at me, she said that she will not allow me to remove her panty now.

I just concentrated on one word now, which means she is ready to remove her panty and get completely naked for me later. I thought of doing this job the next day and said her that I want to ask something to her and she asked me what. I said it is personal. She asked she will decide after listening to my question. To this I replied that her pubic hairs are big and she will remove them or not. She said may be tomorrow. I moved out and gave her some privacy to remove her panty and clean her pussy. Before leaving I said, “Mummy I am waiting for you in bedroom. Please come fast”. She smiled and looking away from me continued her bathing.

Once she was back in her bedroom, she moved towards the almirah with a towel wrapped around her to take her clothes and undergarments but I had already selected the undergarments for her when she was washing her pussy inside the bathroom. I called her and showed her panty.

Seeing this she came towards the bed. I told her that I got one from her almirah. She took it and wore the panty and shalwar then took the bra from me and turned around to move towards the bathroom but she didn’t get inside. Instead, she stood right in front of me.

I slipped her towel from her body and once again exposed her boobs to me. Now I was confident that mom was in with me in this game. She said to me “are you happy now beta! Yesterday you dint like it when I went inside bathroom to wear the bra. You wanted me to wear this bra here itself infront of you.”

I nodded my head in complete agreement and said thank you mummy after she put on her bra, I went to her front and put my hands around her waist and then on her ass and asked that she was not shying from me now. She said not now, because you have already seen me semi nude many times and today you even saw my boobs.

I also touched them for a very long time I moved my hands from her ass to hook her bra even after hooking her bra, I didn’t let her go from my embrace. She moved my hands and freed herself from my hold and took the kameez, wore it and went outside her bedroom before leaving, she said that I was very naughty today and to behave the rest of the day as an obedient son, I was controlling my urges as I knew that my plan was getting on track and soon I may be successful in my mission.

That whole day, I was very happy and went out at night to my friend’s birthday party. There I was enjoying very much with my friends as I met them after three weeks.

My best friend noticed that I was very active and happy. He asked me the reason. I thought of sharing the massage experiences and the desire to fuck my mummy. But then I realized that I may be doing the biggest mistake as he will go and tell to everyone. I also thought that he would also blackmail me to get into this plan of fucking my mother because I knew that like other people even my friends also liked the beauty of my mom and may have desire to fuck her. So I decided not to tell anything to anyone. Not even to my best friend.

It got very late when I returned back to home.I had the door key, so I didn’t disturbed my mummy for opening the door. When I went inside, I saw the parcel food packets on the dining table. I understood that mummy already had her dinner and have retired to her room. I went on to check her in her bedroom. Her rooms light were switched off and she was already on bed sleeping.

I closed her bedroom door and went to my bed room and changed the clothes and tossed on the bed. I was very excited and was waiting for the sun to rise, so that again I would get the opportunity to touch my beautiful mummy’s body and soon I too slept.

Incest Saga CH-02: Zaheer Gets To Fuck His Mummy Ruby

A new day started as I woke up from my bed, my eyes directly went on to the clock on the wall. I was late. I thought that my mom may also be sleeping today. So I got up and went to pee and then took my toothbrush. Still brushing my teeth, I came out into living room and found that mom was watching TV. I asked her when she woke up; she said that she woke up to take the milk. I thought that bastard milkman was very happy to see mummy taking the milk today.

I went back to my bathroom to clean my teeth and get fresh when I came back; mom said that breakfast was ready. Now mummy prepared the breakfast after so many days.I went and started the breakfast and told her that she may have told to me to get the breakfast. She said that she did not want to disturb me as I may have arrived late in night and couldn’t sleep properly. She also said slowly that she was feeling better now because of my massages. I smiled hearing this and she also smiled.

Later, in the day I was doing some household works and today mom too joined me. I said I can manage, but then also she insisted she will do something. I didn’t stop her then after most of the work was done, I told mom to go and enjoy the TV. She went to the living room and took the remote of TV after completing the work.

I too joined her and she said “beta I feeling completely well now.” Hearing this I thought mom may not agree for massage now but still I was confident that even if she didn’t need massage, she will need some fun, which she found in our massage sessions. I was waiting for my mom to ask for massage but she didn’t. I was looking at the clock above the TV but she didn’t ask to me.

So finally it was getting late. So, I put the proposal forward that she must have been very tired and I will give her massage. She said no need I was confused hearing this.
I can't understand what to say next after half an hour again I asked her. She said no. Now I was dying to touch her and after some time I pleaded to her to let me give her massage.

I said that I am sorry for yesterday and I will just rub her from back and not touch her boobs. She looked at my face and started laughing loudly. Then she said she enjoyed what I did with her. She also said that she don’t want massage right now. She said may be sometime later in evening and she will tell me when she wants massage from me. Now I was sure that mom also wanted to enjoy our fun time.

I was eagerly waiting for that time. Soon it was evening and her TV serials started which she never missed. When she got busy with her TV shows, I thought that I will not get anything today and soon we also had dinner. I was very sad as she was enjoying TV shows, but she also noticed my sad face. All the TV shows were finished and then mummy went to kitchen to get the water that she keeps in her bedroom in case if she feels thirsty at night. After taking the water bottle, she moved towards her bedroom. I was just sitting on the couch with a remote in my hand and continuously changing the channels.

Mummy was standing near her bedroom door, turned around to face me and called my name. I looked at her to check if she needed something. She said to me beta, I need a good massage before I sleep today. So come to my room. Hearing this, I jumped with joy and seeing me smile, my mom also smiled.

Soon, I switched of the TV and then just followed her into her bedroom the next second. Once inside, I went to take the oil bottle from the cupboard then I turned around and I did not see mummy near her bed. I moved my eyes to the other corner of the room. Mom was standing near the bathroom door.

I thought she must be going to pee inside but instead, she called me up to her and said that she would like to have bath first and then the massage. I asked her why, to which she said that she feels very relaxed after massage and wanted to feel the same way whole night.so she wanted massage after the bath. Then she asked me to unzip her kameez. She could have done it herself but she wanted me to enjoy. she was in seductive mood. I went behind her and unzipped the zipper of her kameez. She did not remove her kameez still.

Meanwhile she was trying to undo the strings of her shalwar. Still standing behind her, I moved my hands around her waist and moved her kameez above then finally I took the string of her shalwar, indicating that I will undo that too for her. I just pulled the string and the knot opened and I released the shalwar, so that it fell down onto the ground around her feet.

She moved her legs and came out of the shalwar and kicked them into the corner of the room. I put my hand on her panty covered ass and then she turned to see me and I told her “mummy, put your hands up in the air”. She did as I told her and I moved her kameez above and then removed it over her head.

I put my hands on her waist and told “let’s continue in bathroom”, indicating that I will remove all of her clothes inside. Then she asked me if I was not removing my clothes. As soon as I heard this, within seconds, I removed my clothes and was standing only in the underwear infront of my mom. She smiled and we went into the bathroom.

We both, just in our undergarments, came inside the bathroom while I was preparing hot water, mom, now sitting on the stool was looking at me and after I finished, I took the shampoo and lotion and went behind her to start her bath at that time.

She said me that she doesn’t want to bath first. I was confused hearing this. First she says that she wants to take the bath first and now she was saying that she don’t want to take bath first. I reminded her that she only said that she wanted to take bath first before massage.

She smiled and said, yes beta! I want to take bath first before the massage but i also want to do one more thing before you bath me. I asked what she wanted and she told to me, yesterday, you said that my pubic hairs are long and I must cut them and so I'm thinking of doing it first.

Now i was very happy that mom will finally remove her pubic hair and she saw me smiling and said but, hearing this I stopped smiling and looked at her hoping that she may tell me to go out till she shave her hair instead she asked me, “did you remove your pubic hair?”

Suddenly I blurted out I did not remove them for last two months. She looked at me smilingly and said before she removed her pubic hair, she will remove my pubic hair. I was happy to hear that she was interested in watching my cock with the silly excuse of removing my pubic hair.

She asked me to get my shaving kit. I ran to my room in underwear only and came back with my full shaving kit within in a minute. She took the razor and foam from it. She told me to stand in front of her and then she put her thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down. My semi hard cock was suddenly out of it.

Yes, it was not completely hard as I tried my best to control my feelings also now I was habituated of seeing my mom in nude. She looked at it and said oh my god! My son has grown up into a beautiful man now.

Listening to this compliment from my mummy, I felt little proud. She made me stand in front of her and I thought she will be taking my cock in her mouth at any moment but then mummy shake the foam cream bottle and sprayed the foam on my cock. She took the razor and took hold of my cock with her left hand and started shaving me with her right hand. My cock, feeling the softness of her beautiful hand began to get hard.

She then shaved all my pubic hairs and then put water on it to clean the portion. After that she washed my razor and kept it aside. Now, all my pubic hair was removed and my cock was looking clean and fair. She then said to me that it was my turn now. I asked her “mummy, do you shave your hair or just trim them. She in return asked me “how I would I like it to be”.

Now, my mom was asking me how I will like her pussy, clean shaved or trimmed. She was asking for my opinion. She wanted to keep it my way. I was very happy to hear that how I wanted her pussy to look. I thought that she would be asking me to shave her pussy because she did it to me but I liked the pussies with some hairs in the porn films so I said I don’t want to see her pussy clean shaven.

So I told that I will just trim her pussy, she asked how? I got up and again ran into my room, this time completely naked. I took the trimmer from my drawer and again ran back into mummy’s bathroom. She was sitting there playing with water while waiting for me to return. I came behind her and said “by using this trimmer”. Now I was ready to see my mummy’s pussy. I instructed her to get up. She stood up before me and I sat down on her stool.

I made her come in front of me. Now my mom was standing infront of me with bra and panty on and my face was waiting just 6 inches away from her pussy.
I rolled my hands from her legs, through her thighs and finally on her waist. I was ready to remove mummy’s panty. Make her nude to trim her pussy.

She told me to wait and before removing her pubic hair, one more thing to do. I wondered what that would be. She said me to remove her armpit hairs. I was happy to do this but angry to delay seeing her pussy.

She first put her left hand up in the air and told me to remove the hair there. I also got up and put my left arm around her waist and got her close to me. I slowly trimmed her armpit hair.

Meanwhile she was playing with my hair using her right hand after I completed she raised her right hand up to complete removing her armpit hairs when I was done with that too ,she said me that I have done a good work then she said that now I can trim her pussy.

Now I could not wait anymore and sat down the next moment. I put my hands around her ass and pulled her near me. She told easy tiger. I moved my hands from her ass and put my thumbs in the waistline of her panty and looked up into her eyes and she winked at me.

This made me go mad and I moved her panty down in a second. I was dumb for some time. She got out of her panty and kicked it aside in a corner. I didn’t notice all this. I was just lost in this scene. Then my mummy put her hands around my head and while stroking my hair called my name. I came back to my senses I thought to myself looking at her pussy. This sweet pussy is a palace that belongs to my daddy. But soon I will be taking it over from him, that too without his knowledge.”

Mummy asked me, what happened beta? I said mummy, for the first time i am watching a pussy, she asked me how it is? I told it's good but I will make it yummy in some time. My mom was standing so ashamed exposing her pussy in front of her own son. I was staring at her pussy lips and her vagina was looking very young as she didn’t get fucked much then I took my trimmer and moved towards her pussy looking into her eyes.

When I switched on the trimmer, mummy then moved her eyes to look down the trimmer that was now near her pussy. After that I again switched off the trimmer.
Mom asked me what happened. I adjusted the level on the trimmer and said her that I want her pussy to have short hairs instead of trimming it completely to zero level. She smiled and again saw the trimmer approaching her pussy. When the trimmer touched her pussy cutting the first of its hair, she closed her eyes and moaned a bit while trimming I asked mummy, “Why don’t you remove your hair regularly? You should maintain it”. To that she replied “for whom should I maintain it. No one cares for it, so why should I?”

Soon, it was completed and then it looked better and I thought if I remove them completely, she may look even sexier but I thought that I will do it some other day citing it as another reason to see her naked and asking her for a shave on pussy. I took the water and put on her pussy to wash away the trimmed hair that got placed between her legs and I told her, “From now on, your pussy will be maintained as now you got someone who cares for it even more than you do”. She told, “So from now on, the one who cares for it will only maintain it”, I smiled at my mummy.

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Smile CH02-Continued


Then without telling anything, I put my hands around her naked ass and pulled her close to me and made her sit down. I moved my hands around her back to unhook the bra. I told, “Now that I've seen all parts of my lovely mummy, she will have no objection in getting completely nude in front of me”. She smiled and said “Anything for my darling son”. Her bra was removed and my mom for the first time was all naked from top to toe. I brought my hands to her boobs and took then in my hands and squeezed them hardly. Now I was sure that she will not stop me from doing anything to her.

I knew that she will be mine tonight and she smiled and told me first help me with bath, I will allow you to massage me nicely once we are on the bed. I took the shampoo and lotion and began her bath. This time I was doing all this from front and by looking into her eyes and mummy was also looking into my eyes and both smiling to each other while I was washing her pussy, I pushed my left middle finger into her pussy and she moaned lightly. She told me not to get so naughty. I removed it then only.

She then took the soap and was bathing me now and amazed by her action, I saw her and she told me that she was bathing me after so many years. She said that the only difference was last time when she did it, I was a small child and this time she was bathing her adult fully grown son. Saying this she took hold of my cock and began soaping it. She didn’t want me to ejaculate now. So she soon removed her hand and said “it’s enough for today and control as much as you can”. I said “don’t worry mummy, I am controlling very much. Whenever you want I will loose my control.”

She understood what was the meaning of my words. We poured water all over our bodies to remove the remaining soap. I stood up and got her a towel. We wiped each other’s body and then she put the towel around her beautiful slim body and moved out but I was still naked and followed her to her bed.

Once we were in bedroom, she spread an old bed sheet on bed. I couldn’t keep my hands away from her body. Sometimes I was playing with her ass or sometimes I was squeezing her boobs or kissing her neck. She told me that her new bed sheet would be stained by the oil.

Mummy moved me away and she sat down and then lay down on her bed with towel still around her body and I got the oil in the meanwhile. I then climbed on her bed and kept the oil aside. I then opened her towel by taking the end which was tucked near her boobs and exposed her full naked beauty. “Wow!” I blurted out. for the first time I was seeing mummy full naked on bed lying seductively as if she was inviting me with a wicked smile.

Mummy asked me why I said wow. I told her that I am seeing a nude woman for the first time laying in bed. She said that I saw her previous day also to which I replied that I didn’t see her fully nude and saying this, I moved my hands around her pussy. I anyhow decided to control myself and make this night best for not only my life but also her life. at least I wanted it to be better than her wedding night so that she don’t have any regrets after fucking with me. She asked me that I was a virgin till now. I nodded my head indicating yes.

Then she put her hand on my semi hard cock and stroked it and told that she was expecting her son was still a virgin. She was so sure because I was in boy’s school till now. I moved back so as to avoid contact of her body with my cock.

If I would have not done this then my cock would suddenly be full hard and then ejaculate my cum on her beautiful body. I was doing this all to control myself and not ejaculate till I do anything solid. Then I took oil and told her to turn around, thus stopping all our talk. I put some oil on her back and started rubbing her full back and neck at first.

She started to talk to me. She asked me if I missed a girl’s company, I told to her that it was fun in boy’s gang. She said not just enjoying. I understood what she wanted to say. I told that I enjoyed with a girl but never fully while talking this I was squeezing her ass and then I moved to her legs.

She asked me which girl I enjoyed with. Now, there was a girl in our relatives. She was my mummy’s cousin’s daughter. I told her name and mummy asked if I loved her. I said I like her and but she was asking to me if i fucked her or not. She asked then how you enjoyed with her? I told her I sometimes press her boobs and kissed her on lips.

while talking I continued massaging mummy’s bare back. I moved my hand downwards pressing her ass crack and I also touched her asshole. I was getting excited by talking all this. I got an idea. I poured a little excess oil on her ass and it begun flowing down.

She asked me which girl I enjoyed with. Now, there was a girl in our relatives. She was my mummy’s cousin’s daughter. I told her name and mummy asked if I loved her. I said I like her and but she was asking to me if i fucked her or not. She asked then how you enjoyed with her?

I told her I sometimes press her boobs and kissed her on lips. while talking I continued massaging mummy’s bare back. I moved my hand downwards pressing her ass crack and I also touched her asshole. I was getting excited by talking all this. I got an idea. I poured a little excess oil on her ass and it begun flowing down.

I moved my head towards her ass and licked the oil from there. She asked me what I was doing. I told her that a little excess oil came out and as olive oil was my favorite, I could not resist. She knew it and said that’s why I was so healthy. She and dad knew that olives were my favorite and dad used to send the olive fruit boxes regularly from gulf as they are very expensive here in India. He wanted his son to be healthy than other boys. when there was no objection from mummy to lick her ass, I also licked her bare back after licking my entire mummy’s back.

I thought that now to do the same to her front body. I told her to turn around and she did. I started by pouring oil on her stomach. Then I massaged her hands, shoulders and thighs. Now I concentrated more on her private parts. I took some oil and started massaging her boobs. She was enjoying it very much. Mummy closed her eyes and was moaning in pleasure slowly. I got on top of her and sat above her stomach as the previous day.

I was tickling her nipples and hard squeezing her big boobs. Her nipples got hard. I noticed that I was also getting very hard. I thought to stop here or I will explode so I moved down.
She suddenly opened her eyes and asked me if everything was fine. I said everything is fine but I am hungry and want to eat olives. She asked me why now? I told her that smelling her like olive made me hungry. I then nakedly ran away into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, took the olive box and moved back towards my parent’s bedroom.

While I came back and got into bed again, mom told me, “If my smelling like olive made you hungry, you can eat me”. Now I got a clear green signal from my mom. I knew that now she wants to get fucked by me.

I said I will eat her also along with the olives. We both laughed loudly I wanted to fuck her right there, but I thought of some foreplay before that as she was enjoying very much. I again got on her top as in previous position and now I went into the shoes of her lover and took the oil bottle from the side table.

I poured some oil on her chest, just above her gigantic breasts and in the middle. The oil started to flow down between her globes and began to spread on her stomach. Some oil went to the sides of her waist on left side and some got accumulated in her naval.

I moved my head towards her belly bottom and started to lick the oil from there. Then I put some oil on her boobs and placed two olives on both her nipples. My mummy was laughing when I did this and the olives fell down from her boobies. I asked her to stay still and she did.

I again took the olives and put them on her nipples. One by one I ate the olives from her breasts and also bite her nipples too. Mummy was moaning with the pleasure. Then I moved a bit down and picked some olive from its box and placed in between her globes in a line and took this line till her belly button.

I ate them one by one as I picked the last olive from her navel, I kissed her there and her stomach was shaking. She loved this kind of foreplay. So I thought of extending this love game for some more time. When I looked at her, she had this complaining but naughty look on her face. She told me that I am not massaging her and getting naughty with her.

I went near her face, put my hands in her loose hair around her head, puller her head so that her ears were near my lips and whispered “don’t worry mummy, tonight you will be getting the best massage of your life.”

I will rub each and every place of your body, even all places that you never thought of tonight will be the best night of your life. She listened to me and smiled then I moved my head away from her ears and then looked at her pussy. She also looked where I was looking then again I looked at her and said get ready mommy. She thought I was going to fuck her and but I did not I took 3 olive pieces from the box and moved towards her pussy.

I spread her legs apart and she happily spread them for her new lover and I touched her pussy and inserted one of my fingers. She was just thinking what I was going to do with her and after spreading my mummy’s pussy lips, I put these three olive pieces in her pussy one below the other. I arranged them in such a way that half of the fruit was in her pussy and remaining half on the outer side. Till now she got an idea of what I was going to do with her and then I got in between her legs.

I moved my mouth lips to her hairy pussy lips. I started from the bottom one. I took the first one with my teeth. Then for the other one, I took my tongue out and touched her pussy a little as there was some place vacated by the olive that I had just eaten. Now there was only one olive left in her pussy. I wanted to take time on this. So I just rolled out my tongue and licked her bottom of the pussy. I moved my tongue a little bit inside.

There I tasted her juices. She was already wet from my seduction. I moved my tongue more inside her pussy and was licking her juice. She suddenly put her fingers in my hairs and pushed my head more into her pussy. I licked it upwards towards the olive in her pussy.

Once my tongue touched the olive fruit, I didn’t use my teeth. Instead I pushed my tongue more inside her pussy so that I could remove the fruit with my tongue.
I took some time to tongue fuck my mommy as the fruit came into my mouth, I began to eat her pussy along with the fruit as the hungry lions eat their prey. She was moaning loudly. She was shouting loudly “aaaahhh beta do it slowly eat it. I was dying to get this kind of pleasure. Your daddy never gave me such pleasure. Do it son, do it to your mother.” She was moaning so loud that, if anyone else present in any corner of the house can listen to her moans.

I thought to myself that being alone with my mummy in such a big house was an advantage for me today. When I finished, I took an olive from the box, placed them in my lips and moved towards her face. Once there, I indicated her to eat the fruit. She took the fruit with her lips from my mouth. The next thing she realized was that along with the fruit, she was also chewing my lips and tongue. Yes, we were kissing passionately.

Now, we were lying side by side on her big queen sized bed. One of my hands was caressing her right boob and other was in her hair pulling her head towards me. My mother’s both hands were on my face pulling me towards her and she made sure that this kiss lasted very long time. Finally I broke the kiss as I was choking, to get some air. She then got up a little and told me if you like to lick there, then why you did not shave me completely.

You must not have enjoyed due to my hair and I said no mommy I like some hair on you and you call it pussy or cunt in sexual language. She then moved her right hands towards my cock and asked me and what do you call this? Taking her hand away from my cock I told and we call it cock why are you asking this entire mommy and dad must have used all this words when you fuck him.

She told me “no beta, your daddy ever uses English words while having sex with me, he always uses Hindi words, and what is this ‘FUCK’”, she asked me. I told her that doing sex is called fuck then she asked me “Don’t you like when I touch your cock with my hand?” I told to her “No mom! I like it very much and my cock gets rock hard when you touch me but I don’t want to cum or ejaculate right now. I want to enjoy you” and she took my face in her hands and said, “Then son, if you want to enjoy, don’t give your cock to my hand give it to my mouth. I want to eat your cock”. I told to her, “Tell you want to suck my cock”. She told “Yes, I want to suck your shaved cock.

Your daddy never shaved his cock hair completely and he just used to trim it and I don’t like to take his hair in my mouth. When I tell him to do that, he used to say that its place is not in the mouth but in my cunt hole. Sometimes he allowed me to take it in my mouth, but only after he emptied his entire load in my pussy.”

I told her, “sorry mommy I am too hot now. I don’t think I could control for some more time. I don’t want to give my cock in your mouth right now”. She asked me “Then when will I get to suck on your cock.” I put my hand on my mummy’s ass and pulled her on me partially and said “Mummy, I don’t want to empty my first load in your mouth. I want to put my virgin cock deep into your pussy and fuck you till I cum in your pussy.”

She got down from my body and put her hands on my face and kissed me full on lips and said “Don’t make me wait more my love. I want to take your virginity in my pussy. I am dying to get fucked by a manly cock please fuck my brains out.” I too did not want to wait anymore. I just got on her top and she spread her legs to give me a quick access into her pussy. She guided my full hard cock with her right hand from under her thigh and placed it on her pussy lips.

I told her “Mommy, I may not last longer this time but I promise I’ll give you a good fuck”, to which she said “I know sonny that this is your first time and don’t worry about it but just try to hold on as long as you can.” I kissed on her lips and said “I will try my best mommy.” Saying this I pushed my cock slowly into her cunt after it went half inside, I took it out again and then again pushed it. She put her hands around my body and holds my shoulders tightly.

I began to increase my speed even though I was a virgin; I knew how to fuck a lady, as I have watched that in porn a million times. Soon I was fucking her with great speed and she was moaning in ecstasy. She was telling “Yes son put it in there, my cunt is hungry for your juice and give me all your juice, please son, your daddy leaves me here full hungry for cock give me your cock help me beta.”

My mummy’s legs were wrapped around my ass and I was getting aroused by listening to all this and felt like I was to explode anytime. I tried to control a lot but finally after six minutes of banging my mummy, when she told loudly “Fuck me beta……. make me yours….. make me unfaithful………. I wanted to be unfaithful to your daddy……… he does not cares for me, for my love for him. I loved him so much and in return he cheats on me……. he is happy fucking there with that bitch. You make me your bitch. I want to be your bitch. Make mummy your bitch.”

After hearing all this; I felt my sperms boiling inside my balls. I told loudly to my mummy “Ooohhh. I am cuming mommy, take my cum” and my mummy still her hands held to my shoulders more tighter and legs around my ass said “Yes son, give me all your cum. You are the only man that I can ask for sex. Your father doesn’t care for me. Fuck me….. Give me your juices” and finally I let my cock open its valve and inject my hot potent sperms into my mummy’s young fertile pussy after filling my mummy’s pussy with all cum that was boiling in me for the whole day, we both fell exhausted. I was still on her body, both of us breathing heavily and my cock getting limp and moving out of her pussy. We were passionately kissing each other and after some time.

I moved from her body and lay down beside. She got up and took my hand under her body, around her shoulders and put her right leg on my body and kissed my chest then she came and kissed me on lips and told “that was wonderful son. I fell so satisfied by you thank you.” I kissed her on her shoulder and caught hold of her boob and told to her “Mummy, I want to know all about your sex life with dad. Each and everything and the secrets that I didn’t knew till now. You said that dad was fucking some bitch promise me that you will tell me everything.”

She said “Yes beta, I will tell you everything but not now. I am happy tonight and I don’t want to get sad by telling all that. I am not finished with you. I want some more from you. I never got such a pleasure from your daddy. Are you able to give me some more pleasure?” I pushed her on her back and pinned her hands on bed and put my legs on her legs and told “Mommy I am so hot for you that I can give you pleasure for the whole night. I will fuck you in many positions, and this time I think I can fuck you for a longer time.”

She laughed and said “Nice then, I got a hunk with me in bed now. Your father never tried new positions with me. He always wanted to do traditional missionary and those which gave him pleasure. He never thought of my pleasure. But first fulfill your promise.”

I asked “what promise??” to which she replied “I want to suck your huge cock”. I was feeling so satisfied that tonight all my plans had been successful and now that finally I fucked my mummy, I wanted our relationship to continue and after reminding me of my promise, mom took a towel and wiped our combined juices on my cock with it and then after playing with it for some time; she finally let my semi erect cock into her mouth.

She kept on sucking my cock as a baby sucks a lollipop and meanwhile I was fingering her pussy. I was feeling very bored after some time. I pulled her ass towards me and made her put both of her legs on either side of my shoulders. She continued sucking on my cock. Now we were in a 69 position. Mummy loved it very much. I moved my tongue inside her pussy and began to insert it as deep as I can I could taste my own cum inside her pussy. She was ramming her ass into my face after some time, I asked her mummy, “I want to fuck you once again.”

She said – “I need your cum in my mouth.”
I said –“I want to fuck you now, not in your mouth but your pussy but instead of cuming in your pussy I will cum in your mouth.”
She agreed and moved down from my body, lay down on bed and by spreading her legs, invited me to get on top of her and without wasting any time, I moved on her with my cock in my hands to position it on her love hole. Once my cock found its way, I pushed it again inside after fucking her for five minutes, mom said to me, “I want to get on top of you”. I said, “sure mom!!” and without removing my cock from her pussy, I rolled beside her on my back.

Now she was on top of me and she got in a perfect position. Keeping her legs on either side of my hips, my mummy began to ride my cock and our fucking sounds filled her room as my balls were slapping her ass, they produced so much sound as someone made a big noisy clap. I got in a playful mood that I pulled her on me and took her nipple in my mouth. She hold her left breast and was feeding me like a baby and while I was sucking and biting her nipples.

I was also playing with her right boob with my one hand and my other hand caressing her ass. She was kissing me on my forehead and was keeping on telling me repeatedly, “Zaheer beta, now you are the only one who can satisfy me. Now I want to make love to you…. Yes son more deeper …..ooohhhhhh yes………. fuck me please” saying this she used to move her breast out of my mouth and then moved her face down so that she could kiss me.

After breaking our kiss she again put her breast into my mouth after fucking her for another 5 minutes and I began to feel cum boiling in my cock. I told her mommy “I’m cuming……..” After hearing this, she soon moved down from my cock and went down on my cock. Now once again mummy was taking my full cock in her mouth. I took her open hair those were covering her face, in my hands and moved them behind her ear, so that I could see her clearly sucking on my cock.

Finally, with on hand, I hold her head and with other the bed sheet and told to mummy, “I’m coming!” Now I was ejaculating in my mummy’s mouth. I was counting on how many squirts I ejaculated in her mouth but after counting 6 I stopped and got lost. She began to take as much as she can and I was going on cuming in her mouth.

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magnificient start Zaheer bhai
keep it up and keep it hot..
really goooood

back in the fucking arena.

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Post thanks

Finally, I stopped and she moved my cock out of her mouth opening her mouth. Mommy showed me how much cum I ejaculated into her mouth and how much she drank. Mom said “beta, you ejaculated more than what I expected.” I too was surprised with this because I have never ejaculated so much in my second consecutive ejaculation while masturbating. I told to mommy, “I never ejaculated so much while masturbating and this is only because of fucking you, mommy”. To which she said “I also never enjoyed so much with your daddy, but fucking my own son gives me so much pleasure and more over thinking that, my own son has hots to fuck his old mummy makes it more interesting.”

I said “Mummy, you are not at all that much old. you are enough young to be a mom again” when I said this mummy soon realized that she is doing unprotected sex with her own son. She said “ohh you are right, I may get impregnated by you. While fucking, I forgot that I am still fertile enough to have babies.”
I said “don’t worry mummy, you can take an after pill within 72 hours. I have seen this on TV. In between this time we can fuck many times.” She smiled to this and said, “I want to fuck a lot with you son, but right now, let’s get some sleep it’s too late now and we will talk tomorrow but you are a very wonderful man in bed. Thank you beta!!” saying this mummy got up from bed and went into bathroom to clean her and I too followed her in bathroom. We both had a shower together and soon came out.
I took her in my arms and said to her “No need to take any clothes. We will be sleeping nude only” and I took her to bed. She pushed me on the bed and came on me. Mummy kissed me full on lips and said “Now be a good boy and have a very good night sleep now. Neelu may come tomorrow morning.” I smiled to my mom mischievously and I took her on me and told her “mommy, I want to confess something to you”, she asked “what confession you have to make now, did you lie to me that you are a virgin? I said “no mommy it’s not that”. She asked, “then what?”

I told, “Neelu is not coming for 4 more days and she is not irresponsible.” She asked me “Why you are talking in her defense”. I told “Neelu did not come because her mother is sick and admitted in hospital and her mother needs her and that’s why she is not coming”, she told “And who told you all this?” I said “Neelu came for work three days back. You were sleeping then and I asked the reason for her absence, she told me everything.”

She said “Then you must have told me everything then only”. I said “Actually I wanted to hide all this from you. Because of her absence only I was able to get close to you and your sexy body”. I was kissing her body while talking and I continued “If I would have told you everything, then you would not take massage from me” and she said “silly boy! I liked the way you touched me. Your touch on my body made me feel different. I felt like I wanted to do it again. That’s why I was getting so comfortable with you. I was not caring that you were my son. If you had fucked me the day I took off both my salwar and kameez for massage, I would not have complained. I knew I would end up having sex with you.”

We both laughed loudly then we looked into each other’s eyes and she asked me “Promise me that you will love me the same way”. I told her “Before, I never had any sexual feelings for you, but from the day I saw you topless getting massage from Neelu, I wanted to fuck you from some days. I will love you the same way, but you should never regret about getting fucked by me.” I pulled her heads towards me and kissed her passionately till we felt asleep.

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magnificient start Zaheer bhai

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Wow all i did was read this story and jerk off beautiful story continue bhai

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zaheer bhai,
thanks for your reply
waiting anxiously for next update...
back in the fucking arena.

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