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Old 17th May 2010
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Wink Bangladeshi Gay Sex

Recently, back in 2009 I went to Bangladesh. It was early June and extremely hot, and hot weather can make you do things which in normal conditions, would seem depraved. It did not take me long to get well acquainted with my village boys, most of whom were my age. I would spend countless hours watching them working whilst I smoked an infinite number of cigarettes, 5 star to be exact, a widely smoked brand of Bangladesh..
I would watch, in the searing heat as they ploughed the fells, with their bronze torsos’ glistening with sweat from the merciless sun. I had also made a habit of going to my local bazaar much often, their I meet a young fellow by the name of Shuhel. He was at least two years younger than me. He owned a shop, and I spent much time in his company, joking and chewing on the endless paan which was so readily available in Bangladesh.
A few instances I noticed that he would do certain things which made me question his intentions. For example, as soon as we greeted one another, he would shake my hands and then slap my buttock cheeks ever so slightly. First this seemed normal, but as time progressed, it was almost a habit of his. I did not say anything towards this as I did not want to offend him in any way what so ever. Shuhel was the third amongst five brothers.
The oldest of whom managed to hustle his way through to London. They were a wealthy family in Bangladeshi standards. He was an inch or two smaller than me, and dark skinned. Most people in Bangladesh were dark anyhow, but he seemed to possess complexion which was almost chocolaty in tone, and also a very handsome physique and face. As our friendship increased, so did his physical contact towards me.
Now, whenever we met, he would hug me as though he had not seen me for years. Yet the way he hugged also seemed peculiar to me as well. Instead of the normal manly hug where only the chest makes contact, he would hug me in such a way that not only our chests embraced, but also our groins. There were instances where I felt he was almost digging his hips into mine, and due to us wearing lungis most of the time, which was basically a piece of cloth covering our legs, thighs and privacy,
I could swear that more than a few times, I felt his semi-erect penis rubbing against mine! But before I could make an assumption, he would finish his hug, and just when I turned around to sit down, came his trademark slap on my buttock cheeks! As strange as though these encounters may be, I somehow, almost subconsciously found myself getting highly turned on by these homo- erotic situations, and laying every night talking about sex with my other village uncles, did not help the matter.
My uncles, who were much older than I, would come at night, we would chew paan together and smoke cheap Bangladeshi cigarettes, and they would relate highly erotic accounts of their sexual encounters. These ranged from my uncle’s having consensual sex with other men’s wives – being invited to their friends house and their friendship being expressed by the host having his wife fucked by his guest as he looked on – sometimes by two or three men at the same time, to stories of men having sex with men, and how widely spread it was in
Bangladesh, to the extent that one in every five men in Bangladesh, had sexual contact in one form or another with another man. They related to me of private sessions at night, where village men would gather after a hard day of work, about five or six of them, play cards, drink and smoke marijuana, sing songs and then have sordid sex orgies with one another. Women were rare, was the reason as they put it to me, so the only way a man could fulfill his non- marital desires, would be to have sex with another man.
These stories were saturating my mind with uncontrollable lust. Women were rare to find in Bangladesh, and it seemed wherever I asked for female companionship, they would tell me I’m better off sleeping with a man/ boy because that’s more easier then sleeping with a woman and the way they said it made it seem so casual and almost trivial as if gay sex was something normal – and should be expected.
Gay men in Bangladesh, unlike in other countries, were free to do as they wished without any fear of homophobic reprisals – because gay sex was so widespread almost like an epidemic. Slowly I began to understand why homosexuality was so widespread and rampant in Bangladesh. Man is naturally endowed with a higher level of desire and lust than women, and hence, if he cannot fulfill his desires with a woman, then what is he to do? Those who did not know, turned to homosexual acts to fulfill their soaring lusts.
I myself have had homo-erotic encounters with men in Bangladesh. For instance, a cousin brother of mine, the son of a doctor, once asked me if I could show him my cock whilst we slept together in the same bed at night. Being young and not knowing any better, I did. And then I gasped as he started masturbating me with his hands while he rubbed his own cock. He rubbed and squeezed my throbbing cock thoroughly from helmet to balls with his right hands whilst he masturbated his own cock with his left. It felt so good.
I was so horny I wanted so much to plant my aching cock deep inside his dark fleshy buttock clefts, but unfortunately it did not materialize. Our sex act was only limited to masturbation. He was the first man whom I had deep sexual feelings towards even to this day. I sometimes fantasize of meeting him; together going somewhere private wherein we indulge in hot, sweaty gay sex. Even as I write this my cock is throbbing with lust!
What I would give but to get a whiff of his fat, dark and aromatic ass crack! What I would give to bury my face inside his widespread ass taste his moist shit-hole with gusto! What I would give to bury my throbbing cock inside his warm crack! But, I have had the privilege of embedding and rubbing my cock between another man’s fleshy buttock clefts countless times – and let me tell you, the feeling and sexual high is phenomenal. Ooohh!
The feeling of my cock choking between a pair of warm, wobbling cheeks is a feeling like no other, an experience of which I will cherish for the rest of my life! And when my cock would rub against his moist anus, the smell of his delicious anal aroma was so intoxicating, so potent – no smell on earth, whether it be Yemenite incense, or Arabic jasmine, could compare to the smell of his sweet bum-perfume! Even as I write this, I can smell his mouth-watering anal aroma while I rub my throbbing cock.
Indeed, my only wish is to elope with him one more time, and maybe take our relationship one step further by not only spreading his magnificent bum-cheeks to smell his anal perfume, but to lick his sweet anus thoroughly before having un-protected penetrative anal sex with him. And then him do the same to me; I am so looking forward to the day I bend over doggy style, my fleshy ass cheeks in the air with a big fat juicy cock inside my tight ass –
Having that cock fuck me deep inside my tight aromatic ass-crack, and afterwards, me sucking that juicy cock hungrily, tasting and swallowing my own mouth-watering shit-sauce down my throat – is my ultimate dream! Mmmm! Delicious shit!
(After reading this, one would assume that I am gay, when in fact the opposite is true. I am not gay. I love sex in any way or form, I feel it incumbent to derive sexual pleasure and gratification from any means possible, even if it entails me burying my throbbing cock deep inside another man’s juicy ass! I may be a sexual deviant, a sex-addict, a fetishist, a bum-lover, kinky-sex lover, but that does not mean I’m gay. I just like experimenting, I am a sexual adventurer, I am a wayfarer, an explorer, the Marco Polo of lust)
My own relationship with my friend Shuhel were to take a dramatic turn. Our hugging and petting had increased to such a level, that I almost looked forward to seeing him every day and ‘feeling’ his generosity. Then one day, out of the blue, he told me if I would be interested in coming to his house that evening as everyone would be at a wedding ceremony, including his brothers. I immediately responded with a nod of appreciation and thereafter, could not even light my cigarette probably due to the thousands of butterflies which were swirling inside my stomach, and an intense heat gripped my groin almost unawares.
After a while of talking, joking and playing, I took my leave. “ 7 o’ clock sharp’’ he implied as I got up wiping the cigarette ash from my lungi. Just then , he hugged me, yet this hug felt different from all the others that I received from him, I could almost feel his semi-erect member trying to rip through our lungi material and entwine with my already throbbing member, ‘’don’t be late’’, ‘’I wont’’ I replied and left, my heart racing like wildfire and the blood within my very veins boiling with uncontrollable lust
It was 7 o’ clock sharp, dusk was almost approaching. I approached Shuhel’s house with a head intoxicated with vivid fantasies and depraved desires. He stood outside on the porch, his face lighting up his dark features as he spotted me approaching. Immediately he hurried towards me and flung his body into mine for an embrace of such intense magnitude, I felt my insides would pop out! We turned around and started walking up the stairs together when much to my surprise, he placed his hands upon my right cheeks and squeezed it gently,
Before I could acknowledge the presence of his hands on my buttock cheeks, he changed his tune to VCD’s, the Bangladesh equivalent of DVD’s.Would you like to watch a few films’’ he cried with anticipation ‘’ yes’’ was my immediate reaction. ‘’ I have top quality American movies’’. We went upstairs towards his room ‘’just stay here for a second, I’ll be back’’. He returned back with a big glass of Shorbot;
Bangladeshi drink made of lemon. He had no chairs in his room, so I lay back on his bed comfortably as he played the movie. Just then, I sat up with shock, the American movie’s my friend was talking about was none other than American hardcore porno! ‘’blue –films’’ as he corrected me. Both of us lay together on the bed as we watched opened mouth at the screen. A guy with the biggest, most fattest cock I had ever seen, was fucking a beautiful blonde woman, who seemed to resemble Britney Spears.
She cried out in ecstasy as he parted her fleshy buttock cheeks, suckling her sweet bum-hole before thrusting his giant prick deep inside her tight anus – fucking her with a force and fervour akin to rape. By now, my cock was throbbing as I watched her squirm, yet strangely, I felt my attention was more on the man and his big prick, and the way the blonde babe was sucking his cock, like her life depended on it!
I looked over at Shuhel, it was clear he had a big hard-on as myself as his lungi could not contain its mass. He looked over at me and smiled. I felt embarrassed and looked away back to the screen, yet he did not take his gaze away from me. Just then, he stood abruptly, blocking my view from the TV screen. I looked up at him, gently, he raised his lungi up to his waist, I tried to look away but my carnal cravings gave in; his big brown throbbing cock was glistening with sweat and pre-cum,
I was amazed as to how similar it was to mine. Without a word, I stood up, my heart racing like a wild stead. I untied the knot from my lungi and let it fall to the ground, until my big aching cock also lay in its utmost splendor. Shelim looked down, and then back up at me again and nodded with appreciation. All the signs of friendliness were gone from his face, he uttered nothing. Deep down inside I guess we both knew, what we were about to do needed no explaining…
I groaned as his big throbbing cock embraced mine, we hugged like two lost lovers, meeting after a lifetime of absence. Both placed each other’s hands on each other’s fleshy buttock cheeks, it felt as if I was embracing my own reflection because of how similar both our physiques and body contours were. We grabbed each other’s dark buttock cheeks and pushed ourselves deeper into one another. I felt him breathing heavily down my neck as he rubbed his throbbing cock against mine, our pre-cum intermingling with one another.
The room was saturated with the smell of our sweat and the anticipation of sordid sex, especially our hot pricks due to mass friction against one another. Gently, and ever so slightly, Shelim lowered his head until his face was level with my chest, and then proceeded to suck upon my nipples, his tongue drawing lines around it before being sucked into his warm mouth, this made me mad with passionate lust!
After he finished, I did the same to him taking it a bit further and licking his chest, and devouring the hot musky sweat that was being emitted by the both of us. Then the inevitable happened, without any signal whatsoever, we kissed. Our lips entwining as one and our tongues deep inside one another’s mouth, sucking out our saliva like an ant-eater searches out ants with its tongue. My cock was throbbing uncontrollably as I stuck my tongue down his throat. After we finished drinking one other’s saliva from our hot mouths, he knelt before me.
I closed my eyes and shuddered as he ran his wet tongue along the underside of my big brown throbbing cock and back down towards my balls, then back up again. After licking my hot prick for a few seconds, he wrapped his warm lips around my helmet, sucking it teasingly before accommodating the whole entire 8 inches of my dark manhood inside his mouth. ‘’Aaahh’’
I gasped in ecstasy as he sucked my cock like his life depended on it, my helmet sparing with his tonsil and deep throat. Just as I was about to reach the ultimate Plaines of ecstasy, he withdrew. Immediately he turned his back towards me and positioned himself against the bed – bending over with his fat ass in the air, the sight of his big brown fleshy cheeks driving me mad with lust!
I approached him and positioned my face between his wide spread cheeks, spending a few moments cherishing the view of his big brown ass cheeks(so similar to my own), I licked my lips at the sight of his moist, tight anus, inserting my nose without further ado deep between his warm bum-cleavage to inhale the sweet scent of his anal aroma, before planting my hungry wet tongue deep into the groove of his dark flesh. ‘’Oooghh’’ he groaned as
I licked his tight anus, moist with sweat and shit. My taste buds vied with one another to taste the sweet nectar which lay between his delicious bum crack. I placed both my hands on each side of his fleshy cheeks and proceeded to squeeze them; so warm and soft as my tongue ravaged his smelly bum-hole- lapping up his mouth-watering shit-sauce! My cock was throbbing with uncontrollable lust, and as soon as I finished drinking his sweet bum juice,
I could take it no longer and mounted him, my big brown throbbing cock deep between his warm fleshy buttocks. I started to rub my cock up and down his tight, moist entrance, until the room was flooded with the sweet scent of anal sex. ‘’Fuck me’’ he cried, his voice quivering with excitement. I placed my wet helmet against his tight entrance, his magnificent shit-hole was well lubricated and moist with my saliva and his sweet bum-juice, slowly I entered his tight anus, Aaahh!
I gasped at the immense feeling of his warm shit-hole enveloping my throbbing cock, it was so tight I had to use great effort and time for his tight sphincter to loosen. I grunted like a hog as my throbbing cock slowly became entwined with his warm shit-hole and with one swift push, I managed to plant the whole entire 8 inches of my big throbbing cock deep inside his man – pussy. ‘’aahh’ both of us cried out in unison, It felt so good! I never wanted it to end!
Having my big cock embedded deep inside another man’s tight warm bum-hole, felt a 100 times better than having my big prick inside a beautiful woman’s pussy…that’s how good it felt! I had always fantasized of fucking my own juicy ass, rubbing my big fleshy cheeks in front of a mirror while I masturbated. Like Narcissus, I was in love with my own body, in particular my big brown fleshy bum-cheeks. I wondered how it would feel to lick , suck and fuck my own bum-hole – and now I knew.
I fucked him for what felt like an eternity, Slowly, I leaned forward in body embrace, my big brown prick deep inside his big brown bum, and proceeded to lick his neck. I placed my hands upon his fleshy breasts as I pushed myself further into him. My fucking became more furious, and I groaned in wet anticipation as I watched his big brown cheeks wobbling like jelly upon a Platter with my every thrust, the sight of which made me even more mad with lust and I fucked him in more deeper and faster strokes. I was seized by a sexual rapture so potent, I fucked the shit out of his tight ass with a force and fervor bordering on fucking. After fucking him doggy-style for a good 20 minutes, we changed positions.
We faced each other as I waited to mount him missionary style, as we did so we shared a long hot passionate kiss. Our bodies slivered over one another like snakes, due to our continuous sweating. The room was saturated by the hot scent and delicious combination of sweat, musk ,cock and anal aroma. He lay himself down against the bed, spreading his legs wide. He placed his palms upon his dark fleshy buttock cheeks and proceeded to spread them wide allowing me easy access to his beautiful bum-hole.
My cock was already wet from sweat and saliva and slid easily into his tight anus. ‘’Aahh’’ we both cried out in ecstasy as our two bodies united as one, connected by the highest plain of sexual ecstasy. ‘’fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’’ Shuhel cried unto me thrice as my cock throbbed deep inside his tight man-pussy. We kissed passionately as my cock stroked his anal- G spot, It felt so good. I wanted it to last forever.
All of a sudden, my body gripped up with the most intense feeling I had ever felt. My balls were aching and heavy with warm milk. ’’Aaahh’’ I groaned when without warning, I closed my eyes and grunted like a wounded animal as I released a good five or six thick streams of my warm milk deep inside his tight man pussy. He groaned as I grinded my cock deep into his ass. I took my cock out and released the remaining warm semen between his warm buttock clefts.
I knelt forward in unbridled anticipation and proceeded to suck my own come out of his wet bum hole. ‘’Aaahhh’ Shuhel groaned, ‘I want to suck your shit out’ I cried as I licked his bum cleavage clean, working my way down towards his dark balls. They were hanging magnificently, and it didn’t take me long to suck them one after another into my hungry mouth. ’’Ooohh he groaned as I proceeded to suck his ball sac into my hot mouth.
I gently kneeled myself on the ground, facing him as he stood up and positioned his big brown throbbing prick adjacent to my face. For a few seconds I marveled at the sight of his big brown juicy cock, his head glistening with pre-cum before swallowing his delicious 8 inches of dark flesh deep into my hungry mouth, his head tickling my tonsils as I sucked his mouth-watering prick with gusto ‘
Aaahh’’ Shuhel groaned as I sucked his big brown cock like a savory lollipop on my tongue inside my mouth and down my throat. “Mmmm” I groaned in appreciation, sucking his dark juicy dick like a mad man, swallowing his delicious cock juice down my throat like a thirsty traveler. It felt and tasted so good, I never wanted it to stop. I placed my palm upon either sides of his fleshy buttock cheeks and pushed his cock further down my throat. I was so hungry and horny, that if it were possible,
I would have swallowed his delicious cock whole! I withdrew and placed my tongue on his cock helmet, then gently started sucking at his head, trying to tease his sweet nectar out. I was so horny that I wanted his big brown prick deep inside my big brown buttock cheeks. I withdrew, and without a word, thrust myself against the bed doggy-style, pushing my fat ass cheeks out into the air invitingly.
I knew Shelim was dazzled by the sight of my magnificent bum cheeks because he was silent, and did not budge for a good few minutes. (I have masturbated countless times at the sight of my own juicy ass (see the heading Narcissist) ; oooohhh! I dream and lust so much to lick and suck my tight anus and bury my cock deep inside my warm wobbling ass – imagine how Shelim felt!) Then without warning, I felt his warm swollen flesh tight against my warm buttock clefts. ‘ooohhh’ he groaned ‘you have the most beautiful ass
I’ve ever seen on a man ’he cried as he proceeded to rub his entire cock up and down my tight anus, squeezing my fleshy cheeks in his hands and slapping them. My sweet anal aroma enveloped the whole room – making my cock throb with unbridled anticipation. ooohh! I groaned as he rubbed his big cock against my moist anus, It felt so good! I wanted his cock inside my fat ass really badly. He knelt down placing his nose deep inside my crack,
Mmmm he groaned as he inhaled my sweet anal perfume through his lungs. Suddenly, I gasped as he placed his warm wet tongue on my crack, stroking my tight anus with his hungry tongue thoroughly. He spat a gob-full of his warm spit on my aching shit-hole, using his tongue to massage it into my hole like ointment. It felt so good. ’Fuck me’ I cried, ‘Fuck me like a bitch’. He didn’t need any further encouragement,
I felt his helmet nudging at my tight entrance. ‘shove your fat cock inside my ass now’ I cried, unable to wait for him to fuck me – it worked, with one swift hip movement, he had his delicious cock deep inside my anus. ’aaahhh’ both us lovers cried out at the same time. I knew he had hit my anal g-spot because my cock was hard like a brick and dying to fuck. ‘oooohhhh ‘deeper’ I cried, unable to contain myself. ‘aaaahhh.. your so fucking tight’
Shelim cried in ecstasy. I was receiving so much pleasure that my eyes were beginning to swell up with tears of joy. He had his big cock ball’s deep inside my ass, he was sweating and shaking with untameable lust. My ass muscle gripped his cock like a vice while the room flooded with the delicious smell of my mouth-watering anal aroma.’ Shuhel cried, ’your pussy is so tight’ he cried, referring to my tight shit-hole. Just then, Shuhel bucked his hips, I knew my buttock cheeks were too much for Shelim and he would come any second now.
‘Come in my mouth’ I cried out in sheer ecstasy. Swiftly he withdrew his shit-soaked monster cock, I turned around so quick I was seeing stars, and opened my hungry mouth. I sucked his cock hungrily, tasting my own mouth-watering shit-sauce on my tongue. it tasted so good. Just then, Shelim held my head and his legs started to tremble. I smiled and waited impatiently. ‘ooohhhaahh’ Shelim cried out loud as he proceeded to flood my mouth with his warm semen. He must of released a good seven thick streams of delicious come into my hungry mouth.
I tasted the love cream on my tongue, cherishing the taste of the oyster like protein of his warm sperm, before swallowing zealously deep down my throat into my awaiting stomach. Shuhel still pumped his cock sauce into my mouth. I was shocked as to the amount of sauce he had stored in his aching balls! I spat his warm jism mixed with my saliva, onto my throbbing cock, rubbing his cream up and down my manhood like a nutritious body cream, so as to my whole entire 8 inches of throbbing meat would be moisturized with his warm nutritious semen.
We collapsed on to the bed in tight embrace; massaging one other’s well fucked ass cheeks whilst kissing passionately as we both bathed in a sea of sweat, shit and semen. After half an hour, having drunk cold water and eaten the delicious beef curry his mother prepared, we recovered our strengths. And pretty soon, we resumed our sordid fucking session well into the late hours of the hot summer’s night, the smell of our delicious anal aroma’s rising into the humid air of the hot summers night.

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not gud.

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very interesting story

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