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Old 31st March 2010
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Wife Molested in Exhibition Centre

I hope you all will enjoy reading and I will be waitng for your replies and continue with the story as your desires.
vicky kumar

Wife Molested -
Reluctant Housewife made to pleasure strangers by her Hubby

well dear frnds I am 34 yrs old and my dear wife is 28 yrs old nooooooo young very fuckable wife Sunita.I wont waste your time by describing her figure and such sundry things. In short she can be described as one very sexy babe with average height and fair complexion.

I have one fantasy which is not ok with Sunita, which is guys feeling her body in crowded areas like bus, train, shopping malls, market etc. Though Sunita knows about this fantasy, but feels its more like a rape then fun, so I at times do this stuff secretly, like deliberately taking her out to verycrowded trains and buses and let people grope and pinch hersexy boobs and ass.

But over the time somehow i have convinced her to induldge in my fantasies and since it has boosted my sex drive a lot [especially after a couple of such incidents in buses and trains] and our sex life has improved , she also started participating in such acts and sometimes wears very revealing dresses in crowded places with me around.After our such adventurous outings, in the night while fucking my dear wife i would ask her all sort of weird and dirty stuff like, 'us budhhe ka lund kitna bada tha, kya uska poora khada ho gaya tha and when she would say "yes haan us saale harami budhhe ka lund pura garam aur khada ho gaya" tha tau i would say, "saali randi, teri jawani ko dekh ker tau budhhon ke bhi khade ho jaate hai tau jawan ladkon ka kya haal hota hoga "

And the other time i would ask her like " arre darling woh jo do ladke tere peechhe lage hue the woh kya bol rahe the aaps me teri jawani ke baare me" and she would tell me some cock and bull storyusing very explicit words, which she knew aroused me to great heights[?].

Although I had no means to know whether she was telling me all truth or it was mixed with lies but I would get immense pleasure hearing dirty comments about her, especially from her own mouth.

On my part, besides BETTERand more satisfying fucking I would also buy her some gifts [the cost of which is directly in proportion with her willingness to fulfill my desires, like the more she does exposure, the costlier the gift} this gave me another hidden satisfaction of being hubby to a nearly whorish wife, this part of the fantasy even my wife also didnt know]

Once I and Sunita had gone to a consumer fair in Bandra Kurla complex , it was a Saturday and crowd was pouring like hell. Seeing the crowd my dear wife Sunita immediately said to me "ab pata chala ki kyon tum yahan per shopping ke liye aana chahte the"
I asked her "why" knowing fully well what she meant.

Sunita" because is crowd me koi mujhe chhedega aur tum dekh ker apna khada karoge aur maza loge aur phir raat ko meri aage-peechhe dono taraf se cassette bajaoge"

I said "You are wrong meri jaan, KOI nahi balki KAI SAARE log tumhare is sexy badan ke sath masti karenge aur mein dekh kar maza lunga.Ab tum maza karna aur mein peechhe reh ker maza lunga, now be a good wife and enjoy yourself in the crowd. All the while we were talking in low whispers.

I always kept a little distance from Sunita so that people think that she is all alone. I saw many guys ogling her sexy body, since she was wearing a sexy sari, low cut blouse from back and fronts and was wearing a black bra inside a blue
blouse, which made the black bra visible more then the blouse.

I was so hard that I had to keep rubbing my cock from my pocket, I saw men staring at her ass like there is no tomorrow, even young kids looking and passing dirty comments like “Kya maal hai”, “ufff kya makkhan malai hai” , “ array gand hai ke godam”, “mujko ek bar ye boobs mil jaye, mai phir baccha ban jaoo”(If I get these boobs, I will be a kid again) etc .All
this was exciting me to no limits.

Sunita being a woman, was busy browsing things and bargaining as we were re-doing our furniture and interior, she often stopped at place to buy show
pieces, rugs, furniture pieces etc. and guys had fun like no end. I kept a distance and had already told Sunita to keep walking and not wait for me,as even I want to buy stuff myself,[ whilst actually all i was doing was following her closely and seeing people taking advantage of her sexy badan].

On one of the stalls I saw a guy of around 30 staring Sunita since long. He then gathered some guts and caressed her big gaand 2-3 times very lightly. when he saw no adverse reaction from sunita he got emboldened and placed himself right behind her, just an inch away, I could trace a hard on in his pant, he even bumped her in a couple of occasion, being in a crowd, Sunita hardly cared or noticed this and he got the liberty to do more and more, he kept looking left and right to check if someone is watching him and now was literally rubbing his erect lund on sunita's vishal gaand. I was finding it strange that sunti wasnt opposing the stranger in any manner. Maybe she hadnt even realized by then that some pervert is enjoying her sexy gaand and her equally [or should i say more] perv hubby was enjoying seeing his wife being enjoyed by others.

Suddenly Sunita backed up a little to walk away and bumped right on his cock, this time Sunita felt his hard cock I guess, as she stared at him and then
cross eyed she watched his crotch area to check his hard on, and gave him such a stern look that he was now scared to be behind her.

Then she started looking for me and finding me looking intently towards her and that guy she signalled me to come near her. When i went close to her she complainingly told me " Tumne dakha woh sala harami kaise chance maar raha tha bheed ke bahane aur tun khade-khade dekh rahe the. tumhe aaana chahiye tha na usko bhagane ke liye."

I said [in very low voice]"darling woh bhi kya karta bechara , aaj tum itni jyada sexy dikh rahi ho ki budhho ke bhi khade ho jaayenge tumhe dekh ker aur phir is bheed [crowd] ka fayeda kaun nahi uthayega. Is shaher mein tau yeh aam baat hai. Aur agar itne chhoti-chhoti baat per mein jhagda karne laga tau aaj tau pata nahi kitne logo se ladna padega. So just relax and do your purchasing"

Sunita [almost whisperingly] "haan- haan , tum kyon ladodege, tum tau yehi chahte ho ki log mujhe chhede ,mujhe dabaaye aur mere mamme noche aur tum dekh ker maza lo. Dekho kaise khada ho gaya hai tumhara, jaise us aadmi ke sath-sath tumne bhi meri pichhadi ka maza liya abhi , tum bahut gande pati ho"

After some time, we reached the garment area, which was heavily crowded especially with college kids and all , this was the best place that the things happened, a group of 3 college kids, maybe around 19 – 20 yrs of age were hovering behind Sunita and they followed her everywhere she went, they
would turn by turn rub their cocks on her ass, rub their hands on her ass and feel it, even touch the side of her boobs with their elbows making it look like accidental, 2 or 3 times Sunita looked at them, then she realized that these kids were playing and fooling around, she started walking, but the kids followed her, she then stopped at the canteen and called me on the mobile, asking me where I was and
then she told me to come to her at the canteen, as some kids were fooling around,

I told Sunita, come on darling let the poor kids feel you, whats wrong yaar,
I am loving it, they wont be able to do anything more, just let them have some innocent fun, let them learn, Sunita was first furious and said I am not in the
playful mood, then I told her if you do this , I will buy you the new Diamond Pendant [ woth approximately 50,000/- Rs.] you wanted since 3 months (I anyways had planned to buy it as our wedding anniversary gift), she said ok, but just forsome time, then you have to be with me , I agreed and said but you will have to let them play with your sexy body and dont oppose at all to whatever they do, as it is since it is a crowwded place so they wont be able to do much just some harmless fun and , which i will enjoy more than them and maybe you also like the size of their cock and its warmth which i am sure you are going to feel on your ass so just enjoy and let others enjoy and besides Diamond Pendant set you might get some additional surprise gift from me. And one more thing whenever you feel uncomfertable just call me from your mobile and i will be right there.
She then walked past the kids and look straight in the eyes and smiled,

TO BE CONTD.....................

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Old 31st March 2010
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repped u
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Nice, Please continue

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Old 3rd June 2010
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Please continue...

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Old 3rd June 2010
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when are u likely to continue

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continue man 1 and half years no update

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great ...........

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