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Old 21st October 2006
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Raghuraman is beginning to get noticed


I am Rajesh, 21, studying in my final year of engineering. This has happened in my December holidays last year. Madhavi aunty aged about 35 was living opposite to my house. My mother and this aunty are good friends. Aunty has got one daughter she is about 14 years old. Uncle was working in a private company and goes on tour quite often.

Madhavi aunty looks very sexy and has got very good figure. She has nice round well shaped boobs with swining butts. She wears saree very tight and always looks very sexy. I have masturbated many times thinking of Madhavi aunty.

My parents have gone out of station and aunty has called me in an afternoon for lunch. I went to her house and pressed the calling bell. Aunty came in a yellow shiffon saree, more transparent and invited me inside her house. She had offered me lunch and told me that her daughter had gone to her brother’s house and would come back after a week. Her husband, as usual, has gone on tour. Aunty has provided me a nice lunch. After lunch we came to the hall and watching TV.I was watching some Tamil movie in which the lovers were moving in a very close position.

Aunty asked me why you see such false movies on TV. I told her just to pass time and this is quite interesting. Then Aunty told me not to be carried away by the false cinemas but to analyze the truth and enjoy. I could not understand. Aunty then told me not to see the cinemas on TV but to see the original. I asked what is that. Aunty came near to me in the sofa and told me that even though you are doing engineering, you could not understand basic things in life. I did not say anything. Then aunty continued that one should understand the feelings of a woman. She has then advised me to understand the feelings of women. I asked how and why. She told me that she was not interested in the imaginary scenes on TV but she was more interested in seeing the real things in life. She has still come close to me and sitting by my side and touching me almost.
She told me that she will show what is true enjoyment in life. I did not reply.

She has taken my right hand and kept it on her boobs and she had pressed my hand on her tits.
I felt very shy but at the same time very very happy. This is the first time, I am touching a woman’s boobs. She asked me to press hard and wanted me to press both her tits with my two hands. I had pressed both her boobs hard. She had closed her eyes and enjoyed. After some time she had kept my hand out and opened her blouse and wanted me to unhook her bra on her back. I unhooked her bra and she had thrown her bra down. I had seen her full size boobs. They are reasonably big and hard with a full black circle around the nipple. The nipples were standing straight like grapes. I kept pressing her boobs hard and I could feel my penis getting tempered and found it difficult to manage within my underwear. Then aunty advised me to suck her tits. I first sucked her left boob which was very tasty. After sometime, I have started sucking her right boob and I was sucking one after another for almost 10 mts. In between aunty could not control herself. She was keeping her hand on my pant and started pressing my tool hard.

She had then stood up from the sofa and guided me to the bedroom. She had laid on her back in the bed and I was sitting by her side. She had asked me to take her saree out. I had slowly taken the saree out and she had by herself untied the petticoat and wanted me to slide her petticoat. I had slowly taken her petticoat out. Aunty was not wearing panty. This is the first time in my life I am seeing a women fully nude. O God. She has a very big pussy, full of black hairs. The pussy was so big and fully bluged like a baker bun. Aunty had then removed my pant and underwear and we both were nude. Aunty was surpised and shocked to see my long hard penis which is about 8 inches. Aunty told me that my tool was bigger and thicker than her husband’s. Aunty was keeping my tool in her hand and stroking it.

Aunty then told me to cum in between her legs. She had widened her legs and her pussy was quite open. She wanted me to lick her pussy, pussy walls and clit. I have started licking her pussy. After few mts, I have found her pussy was more tasty. I had held her thighs hard and licking her pussy fast and hard. She was enjoying. As I keep on licking her pussy, it has become more wet and I could find some juice is oozing out of her pussy. Aunty wanted me to lick her pussy juice and I completely dried her pussy by licking it hard. Aunty wanted me to press her clit hard and I had kept her clit between my thumb and index finger and pressed it hard. Aunty was moaning but enjoying. Aunty wanted to open her pussy lips and lick inside. I had opened up her long and big pussy lips and sent my tongue deep inside her pink pussy. It was tasting so nice and I was keep on licking her pussy inside. Aunty was continuously moaning and enjoying. After few mts, aunty signaled me to take my mouth out and she had stroked my penis and it has become a monster. She told me to keep my tool at the entrance of her pussy hole and to press my penis inside her pussy slowly. It is a new experience for me. My penis did not go fast. I was pushing my pole slowly and slowly and with every push, it was going at least 1 inch inside. After sometime, I could see my penis has gone completely deep insider her pussy.

Aunty then told me to press her tits hard and keep pushing my tool inside and slightly taking it out and then pushing it again deep. I was simply obeying her instructions. After few pushes, I was used to it and my penis was easily going inside her pussy and coming out easily. Aunty wanted me to speed up and wanted me to fuck her fast. I have gained speed and was pumping her pussy like a racket engine. With every push, aunty was moaning loudly and has started moaning more and more. Aunty told me Rajesh, fuck me hard and fast. Yes this is the fuck I have been waiting from you for the last two months. Keep fucking your aunty’s pussy hard. Rajesh fuck me hard and fuck me fast. Do not take your penis out. Keep fucking this horny aunty hard. I had fucked her with great speed for 5 mts. Since this was my first fucking, I was little bit tired. Aunty told me to keep my penis insider her pussy and wanted me to lay on her chest. I did so. Aunty then told me Rajesh see my pussy. How big it is. Can I sit quite with his horny pussy. Your uncle does not understand the need of my pussy. He has not been fucking me for the last two months. Just see how nicely you have licked my pussy. I enjoy more in getting licked than fucked. But your uncle will not lick my pussy nor will he allow me to suck his tool. Just see how nicely you are fucking you aunty’s pussy. What uncle used to do at night,you know, he used to lift my saree, push his penis inside my pussy, pump for few times, drop his cum inside or outside my pussy and get down and sleep. I have requested him on number of days to fuck me again for the second time. He has never fucked me for more than a time a night. That too for the last two months, he is not fucking me even once a night. And hence I have requested Rajesh to quench this horny aunty’s pussy requirements. With these dialogue, I have regained some strength. I have started pumping her fast and this time with more speed than the firs time. Aunty was moaning loudly still and told me Rajesh you are the best fucker. Your uncle has never fucked me like this in his life time. We have been married for the last 18years and this is the first time I am fucked fully and to my satisfaction.

These hot words made me more hot and I have started fucking like a mad bull and aunty was enjoying my every stroke and has been matching my stroke by lifting her butts up and up. This continued for 6 or 8 mts. I found my penis had become more hard and I had an urge to release. I told aunty that I am cumming. Aunty said she was also cumming and she wanted me to offload my cum deep inside her pussy. I have simply seen her face and she told me that she was in safe period and nothing would happen if I dropped my cum deep inside her pussy. I have again increased the speed and with few strokes, my penis have become more hard and started spraying my cum inside her pussy. I could feel aunty had also cummed simultaneously and her pussy juice was started coming out of her pussy. After few mts after dropping the cum, I found my penis limb and aunty told me to lay on her without taking my tool out. I laid on her chest and started sucking her tits. Aunty told me that this is the first time in her life that she has been fucked full.

Then Aunty suggested me to come down. Aunty had then got up and went into kitchen nude and brought some sweets and snacks. We ate some snacks and had cool drinks. While we are sipping the chill drinks, Aunty was stroking my penis and in no time this has become rock hard again.
I told aunty I wanted to fuck again; but aunty told me that she would show me yet another position for our fucking. I said ok. Aunty told me to lay on my back and my penis was standing right seeing the ceiling of the room. Then aunty had just gone mover my thigs and positioned her pussy in straight line with my penis. She had taken my penis in her right hand and had just pushed it in her pussy and my penis was slowly going inside her pussy. Aunty was sitting on my penis showing her face to me. She had told me to hold her tits and press them hard. After few mts aunty has started moving up and down. She was like riding a horse. With every push her tits were swining and I was holding them them hard. Aunty has increased her speed and I too had raised my sunni and pushed it hard in her juicy pussy. I enjoyed this fucking better than the first one. Aunty was fully enjoying and told me that her husband has never fucked her like this. After few mts of hard fucking, I told aunty that I am cumming and I cummed even without waiting for her reply. Then I found aunty had also cummed and both of cums were coming down and spread on my penis area.
Aunty had then taken her pussy out of my penis and sat by my side. Aunty had again started licking the sum which has been spread in and around my penis area and near my balls. Aunty has completely dired the cum and I had a feeling of being in heaven when aunty sucked my sunni and balls.

This continued for more than week till her daughter comeback. We had continued this thereafter also when no one was at her home.

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Old 3rd December 2006
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Good Job. Desi story Jindabad

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Old 4th December 2006
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raghu bhaiya tu tho bohut achha likhta hai but why dont u emphasize on the seduction part

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Old 18th December 2006
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HOt post repped

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Old 9th June 2007
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rare story buddy

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Old 9th June 2007
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Repped you, for a change woman seducing man,keep going Raghu.

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Old 9th June 2007
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Old 9th July 2007
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another wank time for my junior

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Old 12th July 2007
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the story was really a good one

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Old 12th July 2007
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supre aunty
i wannt to fuck her pls give the details

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